9HTM – Ch306

Chapter 306 – Appearance Of The Heavenly Thunder Bead

“Agghhh! He’s pissing me off so much!” Kun Xian angrily roared. He flipped his palms and five beams of energy shot out of his fingers, transforming into five daggers that flew straight at Lei Yu.

Although this Kun Xian was a whole level higher than Lei Yu, his strength wasn’t just double Lei Yu’s. Not daring to be careless, Lei Yu quickly retreated and figured there’s no way he could easily leave the Void Sect for the time being.

Lei Yu made a thought, and Ai Er in his arms immediately disappeared!

Everyone present was surprised by this, but didn’t think too much about it. Kun Xian’s speed wasn’t slow while his senior brother Kun Feng was even faster. One went to the front and one went to the back, trapping Lei Yu in the middle. The rest of the disciples also rushed up and surrounded the other two directions.

Even if Lei Yu was about to break through the encirclement by the Void Sect disciples, it wasn’t a task he could do in a short time. “Humph!” After the cold humph, a sharp sword appeared in Lei Yu’s hand. The sword was shimmering a white light and exuded an oppressive force. Once Lei Yu injected his internal energy into the sword, the layers of white light melded together with his purple energy.

Lei Yu was holding the Sky Devouring Sword while his long hair partially covered his eyes. In the gaps between the hair, everyone present could see extreme anger in his deep and profound eyes. Add the fact that he was completely covered in blood, Lei Yu looked like he was a god of slaughter!

One could not look down on Lei Yu’s speed. When he was at the Nascent Soul stage, his speed was already comparable to Long Er’s Fusion Soul strength. Now that he was at the Fusion Soul stage as well, what speed was he capable of reaching?

Not that Kun Xian and Kun Feng’s speed were slow, but when it came to Lei Yu, he was even faster!

After a purple flash of light, Lei Yu’s afterimage was still unmoving but he had already rushed towards another area. Without having time to put up any sort of defense, Lei Yu’s Sky Devouring Sword already made a slicing motion and a crescent moon shaped energy with starry dots swept out. Those Void Sect disciples didn’t have time to dodge and were all cut in half at the waist!

“I see you are really tired of living!” In mere moments, there was already over twenty Void Sect disciples that had died. Kun Feng was naturally enraged as he couldn’t endure this any longer, and had already forgotten the words of the Void Immortal to keep Lei Yu alive.

His mouth started chanting something and a white internal energy rose into the sky and enshrouded his entire body. The next moment, Kun Feng’s body started turning illusory.

Lei Yu was shocked; wasn’t this the same move that Ai Er had displayed prior? Right, Kun Feng was completely enraged. The current him no longer cared if Lei Yu died or not after taking his attack.

The time he took to fuse together with the sword was several times quicker than Ai Er, and the huge white sword contained a huge amount of energy that caused the surrounding atmosphere to start vibrating. Lei Yu couldn’t help focusing all his attention on this humongous sword in front of him.

The surrounding disciples didn’t dare to get close because they didn’t want to throw their lives away! Since the Sovereign Kun Feng had already activated his secret skill, they didn’t need to attack anymore. This also included the fatty Kun Xian at the other side. Based on the sharpness and power his senior brother exuded, he had no doubt this move would take care of Lei Yu.


Within the huge sword, the roar of Kun Feng’s voice was heard. The huge sword started pointing right at Lei Yu. With a flash of white light, the huge sword had already pierced forth; its speed was no less than Lei Yu’s which made him beyond shocked.

But this wasn’t strange since logically speaking, Lei Yu’s naturally born speeds that was comparable to someone at the Soul Splitting stage cannot be compared to a weapon’s attacking speed. Realizing this point, Lei Yu wasn’t frantic and actually started madly retreating towards Kun Xian’s location.

Lei Yu retreated like mad and it was natural that Kun Xian wouldn’t allow him to dodge this. He wanted to block the path of retreat but the moment he saw the huge sword getting closer to Lei Yu, Lei Yu had already collided into Kun Xian’s body.

“He’s too cunning!” Still standing on top of the stone sword statue, the Void Immortal sneered to himself. It was simple to see why Lei Yu got close to Kun Xian; if the attack really struck him, then the Kun Xian behind him will also suffer. Therefore Kun Feng had to stop his own attack. Even if this was the secret skill created by his life’s work, there’s no way he can control it to a perfect accuracy. If he wanted to injure Lei Yu and allow Kun Xian to walk away unmarred, then most likely he would have to reach the Boundary Transition stage in order to accomplish that.

Lei Yu’s reaction speed was fast, but Kun Feng was even faster at withdrawing his attack. When the sword was within a foot of Lei Yu’s body, the huge sword retracted its internal energy and hovered their motionless!

With a slower reaction, Kun Xian roared out: “Senior brother! Why didn’t you finish through with the strike?”

“Dumbass!” Kun Feng yelled back, “You’re standing behind him, do you want to die with him or something?”

Kun Xian finally realized this, “What a cunning bastard!” He then grabbed a hold of Lei Yu’s arms and trapped him in front of his own body.

One could see a grin appear on Lei Yu’s lips before his body shook. His nascent infant body was formed by lightning which meant his own body was the equivalent. Lightning immediately exploded forth, “Bzzzt!”

An ear piercing sound was heard. Kun Xian, who was only using his physical strength to hold down Lei Yu suddenly trembled. His hands loosened up unconsciously and people could clearly see they were shaking. This was obviously caused by the lightning released by Lei Yu.

“Be careful or else I’ll roast you like a pig!” Leaving these words, Lei Yu had already rushed off to another side like a ghost. The Sky Devouring Sword in his hands didn’t stop, “Thirty-six Lunar Star’s first form!” The crescent moon appeared once again. How could those Void Sect disciples react when they were still dazed from watching the scene before them? Moreover, Lei Yu’s speed was simply too fast!

With another attack, limbs were flying all over the place before landing on the ground. The current Void Sect had become a river of blood similar to a living hell! No, we should call this the Immortal World’s hell!

“You…! Don’t think of leaving alive today!” Kun Feng couldn’t endure his Sect disciples being killed by Lei Yu anymore. His bloodshot eyes glared at Lei Yu and his body became illusory once again. No matter what, he had to slice Lei Yu into a thousand pieces!

Kun Feng’s speed was even faster than before as an ear piercing wind was kicked up by the huge sword. Lei Yu felt the pain of the wind on his face that was created by the sword qi.


Lei Yu had no place to escape to!

“Heavenly Thunder Bead!” Lei Yu swiped his hand and a round bead seemed to come out of nowhere. One could see him inject a trace of internal energy into it before he tossed it out towards the huge sword heading straight for him.



The armageddon-like proportion of thunder and lightning covered the entire Void Sect! For all those Void Sect disciples floating in the vicinity of the Heavenly Thunder Bead’s explosion, some fell from the air twitching while some had been burnt to a crisp! But those that died were usually disciples in the Gold Core stage.

With such an eye-catching lightning that seemed to come out of nowhere, it caused the huge sword to momentarily pause allowing Lei Yu to disappear from his spot! Once his target was gone, Kun Feng stopped his sword and started gasping for air. His eyes were now completely bloodshot as he gritted his teeth searching for Lei Yu’s whereabouts.

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