9HTM – Ch292

Chapter 292 – The Golden Tiger Howls

“What are you two doing?!” A voice yelled from the rear. Although the voice was very powerful, it still couldn’t hide the owner’s soft and seductive tone.

The two stopped their actions at the same time before both looking at the appearance of a great beauty.

“Your Majesty, you probably don’t know but…” Minotaur Linos shook, and the flames surrounding his body dispersed. He hadn’t finished his sentence yet before Telephassa interrupted him: “He’s fine, I dispatched Golden Tiger to check the area and he found traces of him near the Four Illusory Court, but Lei Yu had quickly left the area. After saying those words, joy and excitement showed in the eyes of Telephassa.

After hearing the Queen’s words, bull-head and Romon both sighed heavily while Minotaur Linos sat down on the ground with a thud. If his underlings saw the current image of the great Demon King of the Southern Wild Lands, they would certainly be all dumbfounded.

Mo Bei Li knew she had committed a heinous crime so she stood there pulling at the corner of her clothes. Although no one could have imagined this current scene as the conclusion, the tears in her eyes and the five finger palm print on her face made her firmly remember this lesson.

“You can’t be so willful in the future, do you understand?” Telephassa’s pretty eyes landed on Mo Bei Li’s figure and her white jade-like skin hand gently stroked Mo Bei Li’s long hair.

“I will remember and won’t dare to anymore!” Mo Bei Li had been frightened quite a bit this time. No matter how violent her father’s temper was, she had never seen the extent of it like today. Although this incident was considered passed already, her body was still shaking from it.

“It will be best if you truly do what you say.” Minotaur Linos sighed heavily again before turning his attention to Telephassa. “Your Majesty, does that mean we’ve lost traces of benefactor once again?”

With a light smile and eyes shimmering with excitement, Telephassa responded: “Golden Tiger’s body came back to report that he left his soul there to continue searching, so I believe we should get some news soon.”

Everyone nodded, hoping Golden Tiger would get some positive results.

This Golden Tiger they were referring to was also a demonic cultivator. After a lot of effort in training and continuous hard work, he was able to evolve. And after being looked after by Telephassa, he eventually crossed the threshold and reached the Soul Splitting stage. Now in the Southern Wild Lands, he had become the third strongest expert and was someone who had reached the late Soul Splitting stage. Although he wasn’t as strong as bull-head or the Queen, he had the status of being Telephassa’s personal bodyguard. This status made him higher ranking than Tai Lao and Hei Feng by a few levels since he was the most trusted person of bull-head and the Queen.

In another area.

Lei Yu sensed that someone was coming and quickly hid his aura. He found a depression in the wilderness and hid his body there as a precaution. Lei Yu didn’t even know what he was afraid of while hiding left and right, but he didn’t dare to act rashly and chose to be careful instead.

Even though he had the two year appointment with the Void Sect, other major Sects may not know about it. Since back then in the Mortal World, many factions had already sent people to draw him in, then it’s highly likely they would not give up so easily. If someone was to find out his real identity and was forcefully recruited, Lei Yu was afraid not to mention two years; he might not be able to escape from the Sect after two hundred years. In order to attend that two year appointment, Lei Yu could not allow any accidents or unfortunate encounters to happen to himself.

As for the previous person that Lei Yu detected, it was exactly Golden Tiger who had come from the Southern Wild Lands. Golden Tiger had a very keen sense of smell and hearing, and add the fact that his spiritual perception was quite amazing as well, making him the perfect choice for this mission. During the time Lei Yu left the Four Illusory Court, Golden Tiger had just reached the area. But Lei Yu was a perverse existence that was able to hide his aura completely without letting a single trace of energy escaping, so no matter how powerful one’s spiritual perception was, it was useless towards him.

Golden Tiger reported his name and backing, causing the Four Illusory Court’s Sovereign Bei Dou to personally come out to greet him. After telling them the whole story, he separated his soul from his body. The body went back to report to Telephassa while his soul remained in the area to look for Lei Yu.

Lei Yu could clearly see a golden tiger standing not too far from the tornado. He didn’t dare to make a noise because he didn’t know what intentions this demonic cultivator had.

The body and the soul were linked together so after getting instructions from Telephassa, his soul was naturally aware of everything. One could see Golden Tiger’s front claws stretched out and his rear body slightly tilt. His hind legs suddenly assisted his huge tiger head to rise up towards the sky before he started howling that shook the heavens and the earth. Lei Yu’s eardrum almost shattered from the howl as the grounds in the surrounding area kept shaking. Even the large tornado formed by the formation stopped spinning momentarily, clearly showing how terrifying this howl was.

After howling, the golden tiger’s next two short sentences startled Lei Yu and made him freeze in place.

“Lord Lightning! Her Majesty the Queen is waiting for you!”

The howl and those words echoed throughout the heavens so even a deaf person could clearly hear everything at this point.

A while later, Lei Yu released his internal energy and a purple light appeared on his feet. He then rose into the air and flew towards that ferocious tiger.

“You mentioned her Majesty the Queen, could… could it been Queen Telephassa?” Lei Yu’s voice was trembling a bit as if something was blocking his throat. He constantly swallowed and perked up his ears hoping to clearly hear this golden tiger’s response.

“You are Lord Lightning?!” Golden Tiger’s body shook and even forgot to control the strength in his voice. A strong gust of wind blew against Lei Yu as he spoke, Lei Yu didn’t care about that. What he was most concerned about was the answer to his question.

“I am Lightning.”

“This is great, this is too good! You are correct, she is my Queen!” Golden Tiger looked very excited as his big head kept swinging back and forth. In another area, his physical body had already rushed to the main castle hall and said a few words: “My Queen, Lord Demon King, come with me! I’ve found him!”

Lei Yu’s mind was in a daze. For him, it had only been a few years since he had separated from Telephassa and Minotaur Linos and he already missed them a lot. For bull-head and the Queen to have waited over a thousand years, how excited would they look?

“We… we aren’t leaving?” Lei Yu urgently and excitedly asked.

Golden Tiger’s big mouth formed a grin that revealed his fangs, “Lord Lightning, how can our speed compare to her Majesty the Queen and Lord Demon King? They are rushing here right now and I believe it shouldn’t be too long.”

Lei Yu’s heart started beating like crazy and he kept clenching and unclenching his fists.

Within the tornado, Bei Dou, Bei Sha and two other fellow apprentice-brothers in the same generation were watching and listening to the whole ordeal. Every sentence they heard made them more shocked than the next.

“We were really misled by that kid; he’s not simple at all! He actually has such a close relationship with the Demon King and the Queen of the Southern Wild Lands!” Bei Dou mumbled out loud.

“Right.” The beady eyed Bei Sha said at the side. He then had a scared afterthought, “It’s fortunate we didn’t make things difficult for him, or else if those two powerful existences found out, our Four Illusory Court might no longer exist!”

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