9HTM – Ch274

Chapter 274 – The Void Immortal

Several people shot out of the water causing water to splash everywhere. They then started flying towards a canyon where the Void Sect was located at.

Lei Yu didn’t look at this place that was filled with clouds as a righteous Sect, but hell! Inside was the love of Lei Yu’s life, so he couldn’t not go. Even if he were to die, Lei Yu had to see her one last time. Otherwise, even in death he wouldn’t rest in peace!

He let go of the idea of breaking out in anger. Lei Yu was currently being stared at by the slightly fat elderly person as if he was afraid Lei Yu would suddenly disappear from his sight.

Several of those Void Sect disciples were leading the way as the rushed towards the midst of the fog.

Lei Yu’s vision started blurring and couldn’t see anything clearly anymore. He could only rely on his spiritual perception to sense those disciples in front in order to keep up with them.

This Cloud Barrier wasn’t exactly a formation that nothing could get by. Within it actually contained a path that would directly lead them into the Void Sect. It’s just that this path was very complex, even if one traversed it many times, they wouldn’t be able to remember it clearly. Only when one held the information from the person who created this formation would they know how to break through the barrier. Of course Lei Yu would naturally not have that information.

The area within the Cloud Barrier wasn’t big; it’s just that to traverse the special path, this group of people had fly left and right for over ten minutes. During that time, Lei Yu could clearly feel strong energy aura’s created by the clouds fly by him but didn’t attack.

After many twists and turns, the front started to clear up and they’ve finally arrived within the inner area of the Void Sect.

“Please! My senior brother has been waiting for a while.” Said a cold voice behind Lei Yu. “Don’t even think about playing any tricks, you won’t be able to escape from the Cloud Barrier. Previously, if it weren’t for your fast speed allowing you to enter the defensive area, you wouldn’t have been able to escape!”

Lei Yu didn’t bother responding to him, he just floated in the air waiting for this elderly person to lead the way.

Lei Yu followed the elderly person towards an ancient looking pavilion. They didn’t fly through the front door but directly flew to the top of it.

They entered through an open window, and there sat two old men. The old man with a head full of white hair opened his eyes, “My two junior brothers Kun Xian and Kun Rong, you two may leave first while I speak with this little friend.”

The fat elderly person who brought Lei Yu here, and the thin elderly person sitting next to the old man both made a sound of acknowledgement before leaving.

Only Lei Yu and the old man were left now. The old man smiled before saying: “My name is Kun Feng and I’m the Sovereign of the Void Sect. Little friend, you’ve made me wait for a long time!”

Lei Yu coldly replied: “I want to see my friend!”

Kun Feng smiled while shaking his head, “I’m afraid that’s impossible.”

Lei Yu stared in anger, “What do you mean by that? What did you guys do with her?”

Kun Feng stood up, “No need to be anxious little friend, your friend is safe and sound. Don’t worry, how about I take you to meet someone?”

“Meet who?” Lei Yu asked in a vigilant manner.

“You’ll know after you follow me.” After saying that, Kun Feng flapped his long sleeves and proceeded to walk up to the top where there was a hidden door.

Upon entering this part of the ancient pavilion, Lei Yu could immediately feel a strong aura. Somewhere inside here was a formless pressure that made him have a difficult time breathing.

As Lei Yu followed Kun Feng to the front of the hidden door, an even more intense pressure caused Lei Yu have tightness of breath. Fortunately, this didn’t cause him too much problems.

Watching Kun Feng’s right thumb and right middle finger clasp together, an orchid hand pose appeared. He then recited something under his breath before pointing out. A light blue energy then shot towards the hidden door.

There were some “booming” sounds before the hidden door started shaking. It then slid upwards and Kun Feng went inside, followed by Lei Yu.

They didn’t walk very far when the pressure became stronger. Lei Yu supported his body by holding the wall as he cautiously looked everywhere. There was absolutely nothing here except for another wooden door at the end of the passageway. Lei Yu clearly felt the pressure was coming from inside that wooden door.

“Master, I’ve brought the person here.”


An energy aura caused the wooden door to open. A person’s voice came from inside, “Let him come in and you can leave for now.”

“Understood.” Kun Feng made a “please” gesture before moving aside, indicating to Lei Yu to enter.

Hesitating for a moment, Lei Yu glanced at the old man Kun Feng with a set of white hair before striding inside.

Upon entering, the wooden door closed by itself. And it appears that someone released an energy that protected the door. Lei Yu knew that with his current strength, there was no way he had the ability to open it even if it was just a mere wooden door.

He could only take things as they come. Lei Yu wanted to see what kind of tricks this Void Sect was going to put on for him.

Under careful observation, this place made Lei Yu beyond shocked. From the outside, the livable area of this ancient pavilion didn’t seem particularly large. But after coming into this place, it was actually very spacious with about 300 square feet of space. Lei Yu couldn’t understand how the top of this pavilion that looked tiny from the outside would have such a spacious area.

There were very few furnishings in this room, and it was only surrounded by a few chains hanging from the beams of the ceiling that each held a sword. Each sword was different sizes and shapes, but it wasn’t difficult to see that each and every one of them were masterpieces.

There really wasn’t anything else except for a few futon prayer mats on the ground.

In the center of the room was a person sitting there with his eyes closed. Lei Yu gently sighed and then asked: “Why are you putting up such a revolting facade right now while forcing me to come here? Don’t you have something to say to me?”

That person immediately opened his eyes and a violent burst of wind blew by. Lei Yu’s clothes made “flap flap” sounds while his hair was blown all over the place. Lei Yu then felt a great pressure that made his whole body feel like it was about to rip apart. If he relaxed just a tiny bit, the violent wind blowing past him may slam his body against the wall behind him.

After the violent wind pass did that person slowly reveal a smile.

After the pressure eased up, Lei Yu began to inspect this person. He looked like a middle-aged man wearing an eye-catching white robe. His long gray hair was firmly bundled up by a wooden hairpin. He had a pair of sharp eyes that were similar to an eagle, making Lei Yu not dare to look at them directly. His two large flaring ears was probably the ugliest part of his whole body. His face was considered handsome, and it wasn’t difficult to see that when he was younger, he was probably considered quite good looking.

On his forehead was a light red mark which looked similar to the shape of the number “6,” except it was slightly slanted which made it look rather strange.

“Perhaps this little friend has heard of the Void Immortal…”

Lei Yu suddenly widened his eyes and repeated in shock: “Void Immortal?”


“You are that Void Immortal who founded the Void Sect?” Lei Yu asked again as he couldn’t believe it.

“That is I!”

Seeing how shocked Lei Yu was, the Void Immortal replied and nodded as he didn’t feel this was strange.

“Then why did the Void Sect disciples say you weren’t here?”

The Void Immortal got up and brushed his sleeves with a smile, “I think there’s no need for you to know that. What you should be most concerned about is yourself, right?”

Lei Yu cast away his shocked emotions and resumed his calm face. “You guys forced me to come here so isn’t it to make me join the Void Sect? Is there any use for me to say anything else after being captured here? Just say what you want from me!”

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