9HTM – Ch276

Chapter 276 – Under The Command Of The Demon King

Lei Yu never thought that he would be able to leave the Void Sect. Since Ai Er was able to obtain a great cultivation method, why would it matter if they temporarily can’t see each other? At least two years later, everything will be revealed. By that time, Lei Yu doesn’t believe he’ll still be unable to take Ai Er away. Even if he fails, when push comes to shove, Lei Yu will still die together with Ai Er!

The most pressing matter right now was that Lei Yu must hurry underwater to find the old turtle. His storage ring and Nuo Hu were in the turtle’s hand, so Lei Yu had to inform his big brother about Ai Er as soon as possible in case he became overly worried.

Clearly remembering which path he came from, Lei Yu dove underwater and started swimming.

The cave manor was completely empty and the old turtle wasn’t there at all. This felt really strange to Lei Yu since after searching the surroundings, he still couldn’t find any traces of the old turtle.

“Where could he have gone to?” Lei Yu frowned, “Could I have trusted the wrong person? That shouldn’t be, perhaps the turtle just left for the time being.”

Lei Yu decided to go back to the old turtle’s cave manor and wait there.

In another area. Romon, Big White and company were flying towards the Four Illusory Court while that pig-head and the person clothed in black followed in the rear. Although they detected the two following behind, they knew those two didn’t have any malicious intentions and didn’t bother with them.

The Four Illusory Court was really too far away from the Void Sect. Even though they were flying, it would still take three to five days before they arrive. Everyone was extremely anxious as they hoped they would convince the Four Illusory Court to help them. They also hoped they could get back in time to rescue Lei Yu. Little did this group of people know that Lei Yu had already safely left the Void Sect. And even swam all over the place before experiencing being captured and let off.

As for that old turtle, Lei Yu still couldn’t find him!

When Lei Yu had been captured, the old turtle didn’t stay around for long and brought everything with him to Long Er’s Scaling Dragon Cave. From what Long Er’s underlings told him, the group flew off for a group attack on the Void Sect but now there was no news of them. The old turtle felt something wasn’t right. Since Lei Yu had trusted him so much, he couldn’t fail on what he was entrusted to do. The old turtle quickly rushed out of the water and transformed into a human form. He then found a quiet place in the Immortal World and let Nuo Hu out to tell him everything that has happened. It was no use worrying for Nuo Hu to worry so he could only swallow his tears back and stay with the old turtle for now. As to what may happen later? That’s a matter for the future. But Nuo Hu’s future achievements will be entirely due to this master that wasn’t a human!

Fully devoting himself to cultivating in order to take revenge for Lei Yu and Ai Er was the only support that Nuo Hu had for now.

In this short amount of time, all of Lei Yu’s companions had separated from him. He was the only one left staying at the old turtle’s cave manor quietly waiting.

Three days passed by and Lei Yu awoke from his deep cultivation. He could no longer remain calm and flew out of the water searching, at the same time leaving the Void Sect territories.

Unfortunately as luck would have it, a few days after Lei Yu left, Romon and company decided to fight to the death with the Void Sect. Since the Four Illusory Court didn’t agree to their request, they decided to drench the grounds with Void Sect blood in order to rescue Lei Yu. But then they heard from the mouth of a disciple that Lei Yu had already left.

“What should we do now?” Romon anxiously asked as the group of them floated outside the Void Sect.

“How about we go back to the Scaling Dragon Cave first? Perhaps the young master is waiting for us there.” Long Er suggested.

Everyone nodded and descended to the mountain valley. In the Scaling Dragon Cave, Long Er’s subordinates reported what had happened in detail the past few days before turning around to leave.

“The old turtle and even young master had come by. But it looks like they’ve headed off into unknown directions!” Said Long Er as he frowned.

Big White seemed to have suddenly remembered something, “You guys wait here while I swing by the Thunder Rune Sect, he might have gone there.”

After Big White left, everyone realized that the pig-head and the black clothed person had followed them back as well. Since they were so focused on finding Lei Yu, they didn’t even pay attention to those two.

“Friends, since the matter has been resolved, are you two intending to leave now?” Said Long Er. These two individuals seemed to have witnessed the entire joke that has happened in trying to save Lei Yu.

The pig-head gave two humphs, “Disappointing… I am so disappointed. I thought I would get to have fun with another big battle but it looks like I won’t get to play anymore. Farewell!” After saying that, he flapped his sleeves about to leave. The black clothed person cupped his hands to Long Er and company before following behind the pig-head.

“Wait a minute!” Cried out Romon as he suddenly remembered something.

The two of them turned around as everyone’s gaze was focused on Romon. Romon then asked: “Why do you possess the Ares Axe that belongs to my father?”

After that question was asked did everyone remember that Lei Yu and Romon mentioned the Ares Axe outside the Void Sect.

The pig-head and the black clothed person were startled by those words. Their eyes were round and wide as they glanced at each other, unable to believe their ears. The pig-head swallowed hard, “You said this Ares Axe belongs to your father?”

Romon nodded. The pig-head and black clothed person started recalling something before carefully observing Romon. “Right, right! He’s an ascetic cultivator! Is your name Romon?”

Romon nodded again. One could see the pig-head and black clothed person take two steps back before kneeling down on one knee. “Your subordinate Tai Lao, Hei Feng, greets the young master!”

The move made by the two shocked everyone; what identity did this pig-head and the black clothed person have? Why would they kneel to a mere late Gold Core stage Romon and greet him as a young master? The reason was very simple – their master must be Romon’s father.

“You guys… you guys…” Romon stared with wide eyes in shock, unsure what to say at the scene in front of him.

The pig-head was the first to speak: “Young master, I, Tai Lao am the Left General under the command of the Demon King. This Hei Feng is the Right General. We two are the ones that assist the Demon King in hid daily affairs!”

The earlier playful pig that enjoyed humph’ing at everything suddenly became serious; making it hard for everyone to accept what was going on.

The black clothed person nodded, “Young master, the Demon King has waited for you for over a thousand years now. There’s not a day that he doesn’t mention you. We didn’t expect that you’ve finally arrived in the Immortal World!”

“Demon… Demon King?”

“Excuse this subordinate for being bold – the Demon King’s name is Minotaur Linos!” Replied Hei Feng.

Romon’s body trembled and couldn’t stand properly. All he felt was a ringing sound inside his mind.

The pig-head looked at the rest of the others, “Didn’t Lord Lightning come with you?”

“Young master? Could the Lord Lightning you mention be my young master?” Asked Long Er in confusion.

“Could it be…?” Tai Lao and Hei Feng gasped, “Could it be that the extraordinary person you were trying to rescue is Lord Lightning?”

Romon seemed to be a bit happier after hearing news about his father, but then said in a dispirited tone: “Right, it is him. I have disappointed my father…!”

“Your subordinate deserves death! If we knew that person was Lord Lightning, we would have given our lives to rescue him! If Her Majesty the Queen knew that Lord Lightning was in trouble, she will definitely become furious. Young master, can you come back with us two first so that we can discuss some measures?” Asked the pig-head as the two lowered their heads in apology.

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