9HTM – Ch284

Chapter 284 – Underwater Yaksha

After all the demonic cultivators had flown by, Lei Yu jumped out of the water back onto the grass. Only then did he dare to release his internal energy.

It was just at this time that Lei Yu could feel a more obvious energy fluctuation coming from a distance. His first intuition was that these were more powerful existences because he couldn’t tell what level these experts were at!

Lei Yu helplessly once again condensed his internal energy into his dantian where the infant body was. This time Lei Yu didn’t bother jumping into the water and raised his head to look up. His eyebrows went up, “Isn’t that the pig-head that I saw at the Void Sect that day? Why would he be here?”

“Shut your mouth!”

The big toad to the side continued yelling at Lei Yu: “You dare to insult General Tai Lao? It looks like you don’t want to live anymore!”

Lei Yu glanced at the toad, “General Tai Lao?”

“Correct! He is one of the Left and Right Generals under the command of the Demon King. There’s General Tai Lao and General Hei Feng!”

Lei Yu couldn’t help suck in a cool breath, “This Demon King’s forces are truly powerful!”

He had over tens of thousands of underlings at and above the Nascent Soul stage. And for the pig-head and several others he was with, Lei Yu couldn’t tell what level they were at which meant they were beyond the Fusion Soul stage. When Lei Yu reached the Nascent Soul stage, he was able to detect existences at the Fusion Soul stage. But Lei Yu was only able to feel an energy fluctuation when these six demon cultivators flew by so he was unable to tell their strength. Needless to say, they were existences that had exceeded the Fusion Soul stage!

With such a powerful and large amount of troops, if this Demon King stomped its foot, wouldn’t the whole Immortal World shudder from his strength?

Little did Lei Yu know that this large-scale action which broke the rule of allowing those below the Soul Splitting stage to fly, was all because to look for him!

Although he was acquainted with the pig-head, Lei Yu wasn’t going to scratch his own face and rush up pretending they were on friendly terms. Lei Yu didn’t have the personality to do something like that. Moreover, the pig-head was with the person clothed in black and four other demonic cultivators Lei Yu had never seen before. He wasn’t going to take such a risk. What if he delayed their important business and got killed because of it. Wouldn’t he die of injustice?

“It looks like this place isn’t very safe.” Lei Yu scratched his head, “Maybe I should swing by the water region the big toad mentioned before and take a look around?”

Lei Yu believes that as long as he keeps his spiritual perception on, he can easily find the presence of those that were stronger than himself. And before he gets close to those experts, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to hide his aura or leave the vicinity. At least this was better than having a large group of demonic cultivators constantly flying over his head.

After making up his mind, Lei Yu turned around and made a simple wave goodbye to the toad that he had once fought, then continued to the south himself. But this time, he didn’t fly but was running. Lei Yu still remembered what the toad said: Those below the Soul Splitting stage weren’t allowed to fly. In order to not bring any trouble on his own head during this chaotic situation, Lei Yu felt it was better to play by the rules right now.

Lei Yu had been running for several hours across this region where the rivers crisscrossed each other. He knew his speed on the ground could not be compared to when he was flying. But the current Lei Yu was relying on the muscles of his legs and a bit of internal energy to push his back, which saved a lot of effort and increased his speed quite a bit.

This water region was indeed broad where one couldn’t see the other end of the shore. If modern people on Earth saw this, they would assume this was the sea. But Lei Yu knew that in the Immortal World community, this was merely considered as a large river and nothing more.

Without hesitating, Lei Yu leapt up and dove into the large river.

At the same time, Lei Yu released his spiritual perception and paid attention to any incoming dangers. He was considered an outsider in this place, and will inevitably draw everyone’s attention and they would put up their guards against him. That’s why he had to be especially careful right now.

At the bottom of the water, Lei Yu carefully swam forth. Although he was surrounded by water, Lei Yu was sure about one thing: As long as it wasn’t a super expert at the Soul Fusion stage or higher, he could flee and disappear without a trace.

The underwater scene had a forest of corals that were many different colors and breathtaking to behold. Lei Yu couldn’t help stopping to admire the scene before him.

He was completely immersed by the beauty of the corals and relaxed his spiritual perception momentarily. When Lei Yu finally recovered his senses and released his spiritual perception again, he suddenly realized that not too far away was the presence of someone. Even though that person only had the strength of an early Nascent Soul, Lei Yu was still nervous because what if there was another one that was close by?

Fortunately, Lei Yu didn’t sense any dangerous energy fluctuations and upon glancing around, his eyes almost popped out of his head!

“Bi… bikini?” After blinking a few times, Lei Yu couldn’t believe what he was looking at.

It was a girl with red hair, and looking at the facial features, she was probably in her twenties. A pair of innocent looking eyes stared at Lei Yu while the black pupils in her eyes were constantly trembling.

Lei Yu could see that the only difference this girl had from an ordinary human was the two horns on her head. It was brown and they were similar to ones that one would find on a cow. But somehow, the horns on her head had actually increased her cuteness factor by several times. It was obvious to Lei Yu that she was a demonic cultivator.

She had snow white skin and a towering chest that made Lei Yu sigh in wonder. For such a young girl to have such a pair of enchanting twin peaks, she was no less than the Kou country’s Nami. Only her twin peaks and lower body was covered by clothing, that’s why Lei Yu exclaimed out loud bikini. Just by looking at her figure, she would be considered the highest of the top grade women. But Lei Yu’s attention was then drawn to the weapon she was holding.

This was a trident, and each point shimmered a white light that reflected how sharp it was. The handle of the trident was about five feet in length and looked quite majestic in the hands of this exotic beauty.

He was trying to recall something in his mind for a long time before Lei Yu stared with wide eyes. “A Yaksha?” ¹ But he was exclaiming in his heart and didn’t shout it out.

The girl slowly swam towards Lei Yu as if being cautious of something, but she didn’t stop and her distance towards Lei Yu became closer and closer.

Lei Yu knew that in front of a girl at the early Nascent Soul stage, he didn’t have to worry one bit. Not to mention fighting, just running away from her would be effortless so Lei Yu wasn’t afraid of any malicious intentions.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” The girl asked.

“Am I not allowed to be in this area?” Since he had nothing going on, Lei Yu decided to exchange a few words with her.

“You are an outsider, how come you entered the water region?”

Lei Yu’s eyebrow was slightly raised, “How do you know I’m an outsider?” His mouth asked this but Lei Yu couldn’t help glance at the girl’s soft snow white skin.

“That’s natural, outsiders do not have the aura we demonic cultivators of the Southern Wild Lands have. “ Said the girl as she shook her trident.

“I just happened to be passing by.” Lei Yu was trying to be perfunctory, but things weren’t that simple.

“Happened to be passing by? Where do you want to go?” Without waiting for Lei Yu to answer, the girl continued: “This place is already the southern tip of the Immortal World, there’s nothing else after that. And you say you’re passing by? You’re lying!”


¹ – A Yaksha is a broad class of nature spirits who are usually benevolent, but sometimes mischievous and sexually aggressive. I think the author is trying to paint her as a succubus.

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