9HTM – Ch302

Chapter 302 – Appointment Date

“Ah, I hope these seniors don’t misunderstand.” Lei Yu lightly smiled, “It’s like this: I will be heading to the Void Sect for a matter, but due to some reasons, with have some conflict. Senior Bei Dou should now that’s there’s three seniors at the Soul Splitting stage as their backing. There’s also the existence of the Void Immortal. I’m afraid this junior might anger those seniors on this trip so I want to plan an escape route.”

“This… this isn’t too appropriate right?” Bei Dou frowned, “Junior brother Lightning should know that the Void Sect and our Four Illusory Court have a good relationship. If we told the method of breaking their barrier to an outsider, I’m afraid the entire Immortal Realm will laugh at us!”

Lei Yu knew this matter wouldn’t be easy and it looks like his first scheme has failed. He can only thicken his face and try the second scheme.

“Oh, is that right… That’s fine then, I’ll just wait for the Wild Land’s Demon King to personally ask about. That should make the matter easier then right?” Lei Yu didn’t want to drop the bull-head’s name, but this was the only method he had left. This last resort had a high chance of working because the Four Illusory Court knew his intimate relationship with the members of the Southern Wild Lands.

“You… you mean the Wild Lands Demon King will personally come?” Bei Dou and the others asked with big round big eyes.

Lei Yu smiled, “That’s right. Before I came, I already mentioned this to the Demon King. He originally wanted to come here together with me but I didn’t want to bother him. Since my face is not enough here, it looks like I’ll have to wait for him to personally come here for the discussions. The Demon King and I already planned it out, if we can’t come to an agreement in four to five hours time, he will then personally come. Oh, but you seniors don’t have to worry, I believe there won’t be any big problems when the Demon King gets here.”


Lei Yu’s ears twitched a bit and wanted to laugh, but he didn’t dare show that on his face. He knew that sound was them swallowing their saliva down forcefully.

This basically meant there was no room for discussion. Bei Dou and the other three’s smile was rather stiff but they still had to put up a pretense. “Ju… junior brother Lightning, this is something not easy to take care of. You should know the Cloud Barrier formation array was something us four personally went forth to set down. The whole point was to help the Void Sect protect their headquarters. If it was revealed that our Four Illusory Court leaked the method of breaking the barrier, I’m afraid we can no longer maintain a foothold in the Immortal World.”

“If you don’t say anything and I don’t say anything, how would anyone know?” It looks like there was still room for maneuver here so Lei Yu smiled. “To be candid with you all, I had previously broken into the barrier and was trapped inside the clouds, and almost lost my life. The formation your seniors have setup can be described as absolutely exquisite. I do not dare to risk it a second time so that’s why I have this request. But don’t worry, this time I’m the sole person heading to the Void Sect, so with several experts as their backing, would these seniors think my mere self can do anything to the Void Sect?”

Bei Dou was thinking things through. There was a long distance between the Four Illusory Court and the Void Sect, but they were very close to the Southern Wild Lands. If he offended this Lightning person, that equals to offending the entire Southern Wild Lands. If that was the case, even if the Four Illusory Court doesn’t get annihilated, they would probably be excluded from all interactions with the outside world. By that time, wanting to move their headquarters would be too late. Thinking up to this point, Bei Dou clenched his teeth, “Okay! I can give it to you but you have to promise me that you can never let anyone know about it!”

Lei Yu frantically stood up and nodded his head in a serious manner, “Please be rest assured senior Bei Dou. I will definitely be the only one to know about it and I will let the Wild Land’s Demon King know everything has worked out here!”

“Good!” Bei Dou turned to the side, “Junior brother Bei Sha, go and bring us the method of breaking the barrier.”

“Yes, senior brother.”

Lei Yu received top notch treatment as he left the Four Illusory Court, but these weren’t things he wanted. Only when the day he attained success through his own strength was what mattered.

As he was flying towards the Void Sect, Lei Yu used that time to study the method of breaking the Cloud Barrier. It was truly exquisite beyond words. If one didn’t have this graphic illustration, most likely they would never be able to leave the formation safely.

Of course if one had extreme strength such as Minotaur Linos, then the barrier might as well not exist in their eyes!

It was said that the trip required three days, but Lei Yu only used two days of time. His speed was obviously much faster than before. So during these two short years, what strength has Lei Yu actually reached?

While floating outside the Cloud Barrier of the Void Sect, Lei Yu’s heart was extremely emotional. He had worked hard for two years and the day has finally arrived!

Only after breathing in and out a few times did Lei Yu finally feel that he calmed down a bit. The emotional state disappeared from his eyes and was replaced by a look of longing. He was wondering how Ai Er was doing these past two years.

“I’m! Here!” A cry that shook the heavens was heard as it echoed and reverberated through the mountains.

Shortly after.




Three figures flickered and appeared in front of Lei Yu. They were none other than the Void Sect’s disciples of the second generation – the three elderly people Kun Feng, Kun Rong, and Kun Xian.

“You seem to be a day early!” Said Kun Feng as he stroked his beard.

“Why are you bothered over a single day? What? Could the Void Sect be afraid?” Lei Yu narrowed his eyes, and his momentum startled those three super experts.

“Scared? You must be kidding. Our Void Sect is not afraid of anything, follow me.” After saying that, Kun Feng and the other two entered the foggy clouds and Lei Yu followed without hesitation.

This Cloud Barrier was surely exquisite; no matter how many times you traversed it, there’s no way you could remember the correct path. That’s why those three weren’t worried. But they didn’t know that Lei Yu had already fully grasped the method of breaking this formation since he was pretending to be confused by it.

There were no changes to the Void Sect as it still looked like place from ancient times. Set amidst a scene similar to paradise, the old wooden pavilions added more flair to the ancient feel. With the faint mist that partially obstructed these pavilions, it gave one a feeling of mysteriousness and wanting to investigate its secrets.

After reaching the empty grounds in front of the tallest pavilion, the four of them gradually descended to the ground.

“Please wait here!” After leaving these words, the three of them flew off to the direction of the highest level of the pavilion where Lei Yu had once visited.

Lei Yu’s emotions were all over the place because he was afraid something may have happened to Ai Er these past two years. But after seeing the calm faces of those three, he could tell that Ai Er shouldn’t have encountered any type of dangers.

“I only hope that the Void Sect will uphold their agreement so I can safely take Ai Er away.” Lei Yu said to himself, but still trembled as he exhaled which showed he couldn’t completely calm down.

A while later, a white figure landed on a stone carved sword statue beside the pavilion. Lei Yu glanced over and realized it was none other than the strongest existence of the Void Sect – the Void Immortal. Lei Yu could instantly recognize him from the unique brand on his forehead.

At this time, Kun Feng and the other two slowly flew down and floated to the side of the Void Immortal. They then glared at Lei Yu in a cold demeanor.

“Little friend, how much have you improved these two years?”

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