9HTM – Ch304

Chapter 304 – Heartbreaking Anguish

One could see Ai Er close her eyes and her lips mumbling something. From the ground up, a burst of white energy billowed out making her clothes and hair flap around like crazy. She suddenly opened her eyes and all that energy formed a sword qi which flew at Lei Yu’s chest at the speed of lightning.

Lei Yu didn’t dodge and didn’t make any movements. He just stood there silently staring at Ai Er. He didn’t bother with the extremely sharp sword qi that was about to arrive at his chest.



There was a dull explosion and a trace of blood leaked out of the corner of Lei Yu’s mouth. He then coldly said: “Ai Er, you actually used a killing blow?”

“Those who insult the grandmaster and master, die!” The strike only caused a light injury. Ai Er didn’t give up and made a second strike, third strike, fourth…

The crazy continuous amount of sword qi forced Lei Yu to step back a few times before he could stabilize himself. “Cough… cough! Blurgh!” And a mouthful of blood sprayed out. Lei Yu’s eyes were bloodshot yet had a sheen of mist on it. He didn’t let the tears flow out and cleared his throat, “Are you still Ai Er? Are you still my Ai Er?”

Standing on top of the stone carved sword, the Void Immortal and the other three revealed a light smile on their face. Behind that smile was a look of disdain as well.

“Did I make the wrong evaluation of him? Someone that cares so much about relationships cannot accomplish anything great in the future!” The Void Immortal shook his head, “But his constitution and his perverse improvement speed is a fact.”

There was no need to talk about victory or defeat here because if Lei Yu actually made a move, there would be no way for Ai Er to retaliate. Unfortunately, Lei Yu didn’t raise a hand since there’s no way he could hurt the one he loved. But there was nothing he could do for the time being as Ai Er’s attacks didn’t stop coming. Lei Yu could clearly sense that Ai Er’s momentum was getting stronger and stronger!

Her initial attacks were like a tickle, while her real attack was coming soon! Ai Er had gained a lot during the two years of cultivation. Those secret skills that ordinary disciples weren’t qualified to learn had all been mastered by her.

Lei Yu was shocked when Ai Er’s body started becoming illusory. Just like a ghost in white, her figure flickered between disappearing and reappearing. Her black pupils widened before she clasped her hands together. A sword qi burst into the sky and the huge amount of internal energy shattered the pebbles lying about on the ground.

The huge sword qi flew around in the air once before descending behind her back and stabbing into the ground. This time Ai Er completely disappeared… she had actually fused together with the huge sword!

“That’s my secret skill!” Kun Feng proudly smiled.

“I hope the kid is lucky and doesn’t die because of this, or else we would have done everything in vain.” Ai Er was an outstanding disciple that was trained by the three during the past two years, but the Void Sect’s ultimate goal was still pulling Lei Yu in. Ai Er was nothing more than bait to them.

Lei Yu raised his head and looked at the huge sword qi with a shattered heart. All the previous memories when he was together with Ai Er started playing in his mind.

Was this still the beautiful girl with the long wavy hair? Was this still the girl that had cried by Lei Yu’s side multiple times? Was this still the considerate, understanding and meticulous girl of his dreams? Everything she had ever done was for the sake of Lei Yu… did that cute and innocent Ai Er still exist?

This simple but happy experiences vividly flashed by. There were partings and reunions that were all unforgettable to him. The tears in Lei Yu’s eyes couldn’t be held back anymore as he raised his head and closed his eyes. The tear drops dripped down his weathered face as it started to soak into his clothes. He felt like his heart was dripping out blood, refusing to believe everything in front of him was real. But this was an undeniable fact. The love of his life, the same person he experienced a multitude of ordeals in hopes of rescuing, was now using a secret skill in order to kill him.

All those experiences from the Mortal World into the Chaotic Star Sea… From killing a tyrant to defeating a Dragon-Snake, and finally arrived at the Immortal World. What he never expected was dying at the hands of the love of his life. Lei Yu gave up. He wasn’t just giving up Ai Er; he was giving up – his own life!

The huge sword qi rose up into the air, and the surrounding spiritual energy started rushing into it causing it to look even sharper. Shimmering with a white light, a beautiful yet reaper-like voice was heard: “Descend!”

While merged with the sword, Ai Er and the sword qi quickly shot down.

“Not good! He gave up resisting!” The Void Immortal roared out, wanting to rush up to block it but…. It was too late! Ai Er’s speed was too fast; it went beyond the speed of light and penetrated through Lei Yu’s chest. A hole the size of a palm could be seen on his chest and out the back. After coming out of Lei Yu’s back, the huge sword qi was now blood red.

Lei Yu smiled. That’s right, he smiled. This smile contained relief, a bit of helplessness, and mixed disappointment with the world.

“Agghh!” Lei Yu opened his eyes and screamed out in pain. He then heavily fell backwards right on top of the sword qi that had already penetrated him before.

“Sigh, it’s over, it’s all over!” The Void Immortal helplessly shook his head, everything was too late. Lei Yu’s body had already been penetrated twice by Ai Er who had fused into the sword qi. Even if he wanted to save Lei Yu, it wasn’t possible with his current strength at the Boundary Transition stage. He possessed a very strong power but was helpless when it came to healing people.

The sword qi stained in red flashed a white light before gradually disappearing. Replaced by it was a girl drenched in blood. Lei Yu coincidentally fell on top of her while she was completely out of energy. Her previous secret skill had completely depleted her internal energy so that when Lei Yu fell back and landed on her, she couldn’t dodge at all.

Ai Er was there lying on the ground while Lei Yu was lying on top of her. “Cough…” Another spray of blood came out of Lei Yu’s mouth, showering Ai Er’s face.

Lei Yu clenched his teeth and forced his head to turn around. He felt satisfied being able to see the love of his life before his death.

“Ai Er, no matter what, I… I still love you.” Lei Yu’s tears and blood dripped off his chin and landed in Ai Er’s eye.

Being agitated by the tears and the blood, Ai Er unconsciously closed her eyes and suddenly trembled!

Although Ai Er was currently at the early Nascent Soul stage, the spiritual energy had been forcefully shoved inside her originally weak body these past two years. One could say Ai Er can only use the secret skill once, and then her body would be extremely weak afterwards. She had improved by leaps and bounds but these two years was equivalent to a destructive growth with a weak foundation. For Ai Er’s current body, there was no way it could handle such a powerful strike.

Taking shortcuts is not the best nor the right way while having a firm foundation has always been the core belief of cultivation.

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