9HTM – Ch279

Chapter 279 – An Extra Younger Sister

“My spiritual perception has increased by at least ten times! What on earth is going on?!”

Lei Yu’s heart was trembling while an energy was moving around in his heart meridian. Lei Yu quickly looked and realized it was the green energy that had always hidden itself there.

All Lei Yu could see was that the green energy seemed to have found its target, and started flowing towards the infant inside the dantian. That green energy that had always been afraid of Lei Yu’s internal energy after reappearing, was now taking the initiative to get close to the infant. This scene was rather strange for Lei Yu to witness, but what happened next made Lei Yu completely dumbfounded!

The moment the green energy got close to the infant, it looked like it was being shocked as it started shuddering. Right after that, it started rushing like crazy towards the infant’s right arm before drilling itself inside it. After that, Lei Yu felt his own right arm start to feel a hot sensation as if it was being set on fire. The feeling was unbearable but Lei Yu wasn’t willing to extract his spiritual senses because he wanted to continue watching internally to see what was going on. After all, his power was inside that infant baby’s body so Lei Yu wasn’t going to give up that easily on seeing the changes to himself.

Once again sucking in a cool breath of air, that green energy had actually formed a lightning shape and branded itself onto the infant’s right arm. At this time, the burning sensation on Lei Yu’s own lightning brand on his arm gradually disappeared and was replaced by a warm and comfortable feeling.

The change inside Lei Yu’s body was like the world turning upside down. His purple Gold Core had exploded and then disappeared without a trace. It was then replaced by an infant’s body. Without a question, Lei Yu was now suspecting it could be a Nascent Soul. Did he really break through the Gold Core stage and reach the Nascent Soul stage?

The voice that shook the heavens and the earth came again so Lei Yu listened very carefully. “Escaping, Through, The Void, In Space. The four powers have returned. Lei Yu, you have reached the realm of the Nascent Soul. Go to the barren land in the south and try your moves!”

“Who? Who are you?!” Hearing that voice actually call his name out, Lei Yu immediately opened his eyes. The foggy clouds had dispersed and everything was visible once again, but Lei Yu still couldn’t find the person that spoke.

No matter how much Lei Yu tried to ask, that voice didn’t respond. What made Lei Yu even more surprised was that his current location didn’t have any signs of the previous chasm in the ground. The ground was completely unblemished as if the previous scene never happened at all. Lei Yu started scratching his head, “Was I dreaming?”

After clenching his fist, his whole body felt like it didn’t have any power. Lei Yu was shocked, “What’s going on now?”

He quickly focused his spirit to look internally, “I wasn’t dreaming, that infant body is still there!” Lei Yu then transferred energy from the infant’s right foot to himself, and felt that his right foot had worn a shoe that was filled with power. Lei Yu made a thought and his body started levitating!

Lei Yu clearly knew that he wasn’t stepping atop of the Sky Devouring Sword yet he was still capable for floating up into the air? That infant body must certainly be the cause!

Lei Yu was overjoyed since he no longer needed any weapons and could still fly into the air like those demonic beasts. Lei Yu was even more excited now than compared to back then when he first stepped onto the Sky Devouring Sword to fly.

Lei Yu’s mind couldn’t help but recall those four phrases spoken by the voice: “For you to become the collector of honey, the flower’s stamen was planted by lightning, four magical energies as a cutting edge; they will disperse once it breaks free.”

Lei Yu seemed to understand the meaning of only the first three phrases… Those four energies formed a four colored flower, and the lightning that came from the sky formed the stamen. This described the second phrase of “the flower’s stamen was planted by lightning.” And Lei Yu was the collector of honey which was the metaphor for him absorbing the flowers power right? As for “four magical energies as a cutting edge,” it should be describing the four different powerful energies, but Lei Yu couldn’t quite understand what “they will disperse once it breaks free” meant. Putting those thoughts aside, since Lei Yu had now indeed reached the Nascent Soul stage, the fact of it made fill with excitement and joy. These mixtures of happy emotions appeared to have lessened the worry he had for Ai Er and the rest of his companions.

While floating in the air, Lei Yu fell into a deep thought. “Who on earth is helping me out? It only took me two months to reach the late Gold Core stage from the early stages. And now it has only been ten or more so days yet I broke through again. Is this rapid increase in power a good thing or bad thing for me?”

“Oh right!” Lei Yu suddenly remembered, “Didn’t that voice tell me to go to the southern area to try out my moves?”

Lei Yu looked all around, “South side… south side… where’s the south side?”

Lifting his head up, Lei Yu noticed the sun should be setting in the west soon so wanting to know where south was shouldn’t be difficult by then. Lei Yu was rather looking forward to see what was waiting for him to the south.

No longer needing the Sky Devouring Sword, Lei Yu leapt into the air and started flying around. He noticed that his current flying speed was a few levels faster than previously on the sword.

Lei Yu inadvertently looked at this right arm and realized his lightning brand had changed colors!

From the previous purple color, the lightning brand had now become green. This strange appearance made Lei Yu recall that the green energy had rushed into the infant’s body and formed a brand on the infant’s right arm.

Lei Yu didn’t know what effects or consequences this change will bring, but at least he didn’t feel any discomfort because of it. Moreover, this green energy had already become an indispensable energy to him since it had helped him avert multiple crises, so whatever changes that may happen will not make Lei Yu loathe it.

This so called southern area seemed to be extremely far away because it had been a while yet Lei Yu hadn’t noticed anything different. He may have to get past this yellow dirt ground in order to find the place. Lei Yu couldn’t help but wonder what was waiting for him.

Even though Lei Yu was looking forward to it, it’s rather normal for someone to either feel excited or fear towards the unknown dangers ahead. But for Lei Yu, the excitement he felt had eclipsed the fear part.

In another area.

Along with Tai Lao and Hei Feng, Romon was filled with anticipation as he flew towards where Minotaur Linos was. How could Romon not be excited when he can finally see his father who he had been thinking of and missed for over a thousand years? But of course, his first order of business was to quickly notify his father and Queen Telephassa that Lei Yu had disappeared.

“Young master, we will arrive in Lord Demon King’s territory after passing through these mountains; there are countless demonic cultivators there.” Tai Lao turned as he spoke to Romon.

Romon nodded as he sat atop of the huge copper pillar. “I haven’t seen my father in over a thousand years, how’s he doing lately?”

“Lord Demon King is doing great; he even gave you a younger sister.” Said the pig-head Tai Lao.

“A younger sister?” Romon blinked a few times and asked in shock, “How could I suddenly have an extra sister?”


Tai Lao and Hei Feng didn’t know how to reply to such a question. Speaking about Romon’s younger sister, she was a little demon that all demonic cultivators feared. Although her strength wasn’t that great, she was extremely naughty and unreasonable. Those that recognize her would keep her at an arm’s length and not dare to provoke her. Romon will know once he sees her, so Tai Lao and Hei Feng didn’t dare to mention anything more.

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