9HTM – Ch278

Chapter 278 – The Strange Nascent Soul

After making several attempts in different directions, Lei Yu had completely given up. There was no way to escape this area since it appears all directions had been sealed off, leaving the strange scene that was blocking him down below.

Lei Yu shifted his sight towards the four colored flower in full bloom. A “hissing” noise was emitting from the center of the flower’s lightning filled stamen. It was unknown why but Lei Yu felt like there was an extremely powerful force from the flower that seemed to be beckoning him. Even the Sky Devouring Sword below his feet was making a buzzing sound.

Lei Yu lowered himself to test the waters, but that slight movement caused him to immediately panic. Four different colored energies suddenly shot out from the four colored flower, attaching to Lei Yu’s four limbs before dragging him down. Lei Yu tried to break free but no matter how hard he resisted, it was of no use.

The surrounding clouds gradually restored its previous denseness where nothing could be seen. The four colored flower below then started exuding a dazzling brilliance.

Lei Yu didn’t bother resisting anymore and allowed those energies to drag him into the midst of the flower.

With Lei Yu joining the party, the lightning stamen of the four colored flower appeared to become even more active. It was jumping like crazy around Lei Yu while giving off a stronger “hissing” noise that could chill one’s heart.

Lei Yu didn’t feel any discomfort at all, but his internal energy actually felt a strong resonance with flower’s lightning filled stamen. As they bounced off each other, Lei Yu felt a powerful energy constantly invading his whole body and gradually improving his internal structure.

Lei Yu gave up all resistance and focused his spirit on the process. He then crossed his legs and closed his eyes to enter a meditative state. Since he couldn’t break free, Lei Yu decided to follow along and see what will happen.

“The four colors are in fear, and will suddenly swell!” That voice that shook the heavens and the earth went off again. Lei Yu didn’t even have time to open his eyes to take a look around when the four petals formed by energy started rotating and engulfed Lei Yu. The blue energy was the first to rush into Lei Yu’s dantian, then it was the white petal across from the blue one’s turn. Those two energy started twisting together like a hemp rope inside Lei Yu’s body. The hemp rope of energy suddenly tightened and shattered becoming little starry dots that showered and floated inside his dantian randomly.

Lei Yu took a deep breath before the red petal and the yellow petal entered into his body like the actions of the previous two. When the red and yellow energies became starry dots, the surrounding lightning stamen then rushed in like mad. Similar to soldiers assuming a battle formation, the lightning stamen condensed into a half inch purple lightning that floated in his dantian. Those multicolored starry dot energies that were scattered all over Lei Yu’s dantian acted like they had finally found a home before madly rushing towards the purple lightning. Those starry dots were continuously converging together that lasted an extremely long time.

Lei Yu tested something by controlling his own internal energy to get near that purple lightning, but as it got close, the purple lightning released a light that forced his internal energy back. When Lei Yu wanted to try again to sense what that light was, his own internal energy started trembling and didn’t have the courage to step forward.

Lei Yu couldn’t help but wonder what sort of power this was and why would it enter his body? Lei Yu could clearly feel that any single one of these four energies had the ability to destroy the heavens and the earth. For such powerful energies to enter his body, Lei Yu wondered what would happen to him in the future.

It was at this time that Lei Yu’s body suddenly shook as an unknown energy that he couldn’t control started rushing about inside.

“What is it?!” Lei Yu was shocked. Only after observing did he find that this unknown energy was the lightning that had previously struck him.

At this point, it started heading towards the purple lightning in Lei Yu’s dantian that everything except his own internal energy wanted to get near. A sudden embryonic form then appeared!

Lei Yu was shocked to find that the four different colored energies that had become starry dots had transformed to similar shapes to limbs while attaching to the purple lightning. And that purple lightning had become the body, while that previous lightning that struck Lei Yu had actually formed a head!

When all those energies finally settle down, the purple lightning now looked like an infant floating in his Sea of Energy. An extremely powerful aura came from the infant that made Lei Yu feel a sense of being full.

The voice that shook the heavens was once again heard, “Break!”

Shaking~ Shaking~

Within the white fog, Lei Yu sat there as he sensed his Gold Core was constantly trembling. The powerful energy contained inside felt as if it was about to burst out.

Lei Yu clenched his jaws as his entire body was drenched in sweat. All his clothes were now wet and sweat droplets were splashing onto the ground from his hair.

Lei Yu clenched his fists and spread out his arms before roaring into the air, “Agghh!!”

His roar shot through the clouds, showing how much pain Lei Yu was currently in.


A muffled sound came from inside Lei Yu’s body as the purple Gold Core exploded like a bomb. The purple internal energy acted like it had just lost its home and started madly smashing around. Lei Yu clenched his jaws as he fought against the pain from the explosion before condensing all that internal energy.

Gradually, his internal energy formed a mass as it floated in a central location of his dantian. But there was no way he could keep it up like this because a slight slip of his concentration would cause the internal energy to rush out of his body. If that were to occur, all those years of cultivation will disappear into thin air. Lei Yu couldn’t keep controlling it in perpetuity and couldn’t move his body anywhere either. “What should I do? I need to move it to another place that can hold my internal energy!”

Lei Yu looked all over inside his body and then it struck him, “That infant’s body!”

Since Lei Yu couldn’t keep his concentration on it for that long, he locked onto his target and didn’t bother dwelling on the possible outcomes. All his internal energy started rushing like mad into that infant body at the edge of his dantian.

Absorb! The infant acted as if it was dying of thirst before crazily absorbing all of Lei Yu’s internal energy. At the same time, Lei Yu started to feel relaxed.

All the power from his years of cultivation was absorbed into the infant with four different colored limbs, purple body and a white head!

Lei Yu sighed out heavily before attempting to control it. The energy was transferred out of the infant’s right arm, and immediately, Lei Yu felt that his own right arm was filled with an explosive power. He then closed his eyes and clenched his right fist before throwing out a punch. One could hear a loud “boom” off into the distance as the ground started shaking.

“What a powerful force!” Lei Yu then cried out, “What’s going on?”

Lei Yu returned the energy to the infant’s right arm. Why did his own right arm suddenly display such a powerful force? Could it be…? Could it be that it’s the body of a Nascent Soul?

Lei Yu could only feel his heart quivering. Could it be that in such a short period of time, he had broken through the Gold Core stages and reached the Nascent Soul stage?

“No! Impossible! This is impossible!” Even Lei Yu couldn’t believe it could be like this. He again tried transferring a portion of power from the head of the infant to himself.

Lei Yu sucked in a cool breath as his mind felt extremely clear. He released his spiritual perception and realized that he could sense at least a dozen kilometers more than his previous self.

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