9HTM – Ch295

Chapter 295 – Reaction From The Spiritual Bead

“Donk donk donk.” The sound of knocking came from the office door. The girl raised her head and picked up a cup of coffee, “Come in.” Those words were in fluent Tenglong language.

“Manager.” A handsome looking youth clasped his hands together and slightly bowed. “Canada’s Madame Bigelow is here, will you see her now?”

After placing her coffee down, “Invite her in.”

“Understood.” The youth then left. The girl stood up and walked towards the floor to ceiling window and looked outside. It had been a few months now yet her mind couldn’t forget that person.

A light knocking broke the girl’s thoughts, and she walked over to the sofa and sat down. “Come in.”

A middle-aged woman with long brown hair came in, so the girl smiled and pointed at the sofa intending for her to sit down as well.

“Miss Nami, we’ve drawn up the contract on our side and we’re only waiting for your people.”

The girl took the contract from the middle-aged woman and carefully read through it. “There’s no problem. Regarding the project in the Canadian side, I hope Madame will personally take care of it. We will certainly support you with everything we have.” The girl stood up, “Leave the contract with me. Once I’ve spoken to the Chairman, I will sign it so don’t worry about it.”

“Then I won’t bother you then.” After saying that, the middle-aged woman prepared to leave.

It was at this time, the girl’s eyes flashed a faint yellow light. Right after that, a golden yellow aura came out from her stomach and started wrapping around her entire body.

This whole scene was witnessed by the middle-aged woman causing her panic. She was so stunned that she was at a loss on what to do.

The girl clutched her chest and struggled to say: “Quickly call for my secretary!”

The middle-aged woman ran to the doorway in panic and motioned for the previous youth to come in.

“Manager! Manager!”

“Quickly call for Liu Hao, quick!” The girl’s breathing started increasing and the golden light gradually enveloped her.

Filled with panic, the youth quickly took out his cell phone and started dialing a number. “Mr. Liu, that strange situation is appearing on Manager again, please come quickly! Okay… okay… understood!”

After hanging up the phone, the youth then said: “Mr. Liu is currently in the elevator about to come up. Manager, you must hang on!”

Two minutes later, Liu Hao ran in and saw the middle-aged woman and the youth. “You two go out first!”



One could see Liu Hao run towards the girl and exhaled a breath of air. He closed his eyes and a yellow internal energy wrapped around his palms. He then placed his palms condensed with internal energy onto the girl’s abdominal area and slightly moved it around. The golden light around the girl gradually weakened and a few minutes later, the light eventually disappeared and the girl’s eyes returned to its normal color.

After heavily exhaling a breath of air, Liu Hao said: “It’s fine now, no more problems.” After wiping the sweat on his forehead, “How come it’s happening more frequently now?”

This girl was none other than the first person Lei Yu got to know in the Kou country, the girl that took Lei Yu’s virginity – Nami.

“I don’t know, I can only feel that the thing inside my abdomen has been rather active these few days and I can’t suppress it.” Nami said with a frown.

“Sigh, it would be great if master was here, he would definitely have a method to fix this. Unfortunately, I can only use my internal energy to temporarily suppress it.”

“Oh right, why would you suddenly come here?” Asked Nami.

Liu Hao shrugged, “These past few days, your condition has been coming up more frequent so sister Ying Ying told me to come over more often to take a look. I didn’t expect that I would coincidentally encounter it today.”

After lightly exhaling her sweet breath, Nami said: “I wonder how young master is doing right now…”

“Don’t worry; master will definitely catch up to those two bastards. You should think about yourself first. The Spiritual Bead of Longevity inside you is no small matter, master can tolerate it but you cannot. It would be troublesome if we can’t fix it and you give birth to a kid!”

Nami’s face blushed, “You’re so hateful, don’t say that!”

After the Spiritual Bead of Longevity saved Lei Yu and then saved Nami, it had been residing in the latter’s body. It was being nourished for a long time before it started becoming active again. For this bead to be in a cultivator was of course a good thing, but if it resided in an ordinary human’s body, it could cause quite a bit of negative impact. If they don’t come up with a solution fast, and once the Spiritual Bead of Longevity fully recovers, it’s quite possible that Nami’s abdomen might start bloating up until finally exploding to her death.

Ever since going to the Tenglong country, Nami rarely saw Lei Yu. Perhaps the two of them felt it would be embarrassing to see each other. After Lei Yu left the Mortal World, Nami requested to go back to the Kou country to assist Cui Ying Ying, and she even learned a lot of knowledge pertaining to business management. She was now the Manager of the Planning Department of Cui Ying Corporation. This was a position with a lot of responsibilities and because Cui Ying Ying was worried Nami wouldn’t be able to handle it, she deliberately arranged for an able person to assist her. This person was exactly her secretary, the previous youth that had appeared. It was fortunate that everything went very well.

Things seemed to have temporarily calmed down for now. It was impossible for the Spiritual Bead of Longevity to make a full recovery in the short term, and it should be fine with Liu Hao around acting as a temporary suppression.


Lei Yu came out of the bedchambers. He was really not used to the clothes that Telephassa had laid out for him but he was helpless right now since his storage ring had been passed on to the old turtle. He had been wearing the same set of clothes for quite a few days now so he had no choice but to wear the new ones laid out for him.

Arriving at the main palace halls, many people were already congregated there. Minotaur Linos’s Left and Right Generals – Tai Lao and Hei Feng; there were also the two major region’s four great Commanders who had returned; and finally Golden Tiger. Those seven were currently standing in the center of the main hall in a very respectful manner.

At the head of the main hall was Minotaur Linos, Romon, and a familiar looking girl. There was also the embodiment of beauty Telephassa; they were all present.

Lei Yu felt a bit uncomfortable. First, it was the atmosphere of the main hall and second, it was the clothes he was wearing. But even though he felt awkward himself, in the eyes of all these people, Lei Yu was just too handsome to the extreme. The low-necked collar revealed his chest muscles while his long hair that hadn’t been taken care of in a long time looked a bit messy. This slight messiness gave one a sense that Lei Yu had experienced many sweet and bitter things in life. The most eye-catching thing about him was the green lightning brand on his right arm, a brand that truly identified who he was.

“So it’s you!” Lei Yu finally remembered that girl.

“I’m sorry benefactor, father has already punished me. I hope that a great person like you will be magnanimous and not bother with someone like Mo Bei Li who is inexperienced and ignorant.” The cute girl with the cattle-like horns lowered her head with a sincere look and pouty lips.

“It’s fine. This jade pendant is the remains of my mother so I cannot give it to you, so don’t get any more ideas about it.” Lei Yu smiled.

“I promise I won’t!” Mo Bei Li quickly waved her hands about.

“This is my daughter, Mo Bei Li.” Minotaur Linos introduced.

Lei Yu smiled with a nod, and then walked by her. It was only now that he realized something – from Tai Lao and his group to the tens of thousands of demonic cultivators flying past his head; it was all to search for him. But since he was worried that it may be something else, he hid his aura from them. After many twists and turns, they’ve finally met up and the outcome can be considered not too bad.

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