9HTM – Ch299

Chapter 299 – Inseparably Interconnected

Lei Yu was only thinking these thoughts in his mind and hadn’t said it out loud when Minotaur Linos continued: “Unfortunately, a complete blood crystal stone, even if it’s the size of a human’s head, will lose their regenerative ability once you break it apart.”

Lei Yu was a bit disappointed, but after thinking it through, he really shouldn’t be disappointed. Even if that idea didn’t work, they could still sell that blood crystal stone and gain over a hundred million white crystal stones. With that, their town could still survive for a very long time.

Lei Yu suddenly thought of something and asked: “Bull-head, isn’t the Violet Gold Hall sitting on top of a crystal stone mine?


“Then why hasn’t anyone gone to take it from them?” Lei Yu was puzzled by this.

The bull-head lightly smiled, “Many people are confused by this question as well, but what they all don’t know is one reason. Do you know anything about the Breeze Pavilion?”

Lei Yu thought for a moment, “I don’t know much about them, only that they are one of the five great Sects of the Immortal World.”

“Correct. Currently, I don’t want to involve myself in the affairs of the Immortal World. If it weren’t for the appearance of you, little Yu, I’m afraid I would have never stepped out of the Southern Wild Lands. Even though I haven’t really paid attention to the matters of the Immortal World, Tai Lao and Hei Feng would often move about outside and report to me what’s going on. Regarding the close relationship between the Four Illusory Court and the Void Sect, they are using each other for their own benefits but they also can’t do without each other.”

“How come?” Lei Yu couldn’t understand why. “The main strength behind the Four Illusory Court is their formations. Although the strength of a single member isn’t strong, I know that the disciples of the Four Illusory Court will never make an appearance alone no matter the situation. They will always travel with at least four people in their group. As long as they have four people, they can set a formation in a very short time. Not to mention defeating, they could at least easily trap their opponent inside the formation for a while. With such abilities, who would the Four Illusory Court fear? As or the Void Sect, with the Void Immortal as their backing, I believe no one would dare to go pick a fight with them right?” Lei Yu directly spoke his thoughts out loud.

“There was nothing wrong with what you’ve said, but that’s only on the surface.” Pausing for a bit, the bull-head continued: “Even though the Four Illusory Court have their formations as their support, the overall strength of their Sect is rather weak. They only have a few dozen disciples in total, and the strongest of the Four Illusory Court, Bei Dou, is only at the late Soul Splitting stage. As for his three other senior and junior brothers, they are on different levels of the Soul Splitting stage. When the four of them join forces to set a formation, it can cover a huge area and can trap an opponent that’s on a single higher cultivation realm than them. They generally wouldn’t have rivals but it’s normal for other Sects to have super powerful existences. That’s why they are helpless on that aspect and can only rely on the Void Sect. If something were to happen, a formation would be set. And before the reinforcements from the Void Sect arrive, they are fully capable of trapping their opponents down. As for the Void Sect, even if they have the backing of the Void Immortal, their Sect is on top of a cliff between some mountains. It’s easy for them to be attacked and hard to defend. That’s why they need the Four Illusory Court’s formation to help in their defense. As a result, those two forces reached a consensus.

Lei Yu finally understood everything. It looks like previously he was only half-informed on what was really going on in the Immortal World and had no idea of the complexities deep down.

“In addition…” The bull-head broke Lei Yu’s chain of thoughts and he said: “When it comes to the Violet Gold Hall and the Breeze Pavilion, their relationship is even easier to explain.”

“Oh? What about them?”

“The concept behind the Breeze Pavilion is all about the group dynamic. You touch one hair on them and the whole body would move out. They have a large amount of members but providing for so many people requires large amounts of crystal stones. Therefore they need the Violet Gold Hall to provide for them. Perhaps you might ask: If they have so many people, why don’t they occupy the Violet Gold Hall’s crystal mine?”

“I was just about to ask that.” Smiled Lei Yu.

“The reason is simple: Mining the crystal stones is an easy process, but it has to undergo a special refinement in order for it to flow out into the market as the currency we use. And the Violet Gold Hall happens to be the only Sect that has this refinement method.”

“So that’s why.” It dawned on Lei Yu how out of the five great Sects, four of them were inseparably interconnected to each other. As for the Skywalk Sect, Lei Yu wasn’t interested in it but the bull-head still explained it to him.

“As for the Skywalk Sect, even though they don’t have a formation to protect their Sect like the Four Illusory Court, the location of their base is easy to defend and hard for one to attack. They also have a supreme expert that has the same strength as the Void Immortal as their backing, that’s why very little people would dare to have any ill intentions towards them.”

“Oh right, what level of strength has the Void Immortal reached?” Lei Yu suddenly remembered and asked this.

“If there’s no unexpected surprise, he should be breaking through the Boundary Transition stage and reaching the Mahayana stage soon. But if the Nine Heavenly Profound Thunders don’t appear, he cannot make the breakthrough. This is the law of the Immortal World.” Said the bull-head.

“Nine Heavenly Profound Thunders?”

“You don’t need to understand these things for now because it’s simply a matter that’s too far away for you.” The bull-head smiled.

Lei Yu nodded; it is too far away. He was merely at the early Nascent Soul stage so a matter that was so distantly far away was not worth thinking about. But when Lei Yu remembered what Romon had said before, he did receive a lightning attack yet it was different from what Romon mentioned. He was supposed to experience it nine times but perhaps it was due to the Dragon Vein that modified it. At least that’s what Lei Yu thought.

“Didn’t you say that Prophet Kalchas was here as well?” Asked Lei Yu.

“Follow me, he’s inside.” Along with the bull-head, the two of them stepped onto those luxurious steps. One was in front and one in behind as they walked towards the castle’s main entrance. As for Silo, he had already disappeared, possibly to do his own thing while guarding the Devil King’s castle.

While stepping on the steps made of crystal stones, the spiritual energy made Lei Yu very comfortable. The shivering cold he experienced previously by the chilly winds had already been pushed to the back of his mind.


A cold and husky voice came from within the castle. Lei Yu looked over and this was the first time he saw Kalchas’s actual face. Kalchas didn’t have a face belonging to a human’s. Although it was similar with all the five sense organs, he’s dark green skin wasn’t something humans would have.

Kalchas was extremely thin to the point where he looked like only skin and bones. Lei Yu thought that was strange but didn’t think asking the reason would be polite.

“Do you still remember him?” The bull-head smiled as he pointed at Lei Yu behind him.

One could see Kalchas widened his eyes before kneeling on the ground, “Lord Lightning!”

“Quickly get up!” Lei Yu ran up and supported him up. “Prophet, long time no see.”

Kalchas had a self-deprecating smile on his face, “I never expected… As a Prophet, I actually couldn’t predict that you would arrive here so soon. And finally meet with… master.” Kalchas originally wanted to say Telephassa but changed his mind.”

“From now on, you will be cultivating here. If you have any matters, you can have Silo take care of it. Two years of time won’t allow you to increase your cultivation by much, but at least it’s faster than being outside. Little Yu, I will be taking my leave first.” Said the bull-head.

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