9HTM – Ch301

Chapter 301 – Changing Course Halfway

“No! I’m still worried!” Telephassa clung to Lei Yu’s waist. The soft and comfortable feeling made Lei Yu tremble a bit, but this wasn’t the time to think about these things.

“How about this – getting to the Void Sect requires three days for me. If there’s no news of me another three days after that, bull-head can come look for me. How about that?”

Lei Yu was very determined and those two knew his personality. The bull-head and Telephassa could only helplessly nod their heads.

As Lei Yu was about to exit the doors of the main hall, he felt a pair of eyes intently staring at him. He lightly smiled and turned around, “Don’t worry and wait for my return. I’m sure Ai Er will understand.”

“I’ll wait for you…” Her gentle lips quivered as Telephassa’s heart beat increased. These were the words she really wanted to hear from him. Even though she thought Lei Yu had forgotten his words from two years ago, from what was said, Lei Yu still firmly remembered it. Telephassa was now very satisfied knowing that she had a certain place in his heart.

Those two stared at each other for over ten seconds long. Minotaur Linos to the side felt rather awkward with this scene and lightly coughed a few times.

“I’m leaving.” Lei Yu looked away from those beautiful eyes before turning around to leave.

“Don’t worry; I believe he will be fine. In three days time, I will immediately set off. If there’s any accident, I will block it in advance. Even if Lei Yu gets mad at me, I won’t allow any danger to befall him.” Said bull-head as he watched Lei Yu’s figure disappear into the horizon.

“I believe in him, he has never disappointed me before!” A happy smile bloomed on Telephassa’s face. What she said was indeed correct because Lei Yu had never disappointed her before. A thousand years ago, Lei Yu braved danger and rescued the bull-head from the maze. A thousand years later, Lei Yu was able to exceed the boundaries of ordinary humans in a short time span and step onto the Immortal Realm. And he was even able to stave off all dangers and reunite with her.

Although Lei Yu’s true intention of coming to the Immortal World was to rescue Ai Er, how could Telephassa’s heart not be moved from such a man that was responsible and remained loyal to a single relationship? She then silently said to herself: I’ll be waiting for you here, you must come back!

After arriving at the outer periphery of the Southern Wild Lands, the region where the rivers crisscrossed, Lei Yu descended onto the ground.

“Hey two toads, are you guys here?” Lei Yu stood on the grass and yelled out while staring at the water.

“Who dares to call me like that? You simply don’t want to continue living!” The scene was somewhat similar to two years ago. A large toad jumped out of the waters and sprayed out a poison fog at Lei Yu.

With a mere wave of his hands, a violent wind was stirred up and blew the poisonous fog away. The toad then stared with eyes filled with shock.

“It’s… it’s… it’s you?” The toad didn’t turn its head and yelled out: “Elder brother! Quickly come out! Come out!”

Water splashed out as a larger bodied toad jumped out of the waters. “What is it? Crying ou…?!” His huge green eyes stared at Lei Yu unblinkingly.

“I’m giving you two a gift.” Lei Yu lightly smiled as his hands went towards his waist. A moment later, two golden beads appeared in his hand before he then tossed it to the ground in front of the two toads.

“These…! These are Gold Cores!” Said the larger toad with wide eyes and shock.

“Correct, the gift I’m giving you two is a Gold Core each. Even though it’s not considered much, it should at least raise your cultivations a bit.”

“Eld… elder brother, this… is this really a Gold Core? He’s not intending on harming us right?” Said the smaller toad after swallowing hard a few times.

“Why would he want to harm us?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why are you thinking so much? Grab it first!” The two transformed into middle-aged men before picking up the Gold Cores from the ground. “It’s really a Gold Core! He wasn’t lying; it’s even a late stage Gold Core!”

Although they were holding onto the Gold Cores, their hearts couldn’t help but feel some fear. “Could he really be some psychopathic killer who doesn’t even bat an eye after killing?”

There was a reason why the demonic cultivators of the Southern Wild Lands were so eager for Gold Cores. Apart from the rule prohibiting them from flying which happened to be abolished now, there was also another rule that was equally important – it was strictly forbidden for fellow demonic cultivators to fight or kill each other, otherwise…”

Lei Yu didn’t fly directly towards the Void Sect after that but went to the West. What did he want to do? This was something he planned on right after leaving the city.

Without using too much time, Lei Yu gradually felt violent winds blowing against his face. That tornado was still spinning here without stopping.

“Is there something Sir needs?” Asked a youth that flew out of the tornado and stopped in front of Lei Yu.

“Such a coincidence, it’s you again.” Wasn’t this guy the same Four Illusory Court disciple he met when he first arrived here?

“You are…” The youth was immediately surprised, “It’s you!”

“Right, can you pass a message and say that I wish you meet Senior Bei Dou?” Lei Yu nodded politely.

“Please… please wait for a bit!” The youth didn’t even turn around yet and an old voice was heard. “Ah! So it’s junior brother Lightning! Quick, please come in! This was the same middle-aged man with the beady eyes that first brought Lei Yu inside – Bei Sha.

It was different from before, now everyone in the Four Illusory Court was treating Lei Yu with extreme respect. This made Lei Yu a bit uncomfortable, but he knew in his heart that his kindness and respectfulness was not for him, but for the Southern Wild Land’s Demon King Minotaur Linos whom everyone feared.

The Four Illusory Court’s Sovereign Bei Dou quickly rushed over, and following behind him were two middle-aged men.

This Bei Dou didn’t have the arrogance when he first met Lei Yu and was actually very polite. He even gestured for Lei Yu to sit on the head seat but of course Lei Yu declined it since it wasn’t a place that was meant for him.

“Junior brother Lightning, I wonder what reason is there for your esteemed self to visit us?” Bei Dou asked with a smile.

Lei Yu stood up, “Senior Bei Dou, please don’t mess up the seniority.”

“Nonsense!” Bei Dou smiled, “There’s no end to cultivation so why care about time? Please have a seat!”

Lei Yu sat down and cupped his hands, “To be candid with you, I came here because I need the help of Senior Bei Dou.”

“Whatever it is, just go ahead and tell me. As long as I am able, I will definitely assist!” Bei Dou slapped his chest and put on a generous appearance, but Lei Yu could tell this was just to put on a show.

“It’s like this…” Before coming here, Lei Yu had already thought up a good excuse so he didn’t have to think or hesitate. “I was hoping Senior Bei Dou could enlighten me – the Void Sect’s Cloud Barrier, is there a method to break the formation?”

“Junior brother Lightning, you’re asking about this because…? Could it be…?” Bei Dou and the other three present stared at Lei Yu with surprise.

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