9HTM – Ch291

Chapter 291 – Let Me Atone For The Crimes

“Father, there was a despicable guy that bullied me!” A girl with a seductive figure and a coquettish face looked a bit strange with two horns coming out of her head, but she was still filled with a demonic allure.

Minotaur Linos appeared to have no mood to deal with his daughter’s trifle matter; his thoughts were all on Lei Yu. Another day that he doesn’t see Lei Yu meant another day filled with worry. He was about to send his daughter away when a youth came into the palace main halls.

“Father, there’s still no news?”

Hearing someone call out father, the girl was suddenly in shock. Carefully scrutinizing this youth, she noticed he had a handsome appearance and a single horn protruding from his head. His exposed bare upper body revealed a set of sturdy muscles that gave off a manly aura. But his shoulder area was rather horrifying to look at since there were iron hook things piercing through. Although blood was not currently flowing out, one could easily tell that he had suffered quite a bit from it.

“No.” Raising his head with disappointment, Minotaur Linos then glanced at his daughter to the side and said: “Oh yeah, this girl had just returned so come meet her. She is your little sister Mo Bei Li who took your mother’s family name.”

The youth came up with a smile, “I’ve already heard from General Tai Lao that I had a little sister, but I didn’t expect her to be grown up to such a beautiful girl already.”

“You… you’re my big brother Romon?”

“Waahh! I finally get to see you! Father always mentions you but I never expected to finally see you now!” The girl suddenly leapt over and grabbed onto Romon’s arm like they were very intimate.

“Uh…” Romon looked at his father speechless.

“Big brother! How come I don’t see benefactor here with you?” The girl asked with big eyes.


Romon sighed while Minotaur Linos helplessly shook his head. Mo Bei Li then asked in confusion: “What? Did an accident occur?”

“You… you only know how to cause trouble everywhere you go, yet such a big incident happened and you don’t know a thing?” Reprimanded Minotaur Linos.

“Father!” Mo Bei Li pouted, “I had been playing in the water region all this time so how would I know what had happened? Quickly tell me!”

“It’s like this…” Romon was afraid their father would get angry again and said: “Benefactor was originally together with me but something happened and we were separated. Once I arrived here, I brought thousands of demonic cultivators with me to search the different regions but came up empty handed. It was only later that I found out benefactor was within our Southern Wild Lands but unfortunately, we brushed past each other and never met up.”

Mo Bei Li tilted her head in thought, “There was that outsider in our territory, could it…” Thinking to this point, Mo Bei Li was shocked.

“Could it what?!” Minotaur Linos and Romon asked in unison.

“Could it be that despicable guy?”

“What did he look like?”

“His hair wasn’t that long and there were two jade pendants hanging around his neck. I wanted to take one of the pendants and we ended up fighting with each other.” Mo Bei Li recalled the previous day’s encounter.

“It’s him, it should be him!” Romon cried out.

“Where is he now!?” Minotaur Linos looked excited while standing up; his height was double the size of his daughter.

Mo Bei Li looked scared as her body continuously trembled, “He… he…”

“Where is he? Quickly tell us!” Bull-head was getting frustrated and couldn’t hold in his voice, causing the whole main hall to start shaking.

Her father’s yell made her shake even harder. Mo Bei Li then whispered, “I couldn’t beat him so I had a bunch of demonic cultivators in the water region to go… go… go kill him.”

“You damn useless thing! You deserve to die!” Minotaur Linos’s eyes went red as he slapped his daughter’s face. One could hear a loud “pak” sound, and Mo Bei Li was sent soaring by her father’s powerful blow before landing at the hall’s main entrance.

The fiery heat on her face and her muddled mind made the girl suddenly go numb. Ever since she was little, her father had never yelled at or hit her before. She never thought that because of an outsider, today she would suffer such a heavy punishment! She couldn’t accept all these grievances so she suddenly burst into tears.

“You still have the face to cry?! If anything happens to benefactor, I will definitely kill you!” The bull-head was truly enraged.

Minotaur Linos knew Lei Yu’s strength from what Romon told him – he was merely at the Gold Core stage. Even if this girl couldn’t beat him, it’s most likely due to Lei Yu’s tricky moves and his extreme speeds. What they all didn’t know was that Lei Yu had already formed an infant body and reached the Nascent Soul stage.

“You… you have never struck me before! Because of an outsider, you actually struck me today?! I… I hate you!” While crying and sobbing, Mo Bei Li stood up and was about to leave.

“You stay right there!” Minotaur Linos’s voice had a powerful penetrative force. Even the rude and unreasonable Mo Bei Li would listen upon hearing her father’s angry tone, and stopped her stride but didn’t turn around.

“Outsider? You dare to say he’s an outsider?” Minotaur Linos’s voice became hoarse, “If there wasn’t your so called outsider, there would be no ancient Greece! If it wasn’t for your so called outsider, your father would not be here! If it wasn’t for your so called outsider, how would you and your brother come about? It was exactly because of this person that her Majesty the Queen held onto her convictions of cultivating in order to gain her current infinite life! Do you feel that I have said a single wrong thing?”

Mo Bei Li’s body trembled and her face froze. A while later, she exhaled a long breath of air before turning around. “I’m sorry father, your daughter… your daughter is willing to accept her death! Your daughter was in the wrong!”

The bull-head closed his eyes and his two big nostrils breathed out steam. It was obvious that he was in a helpless situation and at a complete loss as to what to do.

Romon was also a bit angry and he knew how his father’s temper worked – he would always do what he said. And in his father’s entire life, there were only two people he respected: One was Queen Telephassa, and the second was Lei Yu.

But this girl in front of him was his own little sister. Although they haven’t met until now, they were related by blood so he had to put in a few good words on her behalf.

“Father, it’s too late to blame little sister now. And we don’t really know if benefactor has actually encountered any mishaps. Why don’t we first investigate this matter?”

“Do you think he can still survive? The weakest ones in the water region are in the Nascent Soul stage. In order to please this little demoness, those demonic cultivators would definitely chase like mad. I’m certain those that are chasing will include demonic cultivators at the Fusion Soul stage as well. If it’s really as I’ve said, do you think benefactor can escape this crisis?” While saying this, tears were already dripping down Minotaur Linos’s bell like eyes. His huge body fell down onto his knees and two holes appeared on the ground from the force. “Benefactor! I deserve death! You’ve rescued me but my daughter has sent you to your grave! I’ve committed a sin! A huge sin!” After gasping for air, the bull-head roared out: “Since I can’t force my own hands to punish my daughter, then let me atone for her crimes!”

A moment later, layers of flame rose out of Minotaur Linos’s body and the clothes on his body were completely burnt into powder. Romon started panicking while Mo Bei Li was shocked silly and her mind went blank!

“Father! No! If you die like this, Romon… Romon will accompany you!”

While saying that, a huge copper pillar flew into the main hall and floated above Romon’s head. As long as anything happens to his father, Romon will not hesitate to smash the copper pillar onto himself.

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