9HTM – Ch293

Chapter 293 – Lord Lightning

“You’re right.” Those at the side agreed, “Previously Golden Tiger came to our Four Illusory Court and said the kid had a very close relationship with the Wild Land’s two monarchs. Our Four Illusory Court and the Southern Wild Lands aren’t that far apart. Although the Wild Land’s Demon King and Queen never step out of their territory, if our Four Illusory Court has conflict with their people, the four great Commanders of their region and their Left and Right Generals could easily break our tornado formation. This would cause our place to never have any peace and quiet ever again.

“Junior brothers Bei Sha and Bei Guang, don’t overly praise their powers and look down on our own strength. My Four Illusory Court isn’t a place that anyone can offend either or else we wouldn’t be classified as one of the five great Sects!” Bei Dou was only saying this because he thought the two monarchs wouldn’t step out of the Southern Wild Lands. If the two really appeared, most likely the entire Four Illusory Court would come out to welcome them.

“Yes! We understand senior brother’s lesson!” The two replied and nodded.

Like usual, the tornado kept on spinning while Lei Yu’s face had a look of excitement on it. The excitement he was feeling made him extremely restless right now.

Standing to the side, Golden Tiger was extremely surprised in his heart. Even though he had heard a bit about Lightning, the two monarchs of the Wild Lands have never involved themselves in the Immortal World’s matters for the past several hundreds of years. They also have not stepped out of the Southern Wild Lands either and would just hand down everything to their subordinates to take care of. He never expected that today, this Lightning was able to make the two monarchs break their tradition and personally come out to welcome him. It was clear to see that this Lightning person held a lot of weight with the two monarchs!

Lei Yu was a bit anxious, “How about we go meet up with them halfway?”

After thinking for a bit, Golden Tiger smiled, “That’s good too!”

The two of them was about to fly into the air when a familiar sound was heard. This was the call of a cattle!

Lei Yu was startled by it, “They’ve come! They’re almost here!”

At this time, the four people hiding within the tornado revealed a look of surprise on their faces. Bei Dou shook while saying: “That’s… that’s… that’s the voice of the Wild Land’s Demon King!”

Those fellow apprentice-brothers of his standing to his side felt their scalps go numb. Bei Sha’s surprised was no less than Bei Dou’s, “Could the Wild Land’s Demon King really… really have come?”

A violent gust of wind blew by, causing the tornado formed by the formation to shake. The tornado then actually shifted a few meters off course and revealed the edge of the Four Illusory Court!

Bei Dou sucked in a breath of air, “Quick! Quick! Stop the Tornado Formation! All disciples of the Four Illusory Court must come out and welcome them!”

The Four Illusory Court was immediately sent into chaos while the tornado gradually stopped rotating leaving only the deep circular groove in the ground. In the middle of this circular groove, the true appearance of the Four Illusory Court was revealed.

Lei Yu and Golden Tiger didn’t even notice this because their eyes were staring at the two people approaching them at fast speeds!

A gold and red beam of light were similar to meteors approaching before stopping forty to fifty meters in front of Lei Yu and Golden Tiger.

Ignoring Golden Tiger, Lei Yu and the two across from him were staring at each other. After a short while, the three of them didn’t know what to say. One can clearly see the three had tears in their eyes, and their tears were filled with excitement, longing, and torment.

The bull-head and the goddess-like Telephassa slowly landed on the ground. One step at a time, the three of them walked up to each other.

At this time, dozens of people came out from within the Four Illusory Court and landed in front of their main gate about to salute them. Golden Tiger’s humongous tiger tail slammed onto the ground and swept to the side, causing the ground to crack apart. Dust flew everywhere but mainly shot towards the people of the Four Illusory Court.

These people stopped their movement. Although this attack wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular, these people still understood what it was about. Upon seeing Golden Tiger bare his fangs, everyone stood still without making a sound. It appears as if this stage was set just for Lei Yu and the other two.

Looking at the bull-head Minotaur Linos, Lei Yu was extremely excited. And when looking at the beautiful face before him, Lei Yu’s heart beat increased to the point that it felt like it was going to jump out of his chest.

Breathing out several trembling breaths, Lei Yu was the first to say: “Bull-head, long time no see!”

Lei Yu’s greetings made everyone present dumbfounded. If someone else greeted Minotaur Linos that way, most likely they would have already ended up as another piece of dust in this area.

Minotaur Linos snorted back some booger a couple of times, “Moo!”

No one knew if he was crying or laughing.

“You’ve come!” The gentle voice lingered in Lei Yu’s ears. After clearing his throat, Lei Yu looked over… too beautiful. It was still the same beauty where one was unwilling to touch, afraid that a touch would scar her perfectly white skin.

Telephassa didn’t change her habit of clothing; it was still the white silk draping around her body with gold colored accessories. Her long jade neck and her creamy white breasts were half hidden and half revealed. Her slim waist and her beautiful pair of silky smooth legs was not covered up, even her beautiful feet was revealed for all to see. But somehow, not a bit of dust from the ground dirtied those feet in the slightest.

What moved Lei Yu’s heart the most was her pair of eyes. It contained a hint of demonic charm mixed with a mysterious noble aura in them. It was seductive enough but was still decent. She was a noblewoman that exuded a bewitching charm all the way from her bones. For some reason, Lei Yu could see from her eyes that revealed a look he had never seen before – longing!

Lei Yu exhaled, “How have you been?”

The goddess moved her beautiful legs and walked towards Lei Yu.

The embodiment of beauty had already made all the people from the Four Illusory Court narrow their eyes in love while drool was dripping down their mouths. If someone gave them a painful blow right now, most likely they wouldn’t even have the sense to fight back.

Lei Yu’s body was frozen in place and didn’t know when the goddess had already placed her jade-like hands on Lei Yu’s shoulder and planted her small red lips on Lei Yu’s forehead with a kiss.

Everyone stared with wide open eyes. If anyone of them received that, most likely they wouldn’t mind dying right after it!

Perhaps the only one here that didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary was Minotaur Linos. Even Golden Tiger at the side had never seen her Majesty the Queen act in such a way.

Lei Yu’s body trembled but he didn’t avoid it. Telephassa then sweetly said: “When you left, you did this to me as well!”

“I’m sorry.” Lei Yu was apologetic and softly said: “That time I really had to leave.”

Seeing the affectionate scene of those two, Minotaur Linos came up with a suggestion, “Let’s go back first and talk later!”

“Ah! Oh… yea, sounds good!” Lei Yu quickly nodded. If this continued, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to endure it anymore. This woman who was the embodiment of a beautiful goddess was currently draped around him, causing his hormones to rapidly rush down to that part of his body.

“Lord Demon King!” Hearing that Minotaur Linos and company were going to leave, Bei Dou of the Four Illusory Court finally said: “We invite the Lord Demon King to our humble Sect for some tea!”

“No thanks!” Bull-head waved his hand, “I usually don’t deal with people of the Immortal World.”

Bei Dou was thrown a face full of rejection but he didn’t dare complain. He was already rebuffed by Golden Tiger previously and didn’t dare to let out a fart. Now this time it was the Wild Land’s Demon King, what kind of status did he have? What qualifications did he have to resent him? Most likely Bei Dou wouldn’t even dare to allow resentment to grow in his heart.

Around this time, there were countless demonic cultivators flying in the air that blotted out the entire sky. There were over ten thousand of them! This type of scene immediately caused the dozen or so Four Illusory Court figures to stare with wide eyes and mouths agape.

A deafening chorus of voices sounded through the region, “Lord Lightning!”

Lei Yu was also a bit surprised, but upon seeing the leader of this group, Lei Yu smiled. That person was standing on top of a huge copper pillar.

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