9HTM – Ch305

Chapter 305 – Xue Yu Will Help

For someone that had never experienced such a bloody battle before, she couldn’t handle all that blood anymore. After her weakest organ had been stimulated by the tears and blood, scenes of her past started flashing through her mind.

“Brother Yu! I haven’t seen you in a long time! You’ve really become too handsome now!”

“Don’t worry Ai Er; I won’t let any harm befall you!”

“Go ahead brother Yu; Ai Er will wait for your return!”

“My beloved…”

“You’re so hateful; your words are giving me goose bumps!”

Ai Er suddenly opened her eyes and yelled out in aguish: “Nooo!”

After another round of coughing, he sprayed out another mouthful of blood. “Ai Er, don’t…”

“Brother Yu! Brother Yu! No, no!” Ai Er looked like she had gone crazy as she turned Lei Yu body’s around and wrapped her arms around him. Tears kept streaming down her cheeks and rolling off Lei Yu’s face.

“Ai Er, you… you’ve come back!” Lei Yu was surprised but the pain overruled any emotions he had. “I’m… I’m sorry, I… I came back too late.”

At this time, Ai Er calmed down as she recalled everything. She exhaled while trembling, “Brother Yu, it’s not too late, not late at all. At least we’re together, so nothing is too late!” Ai Er had placed her fingers on her throat. As long as she used a bit of strength, her throat would be crushed and she would eventually die as well.

If one wanted to die, there was no one that could save them except for the anomaly, Ceng Hong Villa’s master – Ceng Hong! Unfortunately, he wasn’t here and the Void Immortal and the other shameless people didn’t have that ability.

“You… what do you plan on doing?” Lei Yu quickly asked, surprised by Ai Er’s movement.

“Brother Yu, I’m going to accompany you!” Tears started streaming down again as she broke down into sobs. It was her that did all this. Since Lei Yu was in such a state, she didn’t want to keep living by herself.

“Wait!” Lei Yu started trembling, and Ai Er could clearly feel her lover in her arms become cool to the touch.

A voice was heard in Lei Yu’s mind, “Master, Xue Yu will help you!”

The Spiritual Bracelet of Frost on Lei Yu’s wrist suddenly brightened, and two beams of white energy burst up into the sky. An unprecedented amount of power made Lei Yu’s body temperature to start changing.

The surround crowd including the Void Immortal stared with wide eyes in surprise at what was happening.

“What is that? How could it emit such a powerful aura?” said the Void Immortal.

One could clearly see those two beams of energy start descending from the sky, accurately landing on Lei Yu’s terrifying chest wound. The wound started rapidly closing, and even Ai Er was staring with her mouth agape. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and had forgotten about crying.

It was already painful when his muscles were torn apart, and now that it was knitting together, the pain was even worse than before! One hand clenched his chest while the other grasped onto Ai Er’s jade-like hand. “Pak pak” cracking sounds were heard, causing Ai Er to bite her lips. Blood started dripping from her lips but she didn’t cry out. The bones in her hand had been shattered by Lei Yu’s grasp and her face started turning red, but she didn’t make any movement afraid that it would affect Lei Yu. Everyone present could clearly tell that Lei Yu’s wound was quickly healing!

No one in the Void Sect was going to interrupt it. Ai Er was originally the bait that was force fed spiritual energy and taught secret skills, everything was to make Lei Yu surrender to their Sect. They never intended for Lei Yu to die so now that he was recovering, who was going to prevent it?

But none of them present had ever seen such a strange situation. All the Void Sect disciples stared with wide eyes and mouths agape as they watched the two energies come out of Lei Yu’s bracelet and drill into his body.

Half an hour! It was a total of half an hour that no one present spoke. The wound on Lei Yu’s chest was basically healed while there was only a thin line of blood left there.

At this time, Ai Er’s face and lips were both pale and it wasn’t possible for anymore blood to come from her lips anymore. All this time, she had bared the pain in silence from having all her hand bones shattered by Lei Yu.

Lei Yu exhaled a deep breath, and miraculously sat up from Ai Er’s embrace. He then placed the bracelet that had lost most of its luster onto Ai Er’s wrist, yet nothing happened. Lei Yu’s heart ached when he realized Ai Er didn’t make a single sound while bearing her own pain.

After gently picking up Ai Er, Lei Yu acted as if nothing had happened before. Purple internal energy was condensed below his feet while he started floating up into the air. Within an instant, he was already at the boundary of the Cloud Barrier.

“Stop him!” The Void Immortal yelled out in shock.

The disciples who were already stationed on the platforms and the wall quickly rushed forth and blocked Lei Yu’s path.

“Move aside or else… die!” Lei Yu’s voice was emotionless while his eyes were filled with killing intent!

There was no hatred from Ai Er’s previous ruthlessness since he knew it must have been the wretched Void Immortal who made some underhanded move on her. Lei Yu wanted to kill, but he wasn’t the opponent of these old bastards. He could only escape!

“Don’t let him leave!” The Void Immortal’s voice was heard and all the disciples acknowledged in unison: “Understood!”

Already at the early Fusion Soul stage, Lei Yu wasn’t someone these little Gold Core and Nascent Soul clowns could block. Even if he was holding onto Ai Er, it wouldn’t hinder Lei Yu’s attack at all.

Lei Yu raised his leg up and a huge amount of internal energy circulated towards his leg. He then made a horizontal kick and swept it past five Void Sect disciples. Right, five of them! All five of them had been bisected at the waist by Lei Yu’s kick, and fresh blood spurted into the air like fountains!

Not only can Lei Yu use a weapon to display his Thirty-six Lunar Star technique, he could use his bare hands and his feet. After revolving his energy according to the Thirty-six Lunar Stars, he directly launched the first form with his leg. And this time, the power released was Lei Yu’s power of an early Fusion Soul stage so one can imagine how sharp the attack was!

Lei Yu and Ai Er were already drenched in blood, so they didn’t mind being tainted with a little more. It’s just that after witnessing such a terrifying attack, none of the disciples dared to block their way anymore.

Lei Yu didn’t stop and continued forward at high speeds.

“Where do you think you can escape to?!” After that roar, the fat Kun Xian rushed forth and blocked Lei Yu’s path.

“Looks like the Void Sect is going back on their word!”

“You want to leave after killing disciples of my Void Sect?”

The Sovereign Kun Feng finally said something behind Lei Yu’s back in a cold tone.

“Blaming me when you guys were in the wrong? I was right all along, you guys are nothing but damn f*ckers who were raised by b*tches!” Lei Yu viciously responded.

The bad tempered Kun Xian was enraged. He didn’t care that Ai Er was still in Lei Yu’s arms and sliced out a sword qi straight for Lei Yu.

The internal energy underneath his feet flashed brightly and Lei Yu immediately dodged to the side. The strike kept going and struck a Void Sect disciple, completely slicing him into two halves.

“You killed that one yourself!”

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