9HTM – Ch288

Chapter 288 – Brushing Past

“Oh?” This was something Lei Yu never expected. But since it can help one cultivate, then it must be something good. “When compared to refining a crystal stone, is refining a Gold Core better or the crystal stone better?”

The two toads would fall out of their chairs if they were sitting on one. They have heard of these two types of cultivating methods but have never seen anyone utilize it. No matter if it’s in these Wild Lands, the Immortal World, or the Chaotic Star Sea, the life of a cultivator is very important to themselves yet this guy… Well, it is technically easier to refine a Gold Core, and the energy it contained was also purer and more vigorous than crystal stones. We can say a Gold Core contained a cultivator’s entire life’s essence.

“G… Gold Core, the Gold Core is better.” The slightly bigger toad swallowed hard before replying.

Lei Yu once again asked: “Is it only a Gold Core that can be used to cultivate? Can a Nascent Soul be used?”

“Cannot!” The two toads jumped up at the same time.

Lei Yu rolled his eyes, “What are you two so worked up over? I didn’t say I was going to extract your Nascent Souls, I’m just asking.”

With Lei Yu’s words, the two toads were able to calm down. The slightly bigger toad then replied: “Those that would use a Nascent Soul would only be the Devil Cultivators. This approach is extremely cruel and I’ve only heard about but never personally witnessed it. As for normal cultivators and demonic cultivators, they won’t be able to refine a Nascent Soul. Only the Gold Core would be most suitable for cultivation by everyone.”

Lei Yu nodded, “So that’s how it works. It looks like if I have the opportunity in the future, I will have to save up a few more Gold Cores so that I can have it handy while cultivating.”

These words made the two toads form an opinion of Lei Yu comprised of two words – Evil Fiend!

How could anyone say the words of saving up more Gold Cores? It was fine while in the Chaotic Star Sea because those cultivators above the Gold Core stage weren’t allowed to stay in the outer periphery near the entrance region. As for the inner depths of the Chaotic Star Sea, no matter if it were devil cultivators of demonic cultivators, those in the Gold Core stage hanging around were very few. If there were some, they would usually be under the wings of a major force so people would never harbor evil thoughts on their Gold Cores.

After asking this information, Lei Yu didn’t bother chatting with them further and went back to cultivating after closing his eyes. As for the two toads, they were at a complete loss because they couldn’t run away and they didn’t want to stay. Before Lei Yu had asked those previous questions, they may have the guts of thinking about escaping. But at the present, they felt they were looking at a living devil’s incarnate, so how would they dare to act rashly? These two toads were now thoroughly regretting why they had previously made a move against Lei Yu.


Tai Lao and company had split up into six different directions: Upper atmosphere, lower underwater, North, South, East, and West. As for Romon and company, even though they had over ten thousand demonic cultivators searching high and low, they had no results and could only return with disappointment.

When all the demonic cultivators were returning, Lei Yu hid his aura and showed a plain look liked nothing was out of the ordinary. But the two toads couldn’t hold it in anymore as they looked up into the air where the sky was blanketed with the many different demonic cultivators. The slightly smaller toad was about to shout, but before his voice even came out of his throat, a column of water shot straight into his mouth making him close his mouth. At the same time, a pair of golden boots had appeared on Lei Yu’s feet – the Ares Boots!

The next moment, Lei Yu had already disappeared from his spot. There was no trace of him and no clues to which direction he had disappeared off to.

“Help! Help!” The toad started screaming after spitting out the river water. Its shouting was naturally heard by those up in the sky, and everyone turned to stare at a figure with golden hair and a single horn on his forehead.

“I will take a look.” The youth with the single horn on his forehead flew down with his huge copper pillar.

After sensing the strength of the person flying down towards them, the two toads couldn’t understand what was going on. Only those above the Fusion Soul stage were allowed to fly yet why did this person with the strength of a late Gold Core stage fly around? Could it be that the rules have really been changed in the Southern Wild Lands?

“What are you guys screaming about?” Asked the single horned youth as he floated atop his copper pillar not too far from the two toads.

After the two toads told their story in detail, the single horned youth was shocked. “Where is he right now?!”

This single horned youth was none other than Romon who had been searching all over for Lei Yu.

“We… we don’t know.” The two toads glanced at each other before responding further: “We were looking up and he had already disappeared within a blink of an eye.”

Atop of the copper pillar, Romon started screaming hysterically: “Little Yu! It’s me, Romon! Little Yu! Where are you? Quickly come out!”

Romon’s voice echoed throughout the area but there was no response. Lei Yu had disappeared right under his nose, making Romon feel like he was about to go crazy. But one cannot blame Lei Yu and only on Romon and his father. Why did they have to go all out bananas searching for Lei Yu? If there were just a few familiar people out searching instead of the massive troops of demonic cultivators, perhaps Lei Yu would have already jumped out early on. Unfortunately now, they only brushed past each other.

“Friend, are you guys looking for that person?” Asked the big toad.

“You damn bastard!” A yell came from the sky as a demonic cultivator rushed over. Based on its appearance, it should have been a lizard that had cultivated its essence. Its strength had exceeded the Nascent Soul and already reached the Fusion Soul stage.

The two toads suddenly blinked their green eyes, “Greetings to you, your lordship!” Although there were times when Fusion Soul demonic cultivators appeared around here, there were less and less frequent. Being so close to one today made those two toads feel some fear. But what they couldn’t understand was how they drew the ire of this expert.

“Why aren’t you transforming to a human form and saluting the young master?” Asked the lizard coldly.

“There’s no need, let’s return first and let my father know. If little Yu intended to hide, there’s no one in existence that’s capable of finding him.”

A sticky mucus was seen dripping down the nostrils of the two toads. Their mouths were agape as they watch countless demonic cultivators fly off behind a mere late Gold Core stage youth with a single horn on his head. “There’s always strange things going on every year yet there’s especially more this year.” Mumbled the big toad as he suddenly remembered this saying from somewhere.

If Lei Yu only knew Romon was looking for him, he would most likely appear in front of him instantly. But everything was too late. During Romon’s descent and speaking with the two toads, Lei Yu had already run off to some place a hundred kilometers away. The area where the two toads were, was already beyond the coverage of Lei Yu’s spiritual perception. Moreover, Lei Yu was so anxious to run away that he had already forgotten to release his spiritual perception. So this opportunity for a wonderful reunion had been missed by a hair’s breath.

After leaping out of the Southern Wild Lands, Lei Yu took a left at the yellow dirt region and ran towards a Westerly direction. In this area, there was no one who would dictate whether you could fly or not. But Lei Yu also felt fortunate that no one found out he had been flying in the Wild Lands.

With the golden Ares Boots on, Lei Yu’s running speed was actually faster than his flying speed. After storing his boots, Lei Yu condensed a light purple internal energy on his feet and started flying up into the air.

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