9HTM – Ch282

Chapter 282 – A Long Drawn Out Shout

Lei Yu hadn’t finished asking yet and those two had already disappeared into the water. He probably wouldn’t be able to get them come back out of the water anymore, right?

Lei Yu could only helplessly leave this area. Even though he doesn’t know all the details, he could somewhat piece together what he was told about this southern wild lands. There were a total of three regions and the outer peripheral of the area was this place where rivers crisscrossed each other. Further south is a region that is all water, and which according to the two toads, it’s the area that he should be in with his current strength.

Lei Yu clearly knew that he had just stepped into the Nascent Soul stage, while the two toads, one was an early Nascent Soul and the other a late Nascent Soul. Even though they were both not his opponent, but in a sense, it was because of Lei Yu’s abilities that restrained them. Lei Yu’s speed was extremely fast and his newly gained ability just coincidentally was able to be utilized in a way that it could block out the poison mist which those toads excelled at. It was due to those several factors that made those two toads mistake Lei Yu’s strength.

What those toads didn’t know was that Lei Yu was clear on his own worth. Even though there weren’t any opponents in this outer peripheral area, Lei Yu didn’t dare to carelessly enter the water region. The dangers in that area was something Lei Yu didn’t dare to try just yet.

For Lei Yu to reach the Nascent Soul stage, one could say he was completely reborn. Each meridian, bone, and even skin had undergone earth shattering changes. Lei Yu firmly believes that with his current speed, he could probably keep up with those at the Soul Fusion stage. Even for a super expert like Big White who was at the early Soul Splitting stage, Lei Yu believes he can almost keep up with him.


Around the same time, in the desert region where anyone below the Soul Splitting stage wouldn’t dare to get close to, the real Southern Wild Lands had a huge city in the midst of it. Three people were flying in line heading for a castle sitting in the center of the city. One of the three was on top of a huge copper pillar that was thirty feet long. A hint of excitement on his handsome face was mixed with some sadness in his eyes. This person was none other than Minotaur Linos’s son, Lycomedes Romon.

Passing through the water region, a group of demonic cultivators looked up in envy. In the Southern Wild Lands, no demonic cultivator would dare to be presumptuous. The Demon King had set down rules that those below the Soul Splitting stage weren’t allowed to fly here. Otherwise, the consequence for the rule breaker would be disastrous!

In other words, the demonic cultivators below the Soul Splitting stage wanting to cross the desert region on foot was a near impossible task. In-between the waters and the desert lies an insurmountable gap, metaphorically speaking. Unless one gets the okay by the Demonic King, or the Left and Right Generals Tai Lao and Hei Feng, no one else was qualified to cross it!

With such provisions, as long as an outsider flies across the water region towards the desert region, he or she will definitely suffer group attacks from local demonic cultivators. But there was a special rule: Even if the locals attack the outsider, they must capture them alive and be handed over to the Demonic King so that he can personally punish them.

This special rule sounded tough, but in fact it was a stipulation formed from the discussion between the Queen and the Demon King. Their sole purpose for that rule was a precaution when Romon and Lei Yu comes looking for them. They cannot be killed and must be captured alive – this was to avoid Lei Yu and Romon losing their lives. Secondly, those below the Soul Splitting stage were forbidden to fly so it created an environment where very few people flew through the air in the Wild Lands. If there were suddenly two outsiders with low strength suddenly flying through, this would be extremely eye-catching to everyone in the area.

“Young master, it’s just up front!” Tai Lao turned his pig-head towards Romon with a smile.

Romon nodded and looked at the scenery below him. That single glance gave Romon a huge shock!

“This place is really lively!” Romon said in shock.

Hearing Romon’s words, Hei Feng replied: “This was deliberately made by Lord Demon King and Her Majesty the Queen. A city jointly established by tens of thousands of demonic cultivators, this city is almost exactly the same as the ancient Greece which young master grew up in.”

Romon nodded, “It looks like father and Her Majesty the Queen have put a lot of effort into creating this subtle hint! Even if one didn’t know they lived here, they would still realize the clue upon seeing this city.”

The city wasn’t particularly large, and the weakest demonic cultivator inside it was at the Gold Core stage. Of course, they were the builders that had started living there ever since they had completed the structures. As for the latter cultivators, they had to go through special procedures in order to be eligible to enter the city. There was another way, which was to offer up crystal stones. But for this territory with crowds of demonic cultivators, how would they earn crystal stones when they couldn’t fly freely?

Therefore, those relying on entering the city with crystal stones became less and less. There were still some that entered that way since they would rely on capturing the invading outsiders and taking their belongings.

The nearer they came towards the castle, the more excited Romon became.

It was around this time that a sudden drawn out shout shook the heavens. This was the sound a bull would make!

The inhabitants of the city were startled by the cry. This type of cry was only heard by them once before when an extremely powerful invader had arrived. After the cry sounded out, a colorful Taurus figure was seen flying into the sky and killed the powerful invader. Today was the second time they had heard this cry.

“Could there be another invader?” During this time, many people from small and large streets started gathering and discussing this issue. They looked up into the air and watched three people flying by.

“That’s not right, isn’t it our two Generals?”

“Right! Look you guys, there’s an outsider with them!”

Everyone was staring at the youth on top of a huge copper pillar. Since the weakest inhabitants of the city were at the Gold Core stage, their eyesight allowed them to clearly see this youth’s face. They realized that the most unique thing about this youth was a single horn on his forehead!”

“Who is he? Why would he cause the Demon King to be so angry?” Everyone was discussing the identity of this person but they guessed wrong. It wasn’t the cry of anger but of happiness! After waiting for over a thousand years, a joyous cry had finally been sounded out!

Without waiting for Romon and the other two to get close yet, a beam of golden light and a beam of red light shot into the air. Everyone had their mouths agape because such a scene had never been seen before. The Demon King and the Queen had both appeared!

Upon seeing the beam of light, Romon’s eyes were filled with tears of joy before yelling out: “Father!”

“My son! My son has returned!” The voice was filled with so much emotion that one could hear it tremble.

The two figures met in midair and Romon kneeled down onto his copper pillar. “Father, Romon had finally arrived! Romon is able to finally see you!”

“Good! It’s good that you’re back!” Minotaur Linos’s huge bull head was shaking as he leapt onto Romon’s pillar and supported Romon to stand up. One could see that the Demon King revered by tens of thousands was shedding his precious tears.

After wiping away his tears, Romon turned towards a beautiful girl that was like a goddess who had descended and respectfully bowed. “Your Majesty.”

Everyone in the city was shocked. “This is the only ascetic cultivator out of all demonic cultivators? Our very own Demon King’s son, the young master Romon?”

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