9HTM – Ch287

Chapter 287 – Refining a Gold Core

“That’s right!” Tai Lao then coldly said: “Us two are the Demon King’s Left and Right Generals, and these four are Wild Land’s Four Great Commanders!”

These three elderly people who were super strong experts at the Soul Splitting stage were all stunned. The title of Demon King had pretty much disappeared in the Immortal World community for a long time. The Immortal Realm is divided into two parts: The first being the Chaotic Star Sea, a place where a variety of cultivators gathered. Devil Cultivators and Demonic Cultivators made up most of the population, while the rest were Martial Cultivators. The other part is obviously the Immortal World itself, that contained many small and large Sects. The five major Sects acted as the pillar of the world.

But if the Immortal World was split up into parts as well, then there will be three. Two parts was where they were while the last part would the area past the yellow dirt region, the Southern Wild Lands!

Everything in that area belonged to Queen Telephassa and her follower the Demon King Minotaur Linos.

Kun Feng’s face twitched a few times before he revealed a smiling face. “Greetings to these Immortals, please forgive me if I previously offended you!” Dealing with these six, the Void Sect didn’t dare to not give them some face. Even if they were demonic cultivators, he didn’t dare to greet them as anything but Immortals.

Amongst the six of them, the four commanders didn’t even bother looking at Kun Feng and the other two. From beginning to the end, they didn’t even open their eyes because according to them, those three were not qualified for them to be taken seriously.

For someone like Tai Lao who was used to dealing with people and making connections, he still put up a tough persona. Now with a little more pride, “I’m going to ask again, where did Lord Lightning fly off to? I’m going to be upfront with you guys, he is someone our Lord Demon King has waited for over a thousand years. If you angered his old esteemed self, I guarantee the Immortal World will not have a single peaceful day from here on out!”

“This…” Back then when the pig-head pretended to join the disciple recruitment tests, the Void Sect didn’t know his identity. But now that they did, no one dared to be arrogant anymore. “If you Immortals can wait for a bit, we will request our master the Void Immortal to come out!”

“Void Immortal?” The pig-head and Hei Feng looked at each other strangely. They clearly remembered back then that Romon said Lei Yu’s big brother Nuo Hu told them that the Void Immortal wasn’t in the Void Sect. So why would these three suddenly say something like this now?

Tai Lao and Hei Feng nodded in agreement but made an eye movement. The pig-head Tai Lao then said: “Leave a person behind for us to chat with.”

The three of them glanced at each other before Kun Feng smiled and said: “My two junior brothers will request our master to come out while I will keep you Immortals company.”

“Yes, senior brother.” Kun Rong and Kun Xian was about to fly into the foggy clouds when at this time, a voice broke out from within. The voice was ear deafening, but came out at a focused horizontal direction that only those nine present could hear it. As for the Void Sect disciples guarding the walls and the platforms, they didn’t hear a single thing.

This voice would be a powerful deterrent for those at the Fusion Soul or lower stages. But for these old perverse fogies, it was considered nothing. Although this was created to show a domineering appearance, Tai Lao and others only scoffed at it. And only now did those four commanders finally open their eyes to look at the approaching person.

The pig-head and Hei Feng both cupped their hands, “Greetings Immortal, please forgive us for our previous offense.” Upon seeing the Void Sect’s real boss, Tai Lao naturally had to give him full face or else any discussions would be futile. Furthermore, they had no intentions to make a move against them on this trip or else Minotaur Linos would have personally came along as well.

“You do not have to stand on ceremony.” The Void Immortal looked polite and gentle, but his surrounding was filled with a domineering aura that was fluctuating about. This suffocating feeling he was releasing was undoubtedly to tell those that came here that the Void Sect wasn’t a place that anyone could mess with!

Facing this powerful pressure, the facial expressions of Tai Lao and the others didn’t flinch but still showed a smile. Tai Lao said in a somewhat respectful tone: “I’m sure Immortal already knows the reason why we’re here today.”

There’s a saying that one should be tolerant of others and the Void Immortal wasn’t someone that would fail to appreciate one’s kindness. If he really angered the people of the Southern Wild Lands, it will bring about a war that wouldn’t be easy to conclude. This small deterrent was already enough. A slight flash went off on the imprint on the Void Immortal’s forehead before he put away his internal energy. He then said with a light smile, “I’ll be candid with you, that extraordinary person has already left the Void Sect.”

Since the Void Immortal said so, Tai Lao and others couldn’t ask anything more. A character of his status would absolutely not lower themselves to lying.

“Excuse us then, we’ll be on our way!” The six cupped their hands and after a few “whoosh” sounds, they had already disappeared into the horizon.

“Master, they…” Kun Feng wanted to say something but was interrupted by the Void Immortal. “It looks like everyone wants to draw this extraordinary person to their camp. Even the Southern Wild Land’s Demon King who never interacts with our Immortal World has reached out his demonic claws!”

“Master, are you still worried about it? Isn’t his girlfriend still in the hands of our Void Sect?” The fat Kun Xian asked.

The Void Immortal angrily lectured him, “Nuo Ai Er is merely staying at our Void Sect in secluded meditation, nothing more. Do you understand?!”

“Yes!” Kun Xian quickly nodded, “Disciple understands!”

After softly sighing, the Void Immortal slowly said: “I’m not afraid of the extraordinary person not showing up in two years time. I’m just afraid that if the two years date is known to other Sects or the Wild Land’s Demon King, our Void Sect in two years time will draw the criticism and ire of everyone!”

“Then what should we do now?” Kun Feng asked.

“For the next two years, you three shall not bother with the Sect’s business. Just give it to the third generation disciples to take care of. You will all be focusing your attention on Nuo Ai Er’s cultivation. I want that extraordinary person to be completely convinced of his defeat in two years time. By that point, it will be useless no matter what the other Sects have to say about us!”

“Yes, disciple understands!” The three nodded.

In another area.

It has been over a day since Lei Yu has been in deep meditation. The two big toads hadn’t moved at all during this time and only stared at Lei Yu. Their green eyes were starting to ache but they still didn’t dare to move.

“Elder brother, what do you think frog cutlets are?”

“I don’t know, but it should be a type of food they often eat. They are really quite cruel!”

Lei Yu suddenly opened his eyes, “What are you two mumbling about?”

“Nothing! Nothing!” Their two grinning heads kept shaking yet Lei Yu couldn’t tell if they were smiling or crying. It only looked very strange to him.

“I want to ask you guys something…”

“Please ask away.”

Lei Yu nodded, “Are Gold Cores the only thing that can be refined for one’s cultivation?”

“Refining a Gold Core? You… aren’t you being a bit too extravagant?” The two toads opened their eyes wide.

“What do you mean?” Asked Lei Yu somewhat confused.

The slightly larger toad replied: “It’s something so good that even crystal stones cannot purchase! Although there’s an estimated market price, but it’s not even on the market for one to buy!”

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