9HTM – Ch289

Chapter 289 – Too Much Interference

After flying for a while, Lei Yu could see that this area was completely filled with dust where one could not see what was in front. Lei Yu frowned, “Such bad luck!” He watched as a tornado that was over a hundred feet high and a thousand meters wide was spinning like crazy ahead of him. Lei Yu had never seen such a huge tornado in his entire life!

But what made Lei Yu feel strange about this scene was that the tornado was stuck in place and didn’t move about. It looked like it had taken root at this place or something. The ground looked like it had collapsed, which was presumably made by this tornado spinning in place.

Such a strange phenomenon made Lei Yu feel something weird was up. He unconsciously inched forward a bit and was now only a few miles away. He could feel the intense whipping of the wind and hear a strange whistle like roar sound as he got closer.

Lei Yu immediately released his spiritual perception around him and lightly frowned, “There’s actually someone inside the area of the tornado?”

Although he was able to feel a slight energy fluctuation, due to the interference of the tornado’s rotation, Lei Yu couldn’t determine the exact strength of these people. Since there were people about, Lei Yu didn’t dare to go forward and turned around to leave. Coincidentally at this time, there was a whistling sound at the top of the tornado and out came a person flying the same direction as Lei Yu.

Since it had come to this, Lei Yu would definitely raise their suspicion if he suddenly ran away. Lei Yu decided he might as well stay here and see what would happen.

“Is Sir a demonic cultivator?” The person who arrived was a youth. The moment this youth came closer, Lei Yu was able to sense that he was at the late Gold Core stage.

“Demonic cultivator?” Lei Yu blinked a few times before looking up and down his own body. “Which part of me looks like a demonic cultivator?”

The youth lightly smiled, “If you’re not a demonic cultivator, how come you don’t need a weapon to stay afloat?”

Lei Yu seemed to have suddenly realized something big before answering: “It’s just my secret skill…”

“I dare not to be rude, but what reason did Sir come to our Four Illusory Court for?” The youth tossed aside the useless chatter and went straight to the point.

“Four Illusory Court? This place is the Four Illusory Court? Why is it so close to the Southern Wild Lands?” Lei Yu’s eyes widened a bit in surprise.

Lei Yu knew that the Immortal World had five great Sects, and the one ranked at the end was this Four Illusory Court. Although they were ranked last, one could not look down at them. There’s a rumor that people of the Four Illusory Court will never go out alone, and they will always go out in fours. It looks like the rumor was true.

But this youth was only one person while there were three others guarding three different locations inside the tornado. It looks like this tornado is the Four Illusory Court’s defensive formation, and it wasn’t easy for someone to go through without permission. First of all, one’s line of sight had been obstructed. And with the tornado’s interference, one cannot determine the precise location of those maintaining the formation. Second of all, this formation couldn’t be broken, or at least Lei Yu felt it wasn’t easy to break.

Those that laid this formation down included this Four Illusory Court disciple who was merely at the Gold Core stage. It’s not difficult to form a conjecture that the other three people that laid this formation shouldn’t be that much stronger than this youth. But for these four people to maintain such a large formation, Lei Yu felt this tornado was much more amazing than the one at the Void Sect.

The Void Sect’s Cloud Barrier was laid by the Four Illusory Court. As long as one knew the method to break through it, anyone could easily go in or out of it. But this formation that created a rotating force was not simple at all, and the strength behind its attack power shouldn’t be something that’s easy to withstand.

When one enters a formation, it’s very easy for them to lose their sense of direction. And the rotation speed of the tornado was extremely fast, so just the inertia alone would made it difficult for one to escape it. Moreover, this formation was not dead because there were people maintaining it. This was similar to giving the formation a soul and intelligence, naturally making it more powerful.

If we compared this tornado formation to the Cloud Barrier of the Void Sect, then the latter would be the heavens and the former be the heaven above the heavens.

The essence of the formation wasn’t something Lei Yu could comprehend, but just floating in the distance was enough for him to feel the momentum it gave off.

“Could it be that Sir does not know our Four Illusory Court is located here?” The surprised look on Lei Yu’s face made the youth feel strange. In the Immortal World, there’s not many people that didn’t know where the location of the five great Sects were.

As the two looked at each other smiling, “This is embarrassing; I came from the Chaotic Star Sea and had just entered the Immortal World. I’m not familiar with the places and previously strayed into the Southern Wild Lands. I had just left that place in a hurry and arrived here. I won’t disturb you anymore and will take my leave.” After saying that, Lei Yu was prepared to leave.

“Excuse me.”

“Excuse me!”

Lei Yu was just about to leave when a voice came from within the tornado, “Sir, please stay for a bit!”

Turning his head around, Lei Yu noticed a middle-aged man – a wooden hairpin held his long salt and pepper gray hair in an orderly fashion. Although this person’s face looked like he was easy going, but he had a pair of mouse-like crafty eyes that Lei Yu hated. He would often see people on television with those mouse-like eyes and they would all happen to be treacherous individuals. Towards these people, Lei Yu didn’t have a good impression of them but since he had already stopped, he couldn’t be rude. Lei Yu then smiled, “Is there something you need?”

“Earlier I heard that Sir came from the Chaotic Star Sea?”

“Right.” Lei Yu nodded in response but was inwardly shocked. Not even mentioning the chaotic atmosphere this tornado created, to be able to hear his own words while the wind was screaming about while maintaining the formation; this made Lei Yu feel like it was just too incredible. Lei Yu unconsciously focused his spiritual perception on this middle-aged person and realized he was an expert at the mid Fusion Soul stage!

The middle-aged man nodded, “I’m going to be presumptuous and ask: How did Sir with your current strength manage to pass through the dangerous Chaotic Star Sea and arrive at the Immortal World?”

The question by the middle-aged person was considered a low blow. If this was asked in the modern Mortal World, most likely this middle-aged person would be pummeled by others already. This question was clearly him looking down on Lei Yu!

But since he was in someone else’s territory, Lei Yu didn’t want to act rashly and lightly replied: “It was all due to luck. There were several risky encounters but it was somehow solved eventually, allowing me to safely arrive at the Immortal World.”

“Is that really true?” The middle-aged man’s small eyes evaluated Lei Yu.

“It’s true!” Lei Yu didn’t bother looking at him in the eyes. He didn’t know what this middle-aged guy was up to but he knew he had to be careful.

“Master Uncle, this friend had merely gotten lost.” Said the earlier youth.

“Go back and guard your position.” The middle-aged person waved his hand and the youth turned around to leave.

Immediately after, the middle-aged person’s little beady eyes landed on Lei Yu. “I wonder if Sir would be willing to have some tea in my Four Illusory Court?”

“Oh?” Lei Yu was slightly puzzled by this gesture. He already told the middle-aged person that he came from the Chaotic Star Sea so why was he inviting him in? Shouldn’t the great Sects of the Immortal World be closed to outsiders?

In fact, what Lei Yu didn’t know was that even though the Four Illusory Court excelled with formations, the Sect didn’t have a lot of disciples. The Sect was almost at the edge of the Immortal World and bordering the Southern Wild Lands, so many cultivators would first past by the other great Sects and wouldn’t be willing to continue further to try their luck at the Four Illusory Court. Therefore even if the Four Illusory Court wanted to recruit more disciples, they couldn’t because of their location.

But it’s not like any average Joe can join their Sect; they do have their own requirements for accepting new disciples. Whether what those requirements are, Lei Yu will understand it once he enters.

Lei Yu felt he shouldn’t refuse another person’s good intentions, and plus he had nowhere to go to for now so he smiled and nodded, “It is better to accept deferentially than to decline courteously, so thanks for your hospitality!”

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