9HTM – Ch296

Chapter 296 – Lack Of Concept


Minotaur Linos didn’t even finish speaking when Lei Yu interrupted: “From today onwards, everyone has to either call me little Yu or Lightning, don’t call me Lord whatever or benefactor!”

“Little Yu…”

Lei Yu turned around in surprise; this bull-head’s reaction was quite fast. He then heard bull-head say: “I have heard all the details from Romon about the events on coming to the Immortal World. Tomorrow, I will personally lead some of them and demand her back.”

“Don’t!” Lei Yu’s refusal made everyone present surprised.

“Little Yu, you… didn’t you risk your life like crazy just to rescue Ai Er? How come…”

Lei Yu exhaled a breath, “The Void Sect said that Ai Er was currently in secluded meditation absorbing spiritual energy. No matter if it’s true or not, I don’t want to chance it. In case if it’s for real, wouldn’t our actions cause Ai Er’s life be in danger? And if any accidents were to befall Ai Er, I will not hesitate to die along with her.”

Telephassa’s body suddenly trembled upon hearing Lei Yu’s words; a slight mist couldn’t help but start forming in her eyes. Her petite lips slightly opened but she didn’t know what to say.

Lei Yu swallowed a few times. He knew that by saying those words would make Telephassa quite sad, but now wasn’t the time to explain. He will wait until they were alone together before he clarifies himself.

“How could it turn out like this?” Romon was very clear on this matter. He couldn’t help but be surprised upon hearing an ordinary person like Ai Er was in secluded meditation.

“According to the Void Sect’s Void Immortal, Ai Er had a set of extraordinary bone structure and was suitable for cultivation.”

“Oh? This is quite inconceivable.”

“I thought it was strange as well, but since the matter has come to this point, there’s no way to change it. I have a two year appointment with the Void Sect – two years later I will go and take Ai Er away from that place. We can’t do it now because I really don’t want any accidents to befall her.” Lei Yu firmly said.

“Okay, no problem then. Two years later, I will accompany you there!” Said Minotaur Linos.

“No!” Everyone present didn’t expect Lei Yu to once again reject Minotaur Linos’s idea. “I wish to rely on myself to take care of this matter. Bull-head, thank you for your good intentions!”

“How can we do that? No way!” Bull-head kept shaking his huge head.

Lei Yu wanted to change the subject and asked: “Bull-head, I realize that the people of the Immortal World are really afraid of you. Even one of the five great Sects, the Four Illusory Court are the same, not to mention other people. Can you tell me what that reason is?”

The bull-head thought for a bit, “This matter must start from the beginning, so I’ll tell you in detail in the future.”

Lei Yu nodded and felt there had to be a good reason for this. All the great and small Sects took up a large portion of the Immortal World, yet this bull-head was able to take one-third of the world as his own territory. Lei Yu felt this was rather bizarre.

“What level have you currently reached?” Lei Yu asked. He was very concerned about this matter because just his seven subordinates were already experts at the Soul Splitting stage. So what level was this bull-head at then?

“You can go ahead and guess.” Smiled the bull-head.

“Late Soul Splitting stage?” Lei Yu didn’t want to guess too high because someone that exceeded the Soul Splitting stage was like a fairy tale for him. So far, the only person he has met that may be on that fairy tale like level was most likely the Void Immortal, and of course Lei Yu wouldn’t dare to ask him what level he was at.

The bull-head shook his huge head, “Incorrect, that’s her Majesty the Queen’s current strength.”

Lei Yu was shocked, Telephassa had already reached the late Soul Splitting stage?!

“Could it be that you’ve already exceeded Soul Splitting and have reached the Boundary Transition stage?” Lei Yu’s eyes widened as he swallowed a few times.

One could only see the bull-head shake his head again, “Let’s put it this way: If you and Romon still haven’t come by now, I’m afraid you guys won’t be able to see me anymore.”

Lei Yu was in complete and utter shock. “Could it be…”

“That’s right; I’ve already reached the Immortal World’s last realm, the Mahayana stage!”


Lei Yu was the only one present that was shocked. When Romon first heard about it, the look on his face was no less than Lei Yu’s current expression.

What kind of concept was the Mahayana stage? There was no such thing within Lei Yu’s mind. Could it be an existence that can blot out the heavens with a single hand? ¹ Although Lei Yu wasn’t sure why Minotaur Linos and Telephassa usually never stepped out of the Southern Wild Lands, there has to be a reason behind this and Lei Yu believes they will eventually reveal this to him. ¹

The bull-head lightly smiled, “For me to have achieved my current levels, it was all thanks to the God of War Ares. I focused my studies on the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique, and now I have thoroughly understood the combination of the six groups of six lunar stars. And that’s why I am feared by all.”

Lei Yu had always thought the attack method of the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique was ingenious, one could even use the word “exquisite” to describe it. But he never expected by focusing on this technique would allow a person to have such achievements.

He was shocked but Lei Yu wasn’t going to envy the bull-head. He believes that eventually, he too would have such achievements. By then, he will truly become an existence that stood at the peak. Lei Yu wasn’t trying to seek wealth or any type of vanity; it was just because this had always been his dream.

Lei Yu vividly recalled all that has experienced. If it weren’t for the fact he wasn’t strong enough, all those unfortunate things would never have happened. Even if it was merely for the reason to protect those around him, Lei Yu would still have strict demands for himself.

“Let’s go back to her previous conversation…” Lei Yu had wanted to change subject but the bull-head would naturally not forget so easily. “I feel that when the time comes, it’s more appropriate if I accompany you.”

It was natural for one to seek help; at least it would lessen the risks. But since the Void Immortal allowed him to leave, this was similar to setting a gentleman’s agreement. If Lei You couldn’t even get out of this situation himself, most likely everyone in the Immortal World would think Lei Yu was hiding behind the backing of the bull-head. By that time, even when he relies on his own hard work to gain achievements, everyone would think it was only from the help of the bull-head. And that’s something Lei Yu didn’t want to happen.

“It’s still early now, how about we discuss this in two years?” Asked Lei Yu.

“That’s fine.” The bull-head nodded.

“Help me with a favor: For the next two years, I need a quiet place so that I can concentrate on my cultivation.” Said Lei Yu.

“That’s simple; in the rear of the city is the Devil King’s castle. That’s where Kalchas is also staying.” Said the bull-head.

“Prophet Kalchas? He’s cultivating there as well?” It was only now that Lei Yu was reminded this person was here as well.

“Correct. His strength is merely at the mid Nascent Soul stage so he has to increase it or else I won’t be able to give him any responsibilities.”

Lei Yu nodded. In the Mortal World, a person’s status was determined by their cultivation level. It was the same in the Immortal World. If you weren’t strong enough, you will certainly be ignored by others. Even if you had the best talent, you still had to work hard on cultivating in order to become successful. This was a rule and a fact that couldn’t be changed, no matter which place a person was from.

As night was approaching, everyone in the city was celebrating the return of their totem Lightning. All the demonic cultivators were told by those that knew the whole story about the newcomer Lei Yu. This caused them to hold incomparable reverence to Lei Yu whose cultivation level wasn’t very high.

At the highest loft of the castle, the bull-head stood there looking like a mighty being. His hand was holding onto a cup of alcohol he brewed himself, “What is our totem?!”


¹ – The author went schizophrenic on us with two completely different thoughts – talking about how strong the mahayana stage is and then suddenly wondering why they don’t leave the southern wild lands.

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