9HTM – Ch286

Chapter 286 – Southern Wild Land’s Demon King

While crossing this region where rivers crisscrossed each other, the distance between them pulled further apart. Catching those experts chasing him off guard, Lei Yu suddenly descended.

“Not good, quickly catch up!” A demonic cultivator that looked like a lobster cried out. Several cultivators behind him quickly descended as well but once they arrived at the last river of the region, Lei Yu’s figure had disappeared. One could say that Lei Yu had evaporated into thin air and disappeared without a trace!

“That’s strange, I don’t see him.”

They were all searching the area thoroughly and even released their spiritual perception in hopes of sensing Lei Yu’s energy fluctuation, but how can their perception pierce through Lei Yu’s ability gained at the [Energy Suppression] stage? No matter the scope and sophistry of the cultivation method, they couldn’t compare to Lei Yu’s at all.

After hiding his internal energy inside the infant body, Lei Yu was comparable to a piece of stone. As long as he doesn’t make a noise, no one would notice him even if he stood behind them.

After removing some aquatic plants he was hiding under, Lei Yu watched as this group of Fusion Soul experts gave up on looking for him. It was only then did he quietly break out of the water surface and sighed. “That was really quite dangerous! Who is that little girl anyway? And why would so many mobilize upon her words? Could it be…?!” Lei Yu blinked a few times, “Could it be that I provoked the Demon King’s daughter?”

After thinking it through, Lei Yu shook his head and rejected that idea. How could a dignified Demon King’s daughter so randomly appear in the water region? Shouldn’t she be in a castle in the most southern part of the Southern Wild Lands? Moreover, how could a Demon King’s daughter be dressed in such revealing clothes? And even started a fight over an old jade pendant?

Based on Lei Yu’s judgment, she was probably the daughter of the water region’s boss who was similar to a Commander of Dragon Group. At least that’s the opinion Lei Yu came up with.

Since this Southern Wild Lands wasn’t a place Lei Yu was welcomed at, he decided to leave. Lei Yu’s body lightly shook and his powerful internal energy flung off all the water and random underwater plants stuck to him. He now looked like he had never entered the water at all.

After condensing internal energy onto his feet, Lei Yu was about to leap into the air. At the same time, he released his spiritual perception to check if he had gotten rid of all the pursuers.

It was fine if he didn’t probe the area but once he did, Lei Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. In the outer area of this region where rivers crisscrossed, those demonic cultivators at the Nascent Soul stage and above were undergoing a ground search. Lei Yu was really curious, “What on earth are they looking for?”

Watching as this mass group of people gradually move closer towards him, Lei Yu knew that leaving was impossible. It looks like he can only go back south. Lei Yu had experienced being surrounded in the past, but not to this point where he felt so trapped.

Looking off into the distance, Lei Yu noticed the two big toads were lying on the grass lands with their eyes closed. They looked like they were sunbathing.

Lei Yu grinned as he ran over, “Let me borrow your territory to rest for a bit!”

The two toads opened their eyes and a green light shimmered from their eyes. Both toads swallowed hard but didn’t respond, so Lei Yu sat down cross-legged next to them as if the two didn’t exist.

The slightly bigger toad glanced at the other one and nodded. The latter seemed to understand that gesture wanting to leave. Lei Yu suddenly opened his eyes, “You want to rat me out? Whoever dares to take a step away here, I will skin and roast them into frog cutlets to eat!”

Those two toads seemed to understand the first half of Lei Yu’s words, and didn’t doubt Lei Yu’s strength to follow through with his threat. But the latter part of frog cutlets, they had no clue what that was. But the first half of Lei Yu’s words were enough choke them with fright. They returned to their original position of sunbathing, but were no longer as relaxed as before because they were staring at Lei Yu with wide round eyes.

Since everything had calmed down now, Lei Yu entered a deep meditation. He believes that as long as he doesn’t make an excessive usage of his internal energy, those demonic cultivators would not bother this area.

But in another area, it wasn’t as calm as the Southern Wild Lands. When Lei Yu flew south and back north to the crisscrossed river region, a lot of time had gone by already. Tai Lao and Hei Feng along with four other demonic cultivators weren’t weak, so how incredible would their speeds be if they had maximized it on the get go?

It was not long after Lei Yu went into deep meditation when those six had already crossed the southern yellow dirt region and reached the main areas of the Immortal World.

Previously, the bull-head Minotaur Linos had commanded pig-head Tai Lao and the black clothed person Hei Feng to head to the Void Sect to see what tricks they were up to. Minotaur Linos wanted to know why they would suddenly recruit disciples on a large-scale basis. Of course, those two never expected the latter things to happen. As for the present, they made a special trip for a punitive expedition under the flag of the “Wild Land’s Demon King!”

Outside the Void Sect, the six of them stood outside the foggy clouds quietly waiting for a response. A short while later, three elderly figures on swords flew out from the clouds.

“What matters do these friends have for coming to my Void Sect?” The head of the party was the Void Sect’s current Sovereign, Kun Feng. Floating on his left was a fat elderly figure, his third junior brother Kun Xian. And to his right was a thin figure that did not lose out to the domineering aura of him, was his second junior brother, Kun Rong.

It’s no wonder those three would personally appear outside the Void Sect. A disciple reported that the pig-head whom had previously caused trouble in the Sect had returned and brought helpers with him. In fact, before these three had appeared, they had already ordered their disciples to guard the area on the walls and the platforms of the mountains. With just a command, they would all attack together.

“Enough with the pretenses. I want to ask you: that Lord Lightning who was captured by your Void Sect, where did he go afterwards?” Tai Lao showed a threatening momentum with one hand on his hip and his other hand holding the Ares Axe.

“Lord Lightning?” The three Immortal like figures glanced at each other. Kun Feng replied: “We aren’t familiar with any sort of Lord Lightning.”

“You aren’t familiar?” Tai Lao coldly humphed. “The Lord Lightning that absorbed the Dragon Vein, are you guys familiar with that? You’ve exhausted your efforts to come up with a large-scale recruitment of disciples, isn’t that to draw out Lord Lightning to join your Void Sect? Now you shamelessly say you don’t know him which is completely despicable. And you dare to vainly hang a title of being a virtuous Sect?!”

“Impudence!” Enraged by pig-head Tai Lao’s words, when has the Void Sect even been humiliated to such a degree? Kun Feng and the other two had already released their internal energy creating a powerful and overbearing momentum!

“Let me ask you, who are you people? What qualifications do you have to act so wildly in front of my Void Sect?” The thinner looking elderly person Kun Rong coldly asked.

The fatter elderly person was already impatient and shouted: “Several wild demonic beasts dare to act so atrociously in front of my Void Sect?! Hand over your life!” After saying that, he rushed forth but was blocked by Kun Feng. He was still calm and wanted to figure out his opponents backing, in case they provoked any big troubles that would be difficult to fix in the future.

“Shouldn’t you tell me your names and titles?” Sensing that his opponents weren’t weak, Kun Feng didn’t dare to act carelessly.

“Perhaps you have heard of the name, Wild Land’s Demon King!” Coldly responded the person that had spoken a single word yet, Hei Feng.



“Did you… did you just say the Wild Land’s Demon King?!” Kun Feng and the other two stared with wide eyes, not believing what they had heard. One could clearly see that their throats unconsciously swallowed hard.

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