9HTM – Ch298

Chapter 298 – Devil King’s Castle

Lei Yu could clearly sense that even the walls were filled to the brim with pure spiritual energy. This was indeed a good place for cultivation!

When one followed the walls for a hundred meters, that’s where their eyes will come upon a castle made of crystals!

The material of the castle was the same as the walls. The crystal castle was surrounded by the walls and although it looked like a bird cage, Lei Yu wouldn’t mind being trapped in such a luxurious looking bird cage at all.

“Lord Demon King, Lord Lightning.”

While carefully observing this Devil King’s castle, Lei Yu didn’t notice not too far from them stood a two-headed demon. But one of its head seemed lifeless as it lay limp. Lei Yu was immediately shocked and cried out: “You’re Silo!”

“Lord Lightning remembers me? It’s truly my fortune!”

Silo’s appearance didn’t change at all and still looked the same as back in ancient Greece. Dark gray skin and layers of clearly defined muscles that gave one a feeling of containing explosive power. On top of its snake like head were horns that belonged to the bovine species. Except he only had one horn while the other one grew on the other head. But thanks to Lei Yu, the other head will never be able to rise up ever again.

“Of course I remember! Back then I was forced beyond circumstances so I hope you don’t blame me for it!” Lei Yu didn’t spell out what his words meant but the meaning behind was very clear. And his eyes were staring at the lifeless head while he was speaking.

“It’s been a thousand years, why would I bother remembering it?” Silo showed a grin with his big terrifying looking mouth.

A sudden chilly and sinister-like wind blew by making Lei Yu shiver. “This place has a ghastly kind of feeling!”

Even though there was plenty of light here, but the gusts of sinister wind made it uncomfortable.

Bull-head smiled, “Carefully look at what’s surrounding us.”

Lei Yu looked at his surroundings and noticed at the top of the walls at evenly spaced distance was a red crystal-like stone. And then at the corners where the walls met, there would be a dark red crystal-like stone the size of a human’s head. Lei Yu finally understood why this place fell sinister-like with its chilly winds.

Each of those big dark red crystal-like stones had light blue gaseous bodies floating around it, and the sinister-like chilly winds were released by those light blue gas. “What are they?” Lei Yu asked.

“Little Yu, you should know that in the Immortal World, there’s an item that can be considered currency right?”

Lei Yu nodded, “They’re crystal stones. There are different types of them that denote different amounts of value.”

“Correct, and all the walls and this entire castle you see before you is formed by those crystal stones.”

“What?!” Lei Yu’s scalp went numb as his eyes became big and round. He almost didn’t believe the bull-head’s words.

“It is, you didn’t hear wrong, they are indeed all made up of crystal stones. Even though they are normal crystal stones, it’s rare to see such a huge amount of it all in one place.” Bull-head lightly smiled as it was obvious he understood this place very clearly.

Lei Yu cleared his throat, and then went towards a corner of the wall. He then gently knocked on the wall and heard a crisp sound in response.

Lei Yu placed his palm on the wall and then closed his eyes. He was then surprised from sensing a very pure spiritual energy within the walls. Just a single palm touching the wall allowed Lei Yu to feel the vastness of this energy aura!

“This is too incredible!” Lei Yu’s breathing was no longer uniform as shocked appeared in his eyes.

The bull-head smiled, “This isn’t considered much.”

“This isn’t considered much?”

“Right, nothing much. You should know that crystal stones are separated into five different qualities. The most ordinary are the white crystal stones, then yellow, blue, and purple.”

“Right, that I know of but I haven’t found any traces of other crystal stones!” Lei Yu looked around and didn’t notice anything. But just the amount of this normal crystal stones would make anyone go crazy!

“You forgot about the ground.”

Lei Yu forcefully cleared his throat and slowly lowered his gaze. Wasn’t this the yellow quality crystal stone that he was stepping on?

“Then what about the blue and purple ones?” Lei Yu asked while trembling.

The bull-head’s large fingers pointed towards the steps leading into the entrance of the castle. Each layer of steps was neatly carved out into blue and purple steps.

“Who the f*ck gave birth to this Devil King? How on earth is he this rich?!” Lei Yu couldn’t help start cursing.

Bull-head and Silo both started laughing, and the former then said: “When the Devil King disappeared, everything had been buried by this desert. In fact, the Immortal World fell into chaos was precisely from fighting over this place. The so called fighting for this territory was an excuse. You should know that for a super expert devils cultivator at the Mahayana stage, they would definitely possess some supreme treasure. But everyone only knows there’s a treasure somewhere here but they didn’t know it was a cultivation paradise.

“No wonder!” Lei Yu’s heart was beating like crazy that was no less than the excitement from seeing Telephassa again. “Back when I was in the outer periphery of the Chaotic Star Sea, I got to know two friends. When they saw the crystal stones, they were extremely excited about it. I had thought back then that these things were best for cultivation purposes, but because there weren’t much, I was unwilling to use them. I then later met two toads in the outer region of the Southern Wild Lands where the rivers crisscrossed; they mentioned that using Gold Cores or crystal stones to cultivate was a luxury. I never expected bull-head, that you would have such a good place!”

It’s natural for everyone to enjoy the feeling of being praised by others, so this bull-head closed his eyes and grinned with an intoxicated look on his face.

Lei Yu then asked: “How come you have such a good place yet don’t let your own underlings, or even those Commanders of your two regions to cultivate in? As they become stronger, doesn’t it mean your power becomes stronger as well?” Lei Yu felt this was weird regarding this circumstance.

Minotaur Linos shook his head, “No way, there’s over tens of thousands of demonic cultivators in the Southern Wild Lands. Accurately speaking, there are at least twenty thousand of them. If such a large number of them came here to cultivate, I estimate in less than a month and the crystal stones here will be completely drained empty.”

Lei Yu nodded, “So that’s why.”

“Even though this crystal stones have the ability to regenerate themselves, once they are completely drained, that ability won’t work anymore.”

“They actually have the ability to regenerate?” Lei Yu was once again shocked by bull-head’s words.

“Correct, those four dark red crystals you previously saw are actually blood crystal stones. The blood crystal stones must be a pair in order to have give out this regenerative ability. Those four perfectly forms two pairs, therefore it allows three to five people cultivating at the same time and not deplete the energy too fast.

Lei Yu was at the point where he was speechless. Magical things such as this are usually what people are envious of. If the bull-head wasn’t protecting this holy ground, most likely it would have been robbed clean by others already.

If it required two of them to form a pair in order to give off a regenerative ability, an idea suddenly formed in Lei Yu’s head. “If we took a blood crystal stone and broke it into two, would it still give off a regenerative ability?”

Lei Yu remembered he attained a blood crystal stone in the outer periphery of the Chaotic Star Sea, and he is certain that Tian Ye and Yanrong wouldn’t be willing to spend it. If it was really possible to split the crystal stone into two and let it give off a regenerative ability to surrounding crystal stones, then that would mean Yanrong’s little town will never be poor anymore?

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