9HTM – Ch303

Chapter 303 – Memory Loss

Lei Yu didn’t want to stand around and chat since he couldn’t wait to see Ai Er.

“Enough with the talk, where’s Ai Er? How are we going to compete?” According to Lei Yu’s thought, as long as Ai Er sees him, she would not hesitate and choose to leave with him. That way, there was no need for them to go through any unnecessary duels. Little did Lei Yu know that he was completely wrong; does Ai Er even remember him?

After a cold “humph,” Kun Feng who was floating behind the Void Immortal said: “You dare to speak to our master in such a tone?”

“I didn’t come here today to hear you guys’ bullshit! Just say it; what do I need to do to take Ai Er away?”

“You’re courting death!” Roared Kun Xian, who usually had a bad temper.

Lei Yu couldn’t tolerate this any longer, “If this is how the Void Sect does things, so what if I lose my little life? Aren’t you guys afraid of being laughed at for going against your own agreement?”

“You…!” Kun Xian stared in rage as if he was about to explode. But then the Void Immortal interrupted, “Enough!”

“Master, he…”

“Are you scared that he can really take away a person of our Void Sect?”

Lei Yu looked at the annoying faces of the four; when did Ai Er become a person of the Void Sect? Even though she was forced to remain behind in secluded meditation for two years, Lei Yu doesn’t believe it would change anything. Lei Yu knew that Ai Er’s heart will never change, the love between two people cannot be that easily wiped clean and forgotten.

Detecting that there was movement about, Lei Yu looked around. Over a hundred disciples of the Void Sect started gathering around the once empty grounds. Could it be the Void Sect really wanted to go back on their words?

“I’ll do as you say and cut the chitchat.” The Void Immortal raised his head and looked up. Lei Yu actually didn’t notice at the highest level of the pavilion was another person!

“Early Nascent Soul stage?” Said Lei Yu to himself. But what he would never expect was that Ai Er had reached the early Nascent Soul stage in a short two years.

“You can come down.” After the Void Immortal said that, a girl in white silk floated down like a goddess descending to the mortal realm. She happened to float and land exactly in front of the Void Immortal.

The girl then lightly bowed, “Grandmaster, three masters.”

“The one looking for you has finally come.” The Void Immortal pointed at Lei Yu with ridicule in his eyes. The lover that Lei Yu had desperately tried to rescue didn’t even recognize him, but Lei Yu hadn’t realized this yet.

“Who is she?” Lei Yu didn’t see the girl’s face yet so that’s why he asked this.

No one answered and the girl slowly turned around. She looked at Lei Yu as if she was staring at a stranger without any emotions.

Lei Yu was surprised and he said with a trembling voice: “You… you’re Ai Er?”

Her white silk dress was fluttering from the gentle breeze as her long hair gently moved on her back. Although her face hadn’t changed, the aura she exuded was completely different making Lei Yu not dare to confidently confirm her identity.

“I am called Nuo Ai Er, please be a bit more appropriate here!” Ai Er’s cold tone startled Lei Yu as he couldn’t believe what he heard.

“Ai Er! It’s me! I’m your brother Yu!” Lei Yu cried out emotionally.

“I’m going to say it again, please act more appropriately here!” It was obvious that Ai Er felt uncomfortable and annoyed when Lei Yu greeted himself in such a way. “Master, you guys were correct when saying he was a despicable rogue!”

“You! You don’t recognize me?” Lei Yu stared with wide eyes.

Ai Er’s lips turned into a sneer, her eyes showing her cold aloofness. “Recognize you? If I recognized a despicable person like you who pretended to have a relationship with others, then my eyes must be blind! Enough bullshit, didn’t you come here today to duel with me? Make your move!” After Ai Er said that, a white internal energy flew out of her sleeves. The energy gradually formed physical properties and turned into a sword shimmering white light.

“What did you guys do to Ai Er?” Lei Yu narrowed his eyes and viciously started at the Void Immortal on top of the stone carving and the three behind him.

“What did we do? If you agree to join the Void Sect right now, I will allow you and Ai Er to foster a relationship.” The Void Immortal coldly said, ignoring Lei Yu’s tone.

“Bastard, tell me! What did you guys do to her?!” Lei Yu’s roared out as the rate of his breathing increased.

“Insulting the grandmaster and my master?! Die!” Those once pair of innocent eyes were now filled with vicious coldness!

Ai Er angrily stormed towards Lei Yu. The sword in her hand made a few rotations and condensed a white internal energy. Before Ai Er had reached Lei Yu, that white energy streaked out at him.

Lei Yu clenched his teeth and fists and roared out in anguish!


With Lei Yu as the center, a purple energy aura burst out from his body. The energy aura was extremely powerful, causing the surrounding Void Sect disciples to retreat multiple steps backwards. The previous white internal energy Ai Er shot out was also dispersed by Lei Yu’s energy aura, but she herself did not suffer any effects.

The Void Immortal’s face changed, “Fusion Soul stage! You… you’ve actually reached the Fusion Soul stage!”

“Wh… what?” The three floating behind the Void Immortal were shocked. Kun Feng couldn’t believe it, “In two years time, he was able to leap from the Gold Core stage to… to the Fusion Soul stage? How can that be possible?”

The day that Lei Yu left the Void Sect, he was still at the late Gold Core stage. And when those four energies randomly entered his body, it elevated him into the Nascent Soul stage. While in the Devil King’s castle, no matter who it was, there was no way their strength could increase that fast. So what actually happened to Lei Yu during that time?

Lei Yu was unwilling to accept his. He once again looked at Ai Er with gentle eyes, “What’s going on with you? What did they do to you? How come you don’t recognize me?”

“Why would I recognize you? I am the Void Sect’s third generation disciple!” Ai Er’s expression never changed. Although she looked like the same goddess amidst mortals he knew, her eyes held that cold viciousness that Lei Yu had never seen before.

“No! You’re not Ai Er! You’re not Ai Er! Where is my Ai Er? Where is my Ai Er?!” Lei Yu almost went insane as he clenched his fist and his breathing became ragged. The heaving of his chest clearly showed his current emotions.

Lei Yu then raised his head to glared at the Void Immortal and the other three, “You damn motherf*ckers, what did you do to my Ai Er?!”

“You’re courting death!” Hearing her masters being insulted, Ai Er couldn’t tolerate it anymore. Even though she looked like a weak girl, no one was going to doubt her Nascent Soul strength. With a wave of her hand, the power that can destroy a mountain billowed out of her.

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