9HTM – Ch280

Chapter 280 – Trying Out Some Moves

Lei Yu no longer needed the assistance of the Sky Devouring Sword and was flying through the air through the support of his internal energy circulating through his legs. His current destination was the so called southern area.

It was unknown why but the closer Lei Yu got to the southern area, the more he felt there was random energy flowing by him. The closer he got to his destination, they stronger these energies became.

Lei Yu gradually slowed his flight speed and then released his spiritual perception out. Based on his superior perception ability, he was able to sense everything in the area. The inexplicable energies flying around made Lei Yu surprised. The power behind each energy seemed to be similar, but each of them was slightly different from one and another. One thing Lei Yu was certain of was this place had a lot of cultivators gathered in one place. Whether they were martial cultivators, devil cultivators, or demonic cultivators, that was something Lei Yu was uncertain of.

Crossing the yellow dirt grounds, Lei Yu found himself in an area filled with water. Accurately speaking, it wasn’t just an area filled with water but a multitude of rivers connecting with each other that was surrounded by grassy lands. To Lei Yu, this unique area was basically composed of two colors; the green grass and the white colored rivers.

Lei Yu slowly descended and looked around. He once again sent out his spiritual perception and found that there weren’t any living beings around where he was. He then slowly exhaled.

“What am I supposed to do in this southern area? Am I supposed to fight with the cultivators here?” Lei Yu was confused about the whole thing since in his mind; he had never provoked other people for no reason.

Even though Lei Yu didn’t provoke others to cause trouble, that didn’t mean trouble wouldn’t find him. Lei Yu was currently in an area close to where demonic cultivators were. There were strong ones and weak ones. If Lei Yu was to continue forward further, he would meet existences that surpassed his current power level. What he could appropriately handle for now was exactly this place were the rivers interconnected. Of course Lei Yu didn’t know any of this information so it was fortunate that he didn’t continue further flying south, or else danger would befall him out of the blue.

“Who dares to invade the Green Eyed Toad King’s territory?”

A roar came out from the depths of the river while Lei Yu was enjoying the scenery around him. Ever since Lei Yu had reached the Nascent Soul stage, his spiritual perception had extended out quite far so he already knew there was something in the waters. Not only could Lei Yu’s perception spread out horizontally, he could sense everything above and below him. Lei Yu was similar to a walking radar while his perception was the scanner.

Lei Yu sensed that the thing underwater was an early Nascent Soul cultivator who was on the same level as him. He didn’t react to the voice and just quietly stood in place waiting for that thing to make an appearance.


A huge monster jumped out of the waters, his body a full four meters wide. The most eye catching thing about it was the monster’s eyes that had a green glow to it. If one met this monster during nighttime, they would definitely jump in fright.

After this huge creature jumped out of the water, it suddenly sprayed a mist of water like substance at Lei Yu. The latter calmly released his internal energy that covered his whole body forming a membrane a few centimeters away from him, and the water mist couldn’t even get close to him.

One could see smoke coming from the mist as it touched the surrounding surface. Lei Yu frowned, “It’s poisonous?”

“Trespasser! It looks like you have some abilities!” The huge monster landed and only then did Lei Yu finally have a clear look at its face. It looked just like a toad enlarged a few hundred times except that its eyes were green. The body of the big toad had small and large bumps all over it that looked like warts. And from time to time, a dark green mucus substance would drip from it. Lei Yu couldn’t help but squeeze his nose from the stench of the smell.

“What an evil creature. You just came up and decided to use such an insidious method?!” Replied Lei Yu in a harsh tone.

“You dare to behave presumptuously in the territory of the Green Eyed Toad King?” The big toad was enraged after Lei Yu lectured him about being insidious. Its front legs went bent and his white belly laid on the ground. Its two cheeks continuously inflated and deflated as its green eyes started sinisterly at Lei Yu. If another person was in Lei Yu’s place, they might have been scared out of their wits. But Lei Yu didn’t care about it and shook his body, dispersing the internal energy he was previously surrounded with. That energy had already been corrupted by the poison gas so there was no need to bring it back into his body.

“You wanna fight? That’s good, just in time when I want to test my strength!” Lei Yu’s lips curved into his signature smile that hadn’t appeared on his face in a long time. He hadn’t forgotten that he still had important matters to attend to, but it’s just that he attained his new power and was happy about it. Now that he happened to encounter an opponent, he wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass by where he can test his current fighting potential.

The big toad croaked loudly, and suddenly rushed at Lei Yu. Its hind legs could not be looked down on; although its body was large, its hind legs using the ground as leverage gave the big toad the speed that was no less than Lei Yu when he was still at the Gold Core stage.

Lei Yu was different from before since his speed had been significantly improved. The big toad’s speed was nothing in Lei Yu’s eyes.

However, Lei Yu wasn’t going to rely on his speed to beat the toad. He actually stood his ground waiting for the tyrannical pounce to arrive at him. A green light started flashing in the big toad’s eyes and the moment its body was about to crush Lei Yu, it suddenly opened its mouth and shot out a dark green mist.

“Water wall!”

Lei Yu roared out and instantly, all the water started converging towards him. It was as if a huge wave and risen up out of all the rivers and flowed towards one area, creating a scene that was probably never seen before in this southern area.

The waves of water streamed around Lei Yu and seemed to instantaneously surround him. We can’t say that nothing could get through, but this wall made of water was pretty airtight. At least the previous dark green mist sprayed out by the big toad couldn’t penetrate through it one bit.

Seeing that his poison mist didn’t have any effect, the big toad in the air didn’t stop and continued hurtling towards Lei Yu.

Lei Yu grinned. While still being surrounded by water, he waved his left hand and the water wall exploded.


Droplets of water splashed everywhere. If one was to carefully look at each droplet of water, one would be able to find signs of little purple starry dots glittering inside.

With the dense spread of water droplets, no matter how good the big toad was, he wouldn’t be able to dodge this.

The instant that the water droplets touched its body, the big toad trembled. Right after that, as if he hadn’t completely finished peeing and need to shake it a bit, his body started shaking non-stop.

“Splat!” After slamming to the ground, its body had had caused the grassy ground to become a pit of mud.

Upon climbing out of the pit, the big toad now looked at Lei Yu with hesitation in its eyes. It didn’t even dare to make any further actions as it was afraid another simple move by Lei Yu would make it unable to stand up.

From the beginning of the fight, the big toad only saw Lei Yu raise his left hand. It was just that simple motion and no other actions, yet that slight raising of the hand had made it suffer quite a bit already.

“What level are you at?” The big toad no longer attacked and asked.

Lei Yu raised his eyebrows and shrugged, “I’m not sure, but I do know you’re not my opponent!”

“You… you just wait! I’m… I’m going to get my elder brother!” The big toad made a u-turn and made a run for it.

Lei Yu blinked a few times, “Those in the Immortal World also like to call for backup?”

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