9HTM – Ch300

Chapter 300 – Two Years Later

After sending off bull-head, Lei Yu and Kalchas chatted about some stuff in general and the latter went back to his cultivation. Finally alone, Lei Yu started examining the entire Devil King’s castle.

The decoration of this place was very unique. Although from the outside looking in, it was a castle, the interior didn’t look like some magnificent throne room of a king’s. There were actually strange runes everywhere on the walls while the hall was densely packed with random items. There were only some weapon-like items that Lei Yu recognized, the rest he had no clue what they were. Lei Yu didn’t dare to start touching those random items though. After glancing at Kalchas who had already closed his eyes in cultivation, Lei Yu went to look for a spot a bit further away in case they interfered with each other.

Lei Yu walked towards a hallway and noticed there was a door at the end. The door was actually giving Lei Yu a rather strange feeling.

“Why would there be a door there?” The door was made out of wood which was the only material that was different from what the castle was made up of. Due to curiosity, Lei Yu started walking towards it.

In this place, no one was going to limit what Lei Yu could do. Even if he were to take half the items in the castle as his own, no one would make a sound because of Lei Yu’s special status. But of course Lei Yu wouldn’t do something like that.

After walking up to the wooden door, Lei Yu gently pushed but the door seemed to be stuck or something. The door didn’t budge a single bit even when Lei Yu used more strength. He thought this was really strange because based on his strength, an ordinary push or pull had enough power to shatter boulders, yet this door didn’t show the slightest sign of moving.

Slightly annoyed, Lei Yu slammed his fists onto the door. After a loud “bang,” the wooden door still showed no signs of change.

“My Lord, what’s going on?” Kalchas’s voice came from the other end of the hallway.

“Uh, nothing! I’m just looking around.” Lei Yu frantically replied, and then there was no more response at the other end.

Fearing that he would affect Kalchas’s cultivation, Lei Yu refrained from making any other actions. Since he was already here, he might as well cultivate at this spot!

He sat down cross-legged and then slowly withdrew the internal energy from the infant residing in his dantian. According to the mantra of his own cultivation method, the plentiful spiritual energy from everywhere was drawn into his body and circulated through his meridians, making Lei Yu feel extremely comfortable. The Spiritual Bracelet of Frost on his wrist was faintly glowing as two streams of internal energy was coming from it and entering Lei Yu’s body to assist him in cultivating.

While Lei Yu was unaware, that wooden door Lei Yu was unable to budge started lightly shaking and revealed a crack. It was complete darkness looking inside that crack, but two green dots made a flash before disappearing. What was it? Why would it be so dark behind the door? Because Lei Yu was fully focused on cultivating, he didn’t notice what had just happened.

In another area.

“Long Er, I have to return and let my family’s master know what happened!” Said a handsome looking youth in all white while underwater near the Void Sect.

“Lord White, don’t worry. I will continue searching for the young master’s whereabouts here. If there’s any news, I will personally go to the Ceng Hong Villa and let you know.”

Big White nodded, “That’ll work.” With a flash of white light, Big White had already disappeared without a trace.

No matter how good a relationship the Four Illusory Court had with the Void Sect, because of Lei Yu’s request, the relationship between him and the Southern Wild Lands was kept a secret. If the Void Sect were to find out about this, most likely they wouldn’t dare to act so arrogant any longer.

Two years later…

Amidst the rolling mountain ranges and enshrouded by fog and clouds was the Void Sect.

“Senior brother, the changes she has undergone is quite a bit!” Said a fat elderly man towards a person standing at the top of a pavilion.

“Right, just two years has allowed her to change from an ordinary person to her current self. It wasn’t easy though, and I believe there will never be another Void Sect disciple that had such a treatment.”

The two men talking were none other than the Void Sect’s Sovereign Kun Feng and his junior brother Kun Xian.

Not too far away was a refined girl standing at the top of the pavilion as well. A gentle breeze blew by, rustling her white silk-like dress. A lock of black hair fluttered beside her cheeks, making her look like a girl that had transcended the mundane world. She raised her white jade like hands and stroked her hair keeping it neat. Her attractive face would make any man’s heart beat a little faster, but it wouldn’t make them have evil thoughts. She gave others a feeling that they couldn’t get near and was only a white lotus they can appreciate from a distance. If they tried to pick it, they will definitely fall into the pond.

If one didn’t observe carefully, they wouldn’t notice that her delicate face contained a hint of maturity and cold arrogance. Was she born with it? Nope, definitely not! She was none other than the person that Lei Yu endured untold hardships by travelling through the Immortal Realm in hopes to rescue the love of his life – Nuo Ai Er.

Standing beneath the pavilion were all the Void Sect disciples peering with mouths agape. The beautiful girl’s sudden appearance made them unable to tear their eyes away from her figure. She was just too beautiful!

“Ai Er.” A voice from a distance transferred over. The refined girl turned and exposed a slightly sweet smile. She then stepped onto a white light that came out of her sleeves and sped off in a flash.

Those disciples standing below the pavilion were all in a daze as the gentle and elegant figure lingered in their minds.

“Master.” The girl gently landed in front of the two elderly people and slightly bowed.

“Ai Er, there’s only three more days before your battle, are you ready for it?” Asked Kun Feng.

“Don’t worry master, no matter what kind of person he is; Ai Er will not be merciful!” Ai Er’s eyes had viciousness to them, but because it was hidden deeply, one wouldn’t be able to detect it.

“That’s good. With your current early Nascent Soul stage strength, it shouldn’t be hard to deal with him. But don’t forget, you cannot take his life.”

“Ai Er understands.”

Kun Feng nodded, “Go.”

“Yes!” Ai Er floated away leaving those two elderly people.

“Senior brother, this is really unbelievable. She actually completely forgot about her own lover?” Said Kun Xian with surprise.

Kun Feng lightly smiled, “With the spiritual grounds erasing her memory, I believe she only thinks she’s a member of the Void Sect. In her mind, there shouldn’t be any other existences.”

In another area.

“Little Yu, you really don’t need me to accompany you?” The bull-head’s big head was swaying about in front of a youth.

“I really don’t need it. I’ll say those same words – I hope to rely on myself to settle this matter. Perhaps it’s considered nothing for you, but I don’t want to be known as someone in the Immortal World that relies on your status to make my way about.”

“Then what if you encounter some type of dangerous situation?”

Asked a beautiful goddess walking over with her jade-like legs and a slight frown on her face.

Lei Yu lightly smiled, “Don’t worry, the Void Immortal and I had an agreement so there shouldn’t be any issues.”

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