9HTM – Ch290

Chapter 290 – The Probing of Bei Dou

Large chairs and fragrant teas, this large Sect truly deserved its reputation. Lei Yu now understood what a powerful existence this Four Illusory Court was.

Within the huge tornado was the Four Illusory Court. Although fierce winds were blowing outside and they were within a depression, one could not feel any disturbance inside the Four Illusory Court which was similar to an unyielding firm rock.

If the Void Sect encountered any dangerous situations, they would need all their disciples to guard the walls and the platforms against the mountain face. But the Four Illusory Court didn’t need to. This huge formation only required four people to maintain, especially when they only needed someone at or above the Gold Core stage. The only exception was that the strength of these four people could not differ too much.

The person who laid out that formation was the Sovereign of the Four Illusory Court – Bei Dou.

They were in the main hall waiting for a long time yet Lei Yu still hadn’t met with the Sovereign Bei Dou. After all, he was the leader of a Sect so being a bit haughty was not uncommon. Moreover, Lei Yu had just swung by to take a rest here so not seeing this exalted figure was fine anyway. It saved him the trouble of finding flowery words to say to this person.

A long while later, that middle-aged person with beady eyes came out. “Sorry for the wait, our Sovereign was attending to some matters and will be out shortly.”

“There’s no need to bother the Sovereign, I’ll just drink some tea and take my leave.” Responded Lei Yu with cupped hands.

“There’s no need to be in such a rush, in fact, I invited Sir to our Four Illusory Court because there was something we wanted to inquire about.” The middle-aged man with beady eyes lightly smiled as he gently sipped a mouthful of tea.

Lei Yu placed his teacup down and knew the situation wasn’t that simple. Pretending to be confused was safer than looking astute right now. “I wonder what question you would like to inquire about?”

“I wonder if Sir has been trying to join a Sect everywhere and couldn’t get in before arriving here?”

Lei Yu was organizing his thoughts before replying: “Right, all the Sects kept their doors closed. A few days ago, I heard the Void Sect were recruiting disciples so I deliberately went there to participate, but I never expected sudden changes halfway and could only helplessly leave. I then tried to join other Sects but didn’t achieve any results.”

“So that’s the case… Since Sir wants to depend on a Sect, what do you think about our Four Illusory Court?” The beady eyed middle-aged man lightly smiled, trying to release a refined look that didn’t exist.

“Could the Four Illusory Court who is one of the five great Sects, be willing to take me in?” Lei Yu pretended to stand up in shock as his face revealed a look that was quite fitting. If he went to act in a movie, Lei Yu felt he wouldn’t do too badly in it.

“That’s right.” After nodding, the middle-aged man then said: “Sir may not know, but those that came from the Chaotic Star Sea to the Immortal World would usually seek out Sects in the Northeastern area. Because of the pride in those several great and lesser Sects, they weren’t willing to accept outsiders as disciples. My Four Illusory Court is located in the Southwestern area and also happens to be on the other side of where one would come in from the Chaotic Star Sea. After being rejected by the Sects in the front, they weren’t willing to fly all the way to my Four Illusory Court to try anymore. Not many know that our Four Illusory Court will welcome all friends from the Chaotic Star Sea.”

“Oh?” Lei Yu raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Is this for real?”

“Of course. Being able to survive in such a dangerous place like the Chaotic Star Sea and being able to cross it all the way to the Immortal World, that requires a person with very special abilities. How can our Four Illusory Court refuse a person like that?”

Lei Yu wasn’t sure what motives this man had and didn’t dare to ask further. But if he were to agree right away, then he might lower his own value.

“I’m sorry… Although the Four Illusory Court is indeed a powerful great Sect out of the five in the Immortal World, their focus is on laying formations and barriers. I am completely clueless regarding that and my aptitude is poor, therefore…”

“It doesn’t matter!” At this time, a strong voice came from the doorway. Lei Yu had long known someone had arrived but didn’t reveal it in case they suspected his abilities. He feigned surprise on his face before glancing at the person coming in.

Upon careful observation, the newly arrived person looked middle-aged but his actual age couldn’t be estimated. He had a square jaw and looked easy to get along with. He also had a full forehead which meant his life was blessed with good fortune. His lips looked like they were carved out from stone with angles and corners. His pair of slender eyes appeared to glow with intelligence as they seem to be evaluating Lei Yu.

Upon seeing Lei Yu hesitate, the beady eyed middle-aged person stood up and smiled, “This is our Sovereign of the Four Illusory Court, the Grandmaster Bei Dou.”

Lei Yu pretended to be shocked and quickly cupped his hands, “Greetings to Senior Bei Dou.”

“No need to stand on ceremony.” After waving his hand, Bei Dou went over to the hall’s main seat and sat down. As for the beady eyed male, he walked over and stood by Bei Dou’s side and wasn’t as chatty as he was previously.

Since the beady eyes middle-aged man didn’t sit down, Lei Yu also stayed standing in the middle of the hall in a respectful manner.

“I heard that Sir came here from the Chaotic Star Sea?” Bei Dou asked rhetorically.

“That’s right.”

“Then can I ask if you’ve heard of a certain person?”

Lei Yu lightly frowned, unsure of the intention of this Bei Dou guy. But he still went along and asked: “I wonder which person Senior Bei Dou is referring to?”

The Ceng Hong Villa’s Ceng Hong!”

Even though he was shocked inside, Lei Yu’s face still looked very calm. After pretending to think for a moment, Lei Yu smiled “I have indeed heard of him. Ceng Hong Villa in the Chaotic Star Sea does have some fame, and there are very few people that would dare to cause trouble in his territory.”

“A few days ago, several friends came to me for help, and one of them mentioned he came from the Chaotic Star Sea, by the name of Big White. I wonder if Sir is familiar with that name?” After saying this, Bei Dou’s eyes seemed to narrow into slits as he watched for any changes in Lei Yu.

As if he had experienced this type of situation on numerous occasions, Lei Yu looked very calm. If he were to reveal his identity right now, it’s most likely he wouldn’t be able to escape from this place. “Senior Bei Dou, this junior came to the Immortal World alone without anyone accompanying him. And I don’t know this Big White person that Senior is referring to.”

Bei Dou felt a bit disappointed after not finding any abnormalities with Lei Yu. But he still showed a face full of smiles, “I just remembered I have some important matter to attend to so I’ll be taking my leave.” He then turned to the side, “Bei Sha, take good care of this little friend. Even if he’s not willing to join our Four Illusory Court, don’t make things too difficult for him.”

“Yes, senior brother.” That beady eyed middle-aged man call Bei Sha replied with a bow.

After watching Bei Dou leave, Lei Yu exhaled a breath of air. It looks like this Bei Dou really came to probe him. There should be very little people that come to this remote Four Illusory Court that’s right next to the Southern Wild Lands. And since he had told them he came from the Chaotic Star Sea, it would naturally raise their suspicions. It’s fortunate that he was able to muddle his way through this.

“My apologies, my senior brother is always busy and rushing about.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Lei Yu smiled, “If there’s no other matters, I won’t continue to disturb you and will be taking my leave.”

Bei Sha didn’t stop Lei Yu and sent him out of the tornado formation before turning around to leave. At this time, Lei Yu felt an energy fluctuation off into the distance but he wasn’t able to sense that person’s strength. As a last resort, Lei Yu hid his aura and quickly ran towards an area that looked like barren land.

Around the same time….

At the depths of the desert of the Southern Wild Lands, an ancient looking city was quite lively. And in the center of that city, within a castle…

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