9HTM – Ch281

Chapter 281 – The Wild Southern Lands

After briefly stretching his arms and legs, Lei Yu felt that his newly gained abilities were truly quite powerful.

It’s not that Lei Yu was able to freely use the surrounding water as part of his abilities; it’s just that the aura in his body was completely different from the past. By utilizing his own internal energy, he could use it to control any objects in his surrounding area. This was commonly referred to as telekinesis, but the powerful internal energy Lei Yu now possessed has made it a level more powerful than just calling it telekinesis.

During the Gold Core stage, Lei Yu had to rely on injecting internal energy into his Sky Devouring Sword in order to fly. And now, he only had to manipulate his internal energy to support his own body. Lei Yu no longer needed to rely on any outside object to support his body for flight now.

His previous water wall move was the example. Lei Yu released his powerful internal energy to wrap around the water in the river to control its movement. With his internal energy as the main defensive force, and the water being the support, only then did it create the previous scene on blocking the big toad’s attack.

Lei Yu wasn’t stupid enough to stay around while the big toad went to look for help. He rose into the air and released his spirit to start probing around this unique area. Lei Yu believes his real opponent hadn’t appeared yet, so what did it really mean when that voice gave him the suggestion of coming here? What was that voice’s real intention of having him come to this wild looking southern region?

In another area.

In an area with a wide body of water was a tiny island, and on that tiny island was a youth with a bare upper body standing there. He was using his body to struggle against the multiple waves crashing against him.

These waves weren’t created by nature but by a person. So who was this person that created the waves?

Lazily sitting on top of a huge rock was an elderly person with white hair. One of his hands was stroking his long beard while his other hand was constantly waving in front of him. It appears as if he was the one controlling the multiple waves to crash upon this bare bodied youth.

Upon closer observation, this elderly person had a shell on his back. This type of shell was only something a turtle would have. There was no doubt that this elderly person was the same person that left the deep waters and was entrusted by Lei Yu – the Divine Beast Xuan Wu!

As for the youth, he was none other than Nuo Hu that the old turtle took out of the storage ring, Lei Yu’s sworn elder brother!

One could see Nuo Hu clench his teeth as he resisted these huge waves. If these were normal waves, Nuo Hu wouldn’t care about them one bit. But these waves were waves controlled by the old turtle’s internal energy that contained a vigorous force. Each time one of these waves crashed against him, Nuo Hu had to use all his strength to resist them.

After many hours, the old turtle nodded in satisfaction.

“Not bad, we will call it for today. But your defense is still too weak. As my disciple, you have to cultivate your body to the strongest defensive level possible!”

Nuo Hu nodded and wiped away the water on his face. “Don’t worry master; I will definitely do my best!”

The purpose of training so hard day after day was to become strong. Only then can he step onto the distant Void Sect and take revenge for his sworn brother Lei Yu and his sister Ai Er. Even if he were to be smashed into pieces, Nuo Hu would not back away from this goal!

The body of the current Nuo Hu already showed signs of some change; it looked like he wasn’t very far from the peak of the Sixth Order Warrior. From the look of things, Nuo Hu’s luck wasn’t too bad. In certain aspects, his luck was even better than Lei Yu’s. For his current power level to enter the Immortal World and stay alive, and even gain such a famous master was considered an enormous fortune. Under the instructions of the old turtle, Nuo Hu had already grasped the main essences of the Shangguan family’s cultivation method. And he had also received the true teachings of the old turtle’s defensive cultivation methods. Given some time, Nuo Hu may become an unimaginable expert!


There are three regions where the demonic cultivators have gathered in this area. This place where the rivers crisscross is considered the outer periphery of the area, had has a gathering of many amphibian like demonic cultivators. As one continues down further south past the crisscrossing rivers, one would arrive in an area where mostly water based demonic cultivators gather. And finally at the most southern area, this is where the most powerful land based demonic cultivators have gathered.

In the depths of the most southern region lies a palace that has been constructed for hundreds of years. This palace is considered the most sacred place for all of the demonic cultivators because living inside is the most powerful Demonic King. And alongside of him is the embodiment of beauty, his Queen! But there’s one thing that all demonic cultivators knew, which is those two rulers are not husband and wife. Strangely enough, the status of the Queen whose strength is slightly weaker than the Demonic King, happens to be on a higher level!


Lei Yu slapped his clothing to shake off the water mist and coldly looked at the huge toad in front of him. “You’re that big toad’s elder brother, big big toad?”

“You dare to insult me?! You’re courting death!” The massive bodied toad rushed towards Lei Yu.

Lei Yu dodged sideways since he didn’t want to fight head on with such a disgusting creature. The massive toad realized his attack didn’t succeed and bent his front legs with its belly touching the ground. Both sides of its gills continue to fluctuate as it seemed rather pissed off.

Lei Yu looked at the two big toads and thought they both like rather alike. They both had green eyes except one was slightly bigger and the other slightly smaller.

“Do you feel that you can beat me?” Lei Yu grinned. “How about this: As long as you can touch me, I will immediately admit defeat and you two can do whatever you want with me. How about it?”

“You said it, don’t regret your words!” The big toad and the slightly smaller toad said in unison.

Lei Yu nodded, “Of course I won’t regret my words!”

The two big toads glanced at each other and smiled sinisterly. They nodded with each other before both rushed straight for Lei Yu. As if they were carved from the same mould, one could say that the action of them pouncing out and the posture of them landing on the ground were exactly the same.

A while later, the two toads were gasping for air because even after dozens of attacks, Lei Yu was able to easily avoid them. Not even a drop of water they splashed up was able to touch Lei Yu’s body.

With the speed displayed in front of their eyes, they realized their own storm of onslaught was considered nothing in the eyes of Lei Yu.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Lei Yu was standing on top of the water. Below his feet was a faint purple internal energy acting as a barrier that allowed him to stand on the surface and not get wet at the same time.

The big toad looked at the bigger toad, “Elder brother, is this guy playing with us? I’m guessing he’s already surpassed the Nascent Soul stage so why did he appear in the outer periphery of our territory?”

The slightly bigger toad then looked at Lei Yu and asked: “Friend, with your abilities, you should be in the center area of the water region. So why are you in this place?”

Lei Yu smiled, “I was only passing by; it was your short-sighted little brother that suddenly came out and attacked me. Could it be that you’re putting the blame on me now?”

The bigger toad immediately glanced at his little brother, “You bastard, didn’t you say he came by to deliberately pick a fight with you? You were making stuff up!”

“Elder brother! I…”

“That’s enough!” Lei Yu waved his hand to stop the two from continuing arguing. “Tell me, what sort of place is this?”

“You don’t even know what this place is?” The two toads widened their green eyes. “This is the territory of the Demon King! The Wild Southern Lands!”

“Wild lands? Aren’t there water and grass here? Why is it a wild land?” Lei Yu asked with doubt.

The slightly smaller toad rushed to answer first. “This is just the outer periphery, further in is the water region. And then pass the water region is the real wild lands which is the desert region. That place is where our Demon King and the Qu…”

“Shut up!” Without letting the smaller toad finish, the bigger toad interrupted his sentence. “That place is not a topic we can casually talk about. Friend, if you want to find out more, you can personally continue forth while we won’t be accompanying you!” After saying that, his back legs stepped on the smaller toad to push him down into the water before he too dived in.

“Uh? Wait…!”

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