9HTM – Ch294

Chapter 294 – A Thunderous Return

Somewhat uncomfortable, Lei Yu gently removed those white jaded arms around his neck and smiled, “Don’t be like this, there’s too many people around.”

Telephassa was a bit disappointed. She thought that after reuniting with Lei Yu, she would be in his embrace and wouldn’t separate for a long time. But she was the only one that had made all the moves today.

“Benefactor!” Romon leapt into the air and descended to the ground. His toes touched the ground and not a single sound was heard from his landing.

“Didn’t I tell you to change the way you greet me?” Lei Yu smiled as he pinched his single horn.

Romon had a silly smile on him while he scratched his head, “Oh right, how come you’re here?”

“It’s a long story, there’s no point in talking about it right now.” Lei Yu helplessly shook his head.

“Everything’s fine now and we’ve met up. Let’s all return before we continue chatting!” Interrupted the bull-head.

Everyone nodded and prepared to leave. Lei Yu turned around and faced the group from the Four Illusory Court. With a smile on his face, “Senior Bei Dou, I hope you can keep today’s matter a secret. Can you do that?”

“Ah! No problem, no problem at all! Definitely!” Being suddenly called out by Lei Yu, Bei Dou felt like he had gained quite a bit of face. A close friend of the Wild Land’s two monarchs called him Senior, so how could he not feel excited about it?

“Thank you!” Lei Yu continued smiling, “Just pretend today’s matter never happened and I will make a special trip to visit you another day! Farewell!”


The current Bei Dou was self-deprecating to himself: This person’s strength is very ordinary and only at the early Nascent Soul stage. But he has such an enormous backing behind him, and I was previously probing him back then… I really had a death wish!

“Moo!” This was the loud cry that these tens of thousands of demonic cultivators have been hearing constantly the past few days. One could see that Minotaur Linos’s body started turning illusory and gradually, his body increased by many times. The original upright him was now standing on all fours. In just a short moment, a divine bull filled with domineering might appeared before everyone.

“Lord Demon King actually transformed into his true body!”

Up in the air, waves of astonishment were chatting all at once because they have never seen something like this before. Ever since the bull-head had reached his current power level, he had never transformed into his true body in front of people again.

Everyone watched as this domineering bull strode towards Lei Yu while his nostrils were constantly spraying out white mist, “Please!”

“You… what are you doing?” Lei Yu asked in confusion.

“Thousands of years ago, you sat atop of my back. Don’t you want to experience that feeling again?” Said the huge divine bull.

As those words came out, over ten thousand people suddenly became silent and one could only hear the wind blowing by their ears. Everyone had their mouths wide open and their jaws almost hit the ground. Did those words actually come out of the mouth of the Wild Land’s Demon King who was admired by millions?

“Things are different from the past now. Your status here is… let’s not do this.” Lei Yu firmly waved his hands and refused to sit. Everyone here felt he was special but Lei Yu knew his own limitations; he was merely a cultivator at the early Nascent Soul stage. He had no fear like others when facing Minotaur Linos but Lei Yu still had to give him the respect he deserved.

“What does that have to do with anything?!” The huge divine bull muttered as his bell shaped eyes constantly blinked.

“No!” Upon saying that, Lei Yu had already disappeared from his spot with a gust of wind. Looking off into the distance, one could see his figure flying away already.

Everyone was a bit surprised how Lei Yu was able to fly without a weapon, but it was only a short moment of hesitation before they all rushed off to catch up to him.

It was only after the ten thousand plus demonic cultivators left before those dozen or so Four Illusory Court members heaved a sigh. That Bei Dou and the other three master level existences felt a bit weak in the knees. This was the second time out of their entire lives of seeing Minotaur Linos and their first meeting was still vivid in their memories which they dared not to forget.

Bull-head and Telephassa easily caught up. As for Golden Tiger, although his speed was faster than Lei Yu’s, he only dared to fly behind him and not alongside of him.

A mighty and thunderous scene. Those thousands upon thousands of demonic cultivators Lei Yu had previously hid from were now following behind him. Lei Yu felt in his heart that this was quite imposing and enjoyable, but he knew these weren’t his own actual subordinates. These people would only take orders from bull-head.

Lei Yu silently promised himself, “Once I rescue Ai Er, I need to work hard and make the Thunder Rune Sect as imposing as this!”

Lei Yu would always work hard towards his goal, something that was never doubted by others.

Those things that had happened in the past were replaying itself in Lei Yu’s mind. And now, he had met up with the goddess that shouldn’t have reappeared in his life. Lei Yu’s heart was filled with contradictions and he didn’t know how to face them or how to deal with all of them.

The ten plus hours was considered nothing but if it was the bull-head or Telephassa, or even Golden Tiger who were flying by themselves, it wouldn’t take that long from the Four Illusory Court to the desert region of the Wild Lands. But no one dared to say anything and just silently followed.

With the tens of thousands of demonic cultivators flying back and forth, it caused the other demonic cultivators in the outer regions to be extremely shocked. Perhaps at this time, the most shocked ones would be the two toads sunbathing in the region where the rivers crisscrossed each other.

“Elder brother, I’m not seeing things right?”

“Waahh! Her Majesty the Queen is so beautiful!”

“Elder brother! You damn toad wanting to eat swan meat, I’m not talking about that! I’m talking about that person in-between Lord Demon King and her Majesty the Queen!” The smaller toad forcefully kicked his own big brother.

“You see, I knew he wasn’t simple. He actually caused the two monarchs to personally capture him!” Even though the larger toad was saying this, his eyes remained on the embodiment of beauty – Telephassa’s figure. Being able to see her once, even if it was from a distance, was still enough for this lifetime.

One could see Telephassa slightly fly closer to Lei Yu and her snow white soft mounds rest against his arm. The two of them then started whispering softly about something.

“He… he… he’s a friend of the two monarchs?!”


Upon reaching the real Southern Wild Lands, Lei Yu was shocked to find this place was very familiar. The surrounding environment was a bit different but the city and the castle was exactly the same.

Thousands upon thousands of demonic cultivators raised their heads to watch Lei Yu and the other ten thousand plus demonic cultivators descend. Since the person they were looking for had been found, these people had to once again follow the rules. The rule for prohibiting flight hadn’t been permanently changed yet.

After entering the palace, Lei Yu was arranged to stay in Telephassa’s bedchambers. Even though there were pretty women to serve him, he refused them all and adhered to taking off his own clothes to bathe.

While this was going on, something else was happening in another area.

A girl was sitting in a bright and spacious office. She was dressed in business attire but it still couldn’t mask her seductive figure. She was used to not buttoning the first two buttons of her white dress shirt, which happened to reveal a portion of her enticing soft mounds. Her exquisite face was definitely a man’s poison and at this time, she was focusing on a file on the table while carefully marking something.

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