9HTM – Ch277

Chapter 277 – Four Colored Flower

Romon nodded but wasn’t anxious to leave right away. He had to wait until Big White came back to determine whether Lei Yu went to the Thunder Rune Sect or not. Only after that would he go back with Tai Lao and Hei Feng, and explain everything in detail to his father.

Big White later returned without any results.

“When I see father, I will definitely have him do everything possible to find the whereabouts of little Yu. If you guys have any news, please inform me as soon as possible!” Romon told Big White and company the general location that Tai Lao had told him of the Demon King’s territory.

No one knew about the appointment Lei Yu made with the Void Sect two years from now. And it was naturally impossible for them to know that Nuo Hu’s words of the Void Immortal not being present at the Void Sect were completely wrong.

The main goal for Romon to see his father was to request that he help Lei Yu by flattening the Void Sect! And Romon completely believes that Minotaur Linos will not refuse it. After all, Lei Yu was his benefactor and someone his father had always thought of through these thousands of years.


Not to mention that none of them knew where Lei Yu went off to, even Lei Yu himself didn’t know where he was. He was currently surrounded by thick clouds and couldn’t see anything around him. Lei Yu’s previous flying speed was too fast so by the time he entered into the clouds, wanting to get out of it would require some time.

It appears that the dense clouds have covered a large surface area and Lei Yu couldn’t find the borders. Even though he was flying in one direction, he still couldn’t get out of this strange location.

“No way! I had just escaped that Cloud Barrier of the Void Sect yet I unexpectedly landed in a similar environment again!” Lei Yu anxiously shifted his Sky Devouring Sword downwards, hoping that descending will allow him to leave this place.

What disappointed Lei Yu was that he couldn’t find an exit down below either. Even with solid ground beneath his feet, the place was still surrounded by layers of clouds. In the midst of this place, Lei Yu felt like he was no different from a blind person. Apart from using his spiritual perception ability, his eyes were completely useless right now.

While still in the midst of the clouds, “Could it be that I’ll be trapped here until my death? Perhaps someone also created a formation thingy as well, or else why would all the clouds be condensed here?”

Pondering how this place came to be was one thing, but finding a solution should be his priority. Lei Yu once again leapt atop of his Sky Devouring Sword and flew upwards into the sky. He was hoping that there would be a way out in the upper atmosphere. At this time, Lei Yu felt an area that gave him some pressure.

Lei Yu’s fast speed was without question but the higher he went up, the more disappointed he became and eventually even desperate! There was no end to this! He had unintentionally entered it and didn’t expect to be trapped without an exit in sight. Going down and up didn’t help either, making Lei Yu start to feel some terror. “Was this naturally formed or made by someone?”

Just when Lei Yu ran out of ideas, a bolt of lightning came from the sky and struck his body.

A flash of light blinded his eyes and everything seemed to clear up. The clouds gradually faded away and Lei Yu found himself in a desolate area – the entire area was covered by a yellow dirt ground. Upon closer inspection, the yellow ground was abnormally neat and tidy that one could not find any stones bigger than the size of a fist.



“The void”

“In space”

A deafening sound came from all directions. Lei Yu looked around and couldn’t find anyone in sight. Even releasing his spiritual perception yielded zero results. But those words were still echoing throughout the heavens and the earth and had not disappeared for a while.

Lei Yu remembered those words, but couldn’t understand what they meant. At this time, Lei Yu felt some changes inside his body. Could it be caused by the lightning that had previously struck him? Lei Yu was about to look inside his body when suddenly, the ground starting shaking. Even though he was floating in the air, he could still clearly see the effects.

At this time, the ground started breaking apart causing dust to fly everywhere. Lei Yu was completely shocked, “What the hell is going on?”

With Lei Yu as the center, the surrounding ground split in four directions into a chasm at least 100 meters wide. Within the chasm, a multitude of colors shot out forming a powerful energy that made Lei Yu afraid of moving close to it.

“What is that thing?” Lei Yu spoke out in shock.

At this time, four separate lights shot out of the chasm before clashing together in the air right above it.


After the loud sound, the colors after the collision were even more brilliant. Lei Yu couldn’t help praising out loud: “So beautiful!”

Gradually, the booming noise subsided. The four different colored energy continued to collide together centrally, criss-crossing each other and actually forming a bright four colored flower. The flower had four petals and the stamen was blank. At this time Lei Yu was just frozen in place as he stared in shock.

Suddenly, the sound of thunder was heard in the sky. According to Lei Yu’s familiarity with thunder and lightning, he didn’t even look up before shifting his body to the side. One should know that the speed of lightning itself is faster than sound. If Lei Yu spent time to look up, everything would be too late by then.

Sure enough, a dazzling flash of lightning struck down narrowly missing Lei Yu. The thickness of that light was the size of a human’s body. If it had struck Lei Yu, even he himself couldn’t imagine what will happen afterwards.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, Lei Yu looked at the place where the lightning struck. It was exactly the blank stamen of the four colored flower!

Upon its contact with the flower, the lightning broke apart and separated like a lightning net covering all the petals of the flower making it even more stunning.

Lei Yu was completely in shock from what he was seeing. For no reason whatsoever, the earth broke apart and out came four different colors of energy. And then that previous lightning landed onto the flower completing it and making it bloom. Lei Yu felt like he was watching fireworks during a festive occasion!

The voice that disappeared once again sounded out. Lei Yu was startled by it as he carefully listened to it.

“For you to become the collector of honey, the flower’s stamen was planted by lightning, four magical energies as a cutting edge, they will disperse once it breaks free

Lei Yu lifted his head and looked, “Who?! Who is it?!”

The voice came from all directions and Lei Yu couldn’t understand a single meaning behind those four phrases. Lei Yu still couldn’t see anyone. With this strange phenomenon along with this strange voice, Lei Yu was at a complete loss at what to do.

At this point, layers of mist started coalescing out of nowhere. It was even coming out of the ground. Lei Yu was immediately shocked because if he were to be trapped by these clouds again, leaving would be impossible!

Thinking up to now, Lei Yu immediately injected his internal energy into the Sky Devouring Sword in attempts to quickly get out of this place. Moreover, everything he had just witnessed here gave Lei Yu a very uneasy feeling.


An energy aura forced Lei Yu back to his original position above the four colored flower. Lei Yu was now flabbergasted, “What the hell is going on? This type of situation didn’t happen before!”

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