9HTM – Ch285

Chapter 285 – Angering The Demoness

“Quickly speak! What are you doing here?!” The girl had one hand on her hip while the other hand holding her trident while pursing her lips in an interrogating manner. But no matter how much Lei Yu looked at her cute appearance; she had the resemblance of a Yaksha. Except that this was the first time Lei Yu had ever seen a Yaksha that seductive.

“You say that this place is the southern tip of the Immortal World? Then let me ask you…” Lei Yu grinned, “The south of this water region, it should be where Lord Demon King resides right? So what you’re saying is that the desert of the Southern Wild Lands doesn’t exist?”

Lei Yu remembered the toad’s words before it stopped halfway, that’s why he hardened his stance and asked the girl in reverse.

“That place isn’t a place that anyone can enter. Even someone at the Soul Splitting stage must get permission in order to step foot on it!” Said the girl.

Lei Yu was a bit surprised in his heart and thought to himself: “Who the hell is this Demon King? He already possesses such a huge amount of troops, and even experts at the Soul Splitting stage must get his permission to set foot on his territory?!”

Lei Yu lightly smiled, “Little girl, you are merely at the early Nascent Soul stage, how come you know so much about the Southern Wild Lands?”

“Humph!” The girl sneered, “I know far more than that!”

“Oh? What else do you know?” Asked Lei Yu.

“Why should I tell you?!” The girl seemed a bit angry. From the outer periphery of the water region to the inner regions of the Southern Wild Lands, few people dared to speak with her. Even if they spoke with her, they wouldn’t dare to use such a tone as Lei Yu. The girl was slightly angry in her heart but thought this was also very interesting.

The girl seemed to have noticed something and her eyesight landed on Lei Yu’s chest.

“Your pendant is very pretty! I want it!” The girl pointed at the two pendants hanging off Lei Yu’s neck. One was engraved with the word “moon” while the other was engraved with the word “day.”

“Don’t even think about it!” Lei Yu shook his head in refusal.

“You dare to refuse me?! No one has ever dared to refuse me in this area!” The girl pouted angrily.

Lei Yu narrowed his eyes and coldly said: “Even if you were the Heavenly Emperor’s daughter, you can forget about getting any one of my jade pendants!” Lei Yu would naturally not give these pendants to her. Even if he had to forfeit his life, he still wouldn’t hand them over willingly. The pendant with the “moon” character was something his mother left for him. As for the pendant with the “day” character, it was his mother’s relic passed down after her death. Lei Yu treated them as his most important treasures so why would he give them to others so casually?

“You…!” The girl was so angry that she couldn’t even speak. She waved her trident and rushed at Lei Yu, “I want it! I always get the things I want in the end!”

“I’m afraid today will be your first disappointment!” Lei Yu never expected that just for a jade pendant, this girl would actually start a fight. But in Lei Yu’s eyes, the early Nascent Soul stage was considered nothing much so he’ll play with her for a bit.

After dodging left and right a few times, the attacks made by the girl weren’t a threat to Lei Yu at all. As for the girl, she was starting to get embarrassed by several shoves and playful strikes by Lei Yu. The girl stopped and her red hair was scattered in front of her chest as it swayed about by the natural movements of the river.

Because she was breathing hard, he twin peaks kept heaving up and down which was rather enticing for viewers. Lei Yu couldn’t help but swallow hard as he tried very hard to not look at the beautiful scene that would arouse any living male.

“Stop dodging!” Yelled the girl as she placed one hand on her hips while the other pointing the trident at Lei Yu.

“Are you sick? You want me to stand still while you kill me?” Lei Yu shrugged and gave a bizarre look at her. The girl then clenched her jaws, “You’re picking on me! If my father found out about it, that will be the end of you!”

“Your father? Is he an old Yaksha?”

“You!” The girl stared with wide eyes, “You are calling my father an old Yaksha?” It was hard for the girl to not be shocked because in the entire Southern Wild Lands of the Immortal World, no one would dare to insult her father. Ever since she was born, this was the first time she has heard such an insult.

“Isn’t he? For him to have a little Yaksha like you, then isn’t your father considered an old Yaksha then?” Objected Lei Yu. But no matter what, there’s no way that he would know that this girl was the daughter of the highest existence in the Southern Wild Lands – Minotaur Linos!

The girl clenched her fists and roared out before rushing at Lei Yu again. After several rounds, she still couldn’t do anything to him. She was now extremely angry and anxious. Even though she was rude and unreasonable in her daily life, she treated her father’s existence similar to one that would treat a God. She will never allow anyone to insult him so even if she had to fight with her life on the line, she had to regain face for her father!

No matter what she tried, Lei Yu’s speed was too fast. The girl simply couldn’t land any strikes on Lei Yu. While filled with anxiety, the girl roared out a sound that didn’t seem like it could come out of her mouth. The water at the bottom of the river started shaking, and Lei Yu could feel that his body was floundering around from the water.

“Someone insulted my father! Is there anyone here that can accept that?!” The girl roared out. Lei Yu was dumbfounded because he suddenly felt numerous energy fluctuations from demonic cultivators coming from all directions.

“What a good ability to mobilize your people! I’ll take my leave!” Lei Yu activated the infant body’s internal energy and a light purple energy started coming out of his feet. His body was just like lightning as it flew upwards almost instantaneously. The girl only saw an after-image in front of her and the water didn’t even have time to fill in that void. Lei Yu’s figure had already disappeared without a trace.

Bursting out of the water, Lei Yu’s speed was similar to a meteor as it flew towards the outer areas of the water region. He didn’t bother with the thousands of demonic cultivators flying around because keeping his life was more important right now! Not only did Lei Yu previously feel that Gold Core and Nascent Soul demonic cultivators were rushing towards him, he even felt several experts at the Fusion Soul stage coming for him. If he didn’t run, wanting to keep his life would probably be impossible.

It was less than ten seconds after Lei Yu burst out of the water when the water surface started trembling. Then, dozens of demonic cultivators of various shapes and sizes could be seen flying into the air. As if they were under an Imperial edict, they ignored the rules of no flying in the Southern Wild Lands and chased after Lei Yu like mad.

Although this scene was slightly lacking compared to the previous tens of thousands of demonic cultivators flying through the air, it was still quite an impressive scene to behold!

After flying for several hours, Lei Yu started getting anxious and doubted whether there was really a rule prohibiting flying or not. Previously, tens of thousands of demonic cultivators were flying through the air, and now dozens of demonic cultivators were also flying through the air chasing after him.

A few hours wasn’t considered short or long, but flying long distance was a test of strength for all those future powerhouses. Lei Yu gradually distanced himself from the demonic cultivators chasing him and eventually, only several Fusion Soul demonic cultivators were left still trying to catch up. As for those below the Fusion Soul stage, they had already given up because they couldn’t catch up no matter how hard they tried.

“Are you guys ever going to stop?” Lei Yu helplessly yelled. He then once again accelerated his speed a few notches. At this time, they were already reaching the shores of the outermost boundary of the water region back to the region where rivers crisscrossed. Many demonic cultivators and beasts looked up in the air with their mouths agape, watching this group of people playing cat and mouse in the area where flying was prohibited.

The two toads, one big and one small both raised their head to look, “That brother is pretty badass! In a short one day span, he’s actually capable of provoking so many enemies!”

The smaller toad blew a raspberry, “No wonder we weren’t his opponent. There are so many experts at the Fusion Soul stage yet they still cannot catch up with him, not to mention us!”

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