9HTM – Ch297

Chapter 297 – The Infatuated Goddess

Over tens of thousands of demons in the city answered in unison: “Lightning!” The momentum filled reply broke through to the heavens.

“I believe everyone knows the origin of our Lightning totem. Today, Lightning has finally returned. From today onwards, this king decrees: “The rule that prohibits flying has been abolished!”

The scene was quite lively as countless demons rejoiced! Even some demonic cultivators at the Gold Core stage who had never flown before rose up into the air. They started dancing in the air while mumbling, “This feeling of flying… so awesome!”

The city crowd was bustling with activity and joy while the castle inhabitants broke their past disciplined silence and celebrated as well. Even though alcoholic beverages didn’t work on them, this celebratory item couldn’t be missing. Lei Yu drank whenever he was toasted and didn’t turn a single person down.

It’s not easy to find an outlet for the long pent up pressure. Although Lei Yu’s heart was missing Ai Er, he was still rather happy at this moment. He couldn’t ruin the crowd’s mood with his own personal issues.

The banquet lasted throughout the night. The bull-head and Telephassa had arranged for their subordinates to hand out a lot of food and alcohol to the demonic cultivators in the city. It was a sleepless night and only at the break of dawn did things start to quiet down.

Inside Telephassa’s bedchambers. The beauty supported her chin with her jade like hands as she stared at the man across from her.

“What’s there to see on me? There’s no need to keep staring right?” Lei Yu said a bit uncomfortably.

“A thousand years. I’ve waited for you for over a thousand years so can’t I look a little bit longer?” Said Telephassa in an intoxicated manner. Her heart had been long melted by this man in front of her. Even though it’s been over a thousand years, she still couldn’t forget the look Lei Yu gave her while she was in his embrace. That look was the flames that had melted her cold heart.

“Your majesty…”

“Did you forget what to call me?” Telephassa asked with a pout. The expression she had would most likely cause any man to melt on the spot, but she would only show that in front of Lei Yu.

“T… Telephassa.”

“That’s much better. Today is our reunion so does that mean we can mate now?” After saying that, Telephassa felt her face turn red but she really wanted to hear Lei Yu’s decision.

Lei Yu was speechless; how could she still be so explicit after a thousand years?

“I’m sorry Telephassa. You should know that I’m already a person with a girlfriend.” Lei Yu knew that saying these words would most likely sadden her, but this was nevertheless a fact.

“It doesn’t matter. I’ve said before that you may have unlimited amount of sex slaves and I wouldn’t care.” Said Telephassa without scruples.

“But she’s my lover, not some sex slave!” Lei Yu’s voice sounded a bit emotional causing Telephassa to be surprised. “Sorry, I…”

“I know her name is called Ai Er right? She’s someone that you were together with before meeting me.”

Lei Yu nodded, “Right. After all, she is my first love. Although it’s not that explosive heart-stirring kind or one that had weathered the storms of life, it’s because of the peacefulness that made me understand her more. I cannot lose her. In my heart, she will always be in the first place.”

Telephassa’s body trembled from a sob; it was tears that came straight from the heart. “Then what about me? What am I considered in your heart? A thousand years, I’ve waited for you for over a thousand years! I’ve been missing and longing for you throughout these past a thousand years! In order for you not to despise me, I worked hard in cultivating in order to retain my youthful looks. Everything was all for you!” After saying that, Telephassa couldn’t talk anymore from sobbing too hard.

“It was fine if I never got to see you for the rest of my life, but now that I’ve seen you, I too don’t want to lose you! I know that there’s no end to cultivation and our lives will continue to be extended indefinitely. That’s why I will no longer care about your age. But please give me some time, two years! In two years, I will tell Ai Er everything about us because I don’t want to hide anything from her.”

“Does that mean I am also very important in your heart?” Telephassa’s eyes widened as she hoped to hear the answer she wanted. She wasn’t let down when Lei Yu silently nodded.

A smile broke through Telephassa’s tears as she wrapped her arms around Lei Yu’s neck. Her soft lips gently affixed themselves to Lei Yu’s cheek but she didn’t further cross that line. Lei Yu’s words were clear – in two years time he will talk to Ai Er. If Ai Er didn’t mind, that’s when she and Lei Yu can truly be together. She had waited for a thousand years already so what’s another two?

Since this is what Lei Yu said, that clearly meant he was unwilling to forsake this goddess that was infatuated with him. It would be great with Ai Er agreed, but if she didn’t, even if he had to hurt her, Lei Yu would have to find the best method to solve this. Ultimately, he didn’t want to cause any pain to his true gal.

The next day. Because Lei Yu didn’t want to delay his training, Minotaur Linos led him to the so called mysterious Devil King’s castle.

The Devil King’s castle wasn’t that far from the city, even a slow walker would only take two hours to reach it. Even though it was close by, without the Demon King’s permission, no one was allowed to take a single step inside. This was a very mysterious place that contained a lot of pure energy, which made it the perfect place for cultivating.

The so called Devil King’s castle was established by a devil’s cultivator that had dominated the Southern Wild Lands in the past. According to the bull-head, that person reached the Mahayana stage as well, but no one knew whether that person continued to make further breakthroughs or died.

It was also around the time when the Devil King disappeared, the Immortal World fell in chaos all because of wanting to occupy this precious territory. Not to mention this precious cultivating area, just the Southern Wild Lands itself would make many people salivate. This was the southernmost tip that was easy to defend and hard to attack. With or without the protection of barriers or formation arrays, this place wasn’t easy to break past. That’s why it was such a sought-after place.

What made others red with envy was the Devil King’s old nest. Buried in the depths of the ancient castle were countless amounts of treasures. One should know for a super expert at Mahayana stage, how could their treasures be ordinary?

This place was surrounded by barren lands where one could only see a range of uneven sand dunes. Strong winds would blow by kicking up layers of sand that made Lei Yu unconsciously close his eyes.

“It’s here.” The bull-head pointed at the front where a slightly higher sand dune was.

Lei Yu looked carefully but couldn’t find anything different. He could only feel the originally hot dessert would have a chilly aura occasionally burst through the sand beneath his feet.

One could see Minotaur Linos lightly clap his hands together, “Open the door!”

The sand dune suddenly collapsed like quicksand before the gradual emergence of a cave.

The bull-head was the first to jump in. Right after that, Lei Yu followed him without hesitation. The cave entrance didn’t seem that high because Lei Yu was only in the air for a few seconds before he landed on the ground.

“Incredible! This is too incredible!” Lei Yu stared around with wide eyes. This place had a luxurious building that was no less than the size of the castle back in the city.

Even though it was buried in the desert, this place wasn’t the gloomy darkness as Lei Yu had imagined. Only carefully scrutinizing the place did he find out where the light was coming from. The walls of this place were constructed with a special material, one that was transparent-like with the role of light reflection. Not only that, the material itself emitted a faint light. Lighting was absolutely not an issue here. And because there was so much of this special material, this place was almost no different to being outside during daytime.

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