9HTM – Ch283

Chapter 283 – Countless Demons Flying Into The Air

That’s right; this woman who was the embodiment of beauty was Telephassa. One could see her eyes look all everywhere before she hesitantly opened her gentle mouth. Off to the side, Minotaur Linos seemed to know what was going on and was the first to ask: “How come benefactor didn’t accompany you here?” Minotaur Linos looked at Romon and then glanced at Tai Lao and Hei Feng in the rear.

“Lord Lightning…” Tai Lao and Hei Feng glanced at each other. Tai Lao then said: “Lord Lightning has… has gone missing.”

“Missing? How could that have happened? Tell me the details!” At this time, Minotaur Linos didn’t even bother to have his son go to the castle first and asked this in front of everyone while still floating in the air.

Telephassa’s beautiful eyes started shimmering as if the news of Lei Yu disappearing had struck an emotional blow.

“Father, it was all Romon’s fault. I couldn’t protect little… benefactor!” Romon lowered his head in apology. “While in the Mortal World, we made an agreement that when benefactor reached the Gold Core stage, he would settle all his affairs and we would head out together to the Immortal World to meet up with father. But unfortunately, something major happened halfway!”

“What happened?” Asked Minotaur Linos.

Romon sighed before saying: “Due to fortunate circumstances, benefactor absorbed the essence of a Dragon Vein causing tremendous changes to the heavens. The seven stars aligned, which caused the large Sects of the Immortal World to send people forth to search for him. They were rejected by benefactor when his girl… girlfriend…” Speaking to this point, Romon unconsciously looked at Telephassa and noticed her eyes were filled with worry instead of jealousy. It was only then he continued: “Benefactor’s girlfriend and his sworn big brother were captured by two disciples sent by the Void Sect. Because benefactor was in such a rush to rescue them, we lost contact with each other.” Pausing for a bit, Romon then continued: “As I passed through the Chaotic Star Sea and arrived at the Immortal World, I heard the news that the Void Sect was doing a large-scale recruitment of disciples. I coincidentally met up with benefactor during then, but afterwards…”

Romon narrated all the details of what had happened to his father and Telephassa. There were two parts of the story that made everyone shocked: The first was that Lei Yu was the extraordinary person that the whole Immortal World was in an uproar over. The second was that the Void Sect had captured Lei Yu, and for some unknown reason let him go after that.

Minotaur Linos nodded and said: “It looks like benefactor isn’t in any imminent danger and has only gone missing. There’s no need to worry for now, I’ll immediately send people out everywhere to see if we can find benefactor’s whereabouts. Once we find him, then we’ll start making plans for the future!”

Knowing that Lei Yu was temporarily not in any danger, Telephassa let out a sigh of relief. She then said: “Romon, you should go back and rest first while the task for searching for Lei Yu will be given to your father.”

“Your highness!” Romon then respectfully said: “It was all my fault that I couldn’t protect benefactor, so I really want to participate in searching for him!”

Minotaur Linos smiled and said: “Good, Left and Right, attend to my orders!”

“Yes!” The pig-head Tai Lao and the person clothed in black Hei Feng clasped their fists respectfully waiting for the Demon King’s command.

“You two will command the two outer regions of the Wild Land’s Four Commanders to search throughout the Immortal World! The location of benefactor must be found!”

“Understood!” Tai Lao and Hei Feng raised their cupped fists before disappearing from the spot. Those two had already flown off to where they had come from.

Right after that, Minotaur Linos who was floating in the air, used a voice that everyone in the city could hear. “This is my son Romon, who is the person that you have always heard about that happens to be the only ascetic cultivator out of all demonic cultivators!”

A cry that shook the heavens came from the entire city: “We pay respects to the young master!”

Romon waved with a smile, but his smile was a bit stiff since this wasn’t the time for celebrations.


“Father.” Romon bowed waiting for his father’s words.

“You will lead all those at the Nascent Soul stage and above to search outside the Wild Lands. As for the rest of the Immortal World, you can leave that to Tai Lao and the other five.”

“Understood, father.” Nodded Romon.

Minotaur Linos once again raised his voice: “All citizens at and above the Nascent Soul stage, rise up!”




The sky was blotted out – the number of demonic cultivators flying into the air was no less than ten thousand in number. Above the huge city were many different kinds of demonic cultivators floating in midair. For such a spectacular sight, it made Romon recall the scene a few days ago outside the Void Sect.

Romon had never imagined that his own father and Her Majesty the Queen would possess such strength!

“If you brought such a large crowd of demonic cultivators out into the Immortal World, it will inevitably lead to an uproar. That’s why I had Tai Lao and the other investigate it themselves. I really don’t want to create any unnecessary issues with the rest of the Immortal World, you understand right?” Minotaur Linos shook his huge head has he mumbled.

“Yes, father!”

After exhaling a deep breath, Romon waved his arm and cried out: “Follow me!” A golden light flashed as the huge pillar disappeared off into the north. Behind him were tens of thousands of demonic cultivators following. This scene left those in the city that were below the Nascent Soul stage stare with their mouths agape. Although they were shocked because they had never seen such a spectacular scene before, they didn’t feel that it was anything strange because they understood the person they were searching for was really important. This person was much more important on many levels that it caused the Demon King to break his own rule of no flying, which had been established for many hundreds of years ago!

The citizens faintly heard a name being spread about, which was the totem that all demonic cultivators in this region respected and worshipped – Lightning!

In another area, Lei Yu was sitting down cross-legged within that Green Eyed Toad King’s territory. The toad wanted nothing to do with Lei Yu so it wouldn’t bother to disturb him. Even though this was the case, Lei Yu still sent out a portion of his spirit in order to prevent any incoming dangers while under deep meditation.

What Lei Yu was doing was correct, but today he committed a serious mistake. A mistake that he couldn’t escape from.

Up in the sky, a mass of figures over ten thousand in number were flying above, causing Lei Yu to suddenly open his eyes. For such a large group, even if they were mostly at the Nascent Soul stage, such a number of troops will still cause an uproar in the Immortal World.

Lei Yu didn’t dare to be careless since he didn’t know what this crowd of demonic cultivators was up to. He quietly submerged his body into the river and only revealed his head to look up. Amongst this dense number of cultivators was someone Lei Yu would be familiar with. But with his aura completely hidden, Lei Yu’s eyesight did not land on this person atop of a copper pillar.

At this time, a strange looking head popped out beside Lei Yu. Its large mouth opened up and said: “What a spectacular scene!”

Lei Yu squinted at the toad, “Lower your voice! Aren’t you afraid they’ll notice you?”

“What do I have to be afraid of? I’ve been fulfilling my tasks as the Green Eyed Toad King and haven’t made any mistakes! It must because of you, outsider! This Southern Wild Lands is an area that prohibits flying. If I’m not mistaken, didn’t you arrive here by flying?”

“Flying is prohibited? Who laid down such a rule?” Asked Lei Yu as he watched the countless numbers of demonic cultivators flying by.

“Of course it’s by our Lord Demon King and…” Pausing for a bit, the toad then continued: “My elder brother said that this topic isn’t something we’re qualified to discuss. But I wonder what this mass of experts is up to? Why would the established rule of prohibiting flight be broken today? Could something serious have happened?” The big toad mumbled to himself.

Lei Yu couldn’t help but be surprised. What kind of Demon King would have such a powerful force at its disposal?

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