9HTM – Ch275

Chapter 275 – Ai Er Behind Closed Door Seclusion

“Good! Bold! I didn’t find the wrong person!” The Void Immortal then smiled, “Being able to stand up tall and neither arrogant nor pushy under such pressure, it looks like you are really not simple!”

“So what?!” Lei Yu glanced at him coldly before looking off to side as he didn’t put the founder of the Void Sect in his eyes. It wasn’t that Lei Yu had any ability to make him so arrogant; it’s just that he has never seen someone do such despicable deeds in order to invite someone over. And Ai Er was still in their hands, making Lei Yu filled with anger, so how could he show a pleasant face?

“No one in history has ever rejected the invitation of my Void Sect!”

“Then I’m the first one!” Lei Yu replied with a cold humph.

“So there’s no conditions we can talk about?”

“There is!” Lei Yu turned around, his firm eyes even surprising the Void Immortal.

“Let me hear it out.”

“Let my girlfriend go, or else no other conditions would be possible!” Lei Yu was neither arrogant nor pushy. His stubborn personality doesn’t always reveal itself but only does when there’s no room for discussions.

“I’ll honestly tell you that it’s impossible.”

“You…” Lei Yu clenched his fists wanting to rush at him. Even though he knew it would be of no use, he still wasn’t scared.

“Let me finish my words.” The Void Immortal then continued: “Your girlfriend is the same as you, possessing an exquisite skeletal structure. She is currently in my Void Sect’s spiritual holy grounds undergoing a baptism, which you would understand if I say it’s similar to behind closed door seclusion.”

“What did you say?!” Lei Yu was wide eyed with shock, not daring to believe those words.

“Perhaps in a few years or a decade, she would be reborn and tread the path of a cultivator.” Looking at Lei Yu’s look of surprise, the Void Immortal continued saying: “If you wish to, I can also give you the same opportunity. In that place, cultivating will yield twice the result with half the effort. With you two present, I will have no worries for the Void Sect when it’s time for me to leave.”

“Humph! I have my own cultivation methods.” Lei Yu clenched his teeth, “You want me to join the Void Sect? Stop dreaming!”

Pursuing all the way here, it was just in order to save his girlfriend. And after overcoming many hardships, he still didn’t get to see Ai Er. Lei Yu didn’t want to say what was in his heart since there was such so much enmity between them, how can there be a compromise? If he was able to make a choice right now, Lei Yu would rather Ai Er not go through any changes and stay as an ordinary and cute girl.

Lei Yu wasn’t being selfish, he just didn’t want Ai Er to change solely because she was being forced into it. Lei Yu and Ai Er were currently involved with matters where they had no say whatsoever. For someone like Lei Yu who had never liked to be restricted since young, giving him a choice may actually be more difficult than making him kill himself.¹

“Could it be that you think your own cultivation method is greater than our Void Sect’s 10,000 years of fine-tuning? What a funny joke!”

The Void Immortal shook and his robe started fluttering without any wind about. His face appeared angry since he could tolerate anything, except when his lifelong and painstaking efforts to create a cultivation method were rejected. To the creator of such methods, this was considered one of the greatest insults against them.

“You think I’m wrong?” Although Lei Yu was forced back a few steps by such a powerful aura, he still raised his chest and said: “Can you guarantee that cultivating the Void Sect’s technique would allow me to achieve my current strength from scratch? A short seven years to reach the early Gold Core stage? Can you guarantee that cultivating the Void Sect’s techniques will allow me to reach the late Gold Core stage from the early stage within two months?”

Lei Yu’s words made the Void Immortal become mute and didn’t know how to answer. His own disciples required decades to even a century in order to achieve the strength that Lei Yu had right now. This indeed was an anomaly. But after thinking it through, Lei Yu and Ai Er were the same, the both have an exquisite skeletal structure which made them suitable for any martial cultivation. Moreover, Lei Yu had absorbed the essence of the Dragon Vein, so his enhanced leveling time wasn’t out of the question.

“You want proof?”

“Right! I want proof!”

“Fine!” The Immortal Void coldly smiled, “I will give you chance, two years! If after two years you are able to defeat your girlfriend Ai Er, I will agree that you two may leave. If you lose, then you have no choice but to join my Void Sect. What do you think?”

Lei Yu clenched his jaws and stepped forward and forcefully withstood the pressure, “Do you really mean it?!”

“What a joke. I, the Void Immortal will never make false statements!”

The Void Immortal waved his sleeves and a flash of light created a breach behind Lei Yu. Lei Yu turned around and back forward to look at the Void Immortal in surprise.

“Go ahead and leave. Two years… two years you will definitely lose!”

With another gentle wave of his sleeve, a huge gap appeared in the distance of the Cloud Barrier. Lei Yu retrieved the Sky Devouring Sword from the Universal Pouch and stepped on top of it. “I will be back two years later!” With a flash of purple light, Lei Yu flew through the breach and disappeared into the cloudy atmosphere.

Lei Yu kept turning his head back while flying through the air, “I’m sorry Ai Er, I currently don’t have the power to rescue you. I also don’t wish to join a Sect that forcefully kidnapped big brother and you. You must wait for me! In two years, just wait for my return. I will definitely take you away from here!”

Many disciples naturally saw Lei Yu leaving. While standing at the top of the pavilion, those three elderly people Kun Feng, Kun Xian, and Kun Rong looked off into the distance. Kun Xian was the first who couldn’t take it anymore, “Why did master let him go? I’ll go catch him and bring him back!”

“Stay still!” Kun Feng blocked his path, “Are you trying to go against master’s wishes?”


“There are no buts, I’ll go see the master and see what plans he has!” After saying that, Kun Feng turned around and went towards the hidden door.

Inside that wooden door.

“Master, why did you let him leave just like that?”

With his eyes still closed, the Void Immortal replied: “For such a stubborn person, he would still not obey even if you threatened him with death. With it being like this, why not strike a blow at what he feels most proud of to make him utterly convinced!”

“Are you really that confident in that girl?” Kun Feng asked with some worry.

“Nuo Ai Er has an empty body that’s incomparably pure. While she cultivates in my spiritual holy ground, the spiritual energy will erase everything in her memory. When a mind is clear of distracting thoughts, her cultivation speed will increase. By that time, that Nuo Ai Er will not remember that she once had a lover and will only remember she is a disciple of the Void Sect. By then, everything will be a foregone conclusion. Even if he comes back two years later, everything will have changed.” After smiling, the Void Immortal continued: “I have my own reasons for not killing him and you guys will understand in two years time.”

Kun Feng didn’t dare to ask anymore and only nodded before leaving.

It appears that the Void Immortal had already predicted what will happen two years later, but will the outcome really be so? Perhaps the Lei Yu two years later will no longer be at the level of strength he expects!


¹ – If it sounds confusing to you… Ai Er chose not to cultivate with Nuo Hu etc, therefore she stayed an ordinary girl by her own free will. If she does cultivate on the other hand, she may achieve immortality and live with Lei Yu for a long time.

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