9HTM – Ch307

Chapter 307 – Pierced By Ten Thousand Swords

That Heavenly Thunder Bead was not the same one that he old ancestor had given him. Lei Yu had devoted himself to studying the manufacturing methods of the Heavenly Thunder Beads that Lei Run Kong had given him. Lei Yu’s cultivation realm was much stronger than Lei Rong Kun’s, therefore this Heavenly Thunder Bead he personally made cannot be looked down on!

Although the manufacturing method looked easy, it was actually quite difficult. Lei Yu had to focus his effort into draining and injecting all his internal energy into a spiritual bead in order to achieve its effects. In other words, every single Heavenly Thunder Bead was the equivalent of Lei Yu’s entire power, so how can its strength not be formidable?

There were many disciples in the Void Sect and fortunate for them, most of them were not in the immediate vicinity of the explosion. But there were still many that died so the death count from the previous twenty something had now increased to fifty something!

“I definitely didn’t evaluate this kid wrongly, such courage!” After the death of so many disciples, it looked like the Void Immortal didn’t care too much about it and was actually seeing Lei Yu in an even higher light.

Lei Yu had flown to the highest point of a pavilion building and looked down. His voice was then heard by everyone in the area.

“Even if I have to die here today, I will still drag as many down as I can with me! As long as you two old bastards attack once, I will use that chance to take down another swath of Void Sect disciples!”

“Such boldness!” The Void Immortal lightly smiled, but this was only said to himself.

Kun Feng and Kun Xian both frowned, while the faces of the remaining one to two hundred Void Sect disciples paled. There’s no way they would doubt Lei Yu’s words because they clearly saw what he had done previously. A few casual strikes by him and dozens of lives were taken. If that terrifying bead made another appearance, there’s no way for them to escape so they can only wait for their deaths to arrive.

“A bastard that wildly raves! You dare to clamor before me when you’re only at the early Fusion Soul stage?” Kun Feng who was a super expert at the late Soul Splitting stage felt like he was losing face. Both his attacks had been cunningly dodged by Lei Yu, so it looks like he had to make an instant kill move so that Lei Yu couldn’t find a chance to escape.

Kun Feng slowly floated towards his junior brother Kun Xian and they whispered with each other for a short moment. Lei Yu’s eyes were narrowed to slits now as he coldly stared at the two, “You two b*tches, you don’t dare to say those words out loud? Two experts at the Soul Splitting stage needs to secretly plan to take down someone at the Fusion Soul stage, do you guys even have any face left?!”

“You’re cursing at us?!” Kun Xian viciously roared out glaring with wide eyes.

Lei Yu didn’t bother responding and glanced over at the Void Immortal who had been silent all this time. Lei Yu could tell the Void Immortal looked very calm as if the previous deaths weren’t his Void Sect disciples. There was even a smile on his face when he looked at Lei Yu.

“Are you letting me go, or do you want me to die here and have your Void Sect disciples accompany me down in hell?” Lei Yu’s hands were forced! He didn’t want to kill anyone but the situation was beyond his control and he had no other methods.

“It’s up to you!” The Void Immortal coldly replied.

While Lei Yu was depressed over those words. He then heard a roar: “Heavenly Rain of Swords!”

Standing at the top of a pavilion, Lei Yu frantically looked up. Above him, over ten thousand sword qi’s were descending downwards. They were all pointed towards him in a slanted position so it was clear to see that the sword qi’s that covered the sky were all targeting him! Who was it that made such a powerful move?

Following the voice of the roar, it was exactly that despicable fatty Kun Xian. Standing beside him was Kun Feng who had a cold smile plastered on his face.

“Let’s see how you’ll survive this!” Kun Xian sneered with confidence. When he was previously whispering with Kun Feng, they had already circulated their internal energy. Having ten thousand swords strike out at the same time was their masterpiece. Between Kun Feng and him, one was good at singular attacks and one was good at group attacks. When they coordinated together, they had always been in sync with each other. As for Kun Rong, for some unknown reason he wasn’t participating but that didn’t mean Lei Yu’s danger had lessened a single bit.

Over ten thousand sword qi’s were shimmering with sharpness. Including Lei Yu, no one would doubt the sharpness of those sword qi’s that almost looked like physical weapons.

Lei Yu’s mind was working on overdrive, wondering what he should do at this point. How was he going to avoid this? Even if he regretfully dies, at least he will die together with Ai Er! But even if he had to die, he was going to drag down a few more of them along with him!

Lei Yu was about to fly towards an area where there was a large crowd of disciples when at this time… A voice cried out from the outside of the Void Sect, and each cry was louder than the next!

“Young master! It’s me Long Er!”

“Young master! It’s me Long Er!”

“You better listen clearly Void Sect; hurry up and let my young master come out or else we will attack the barrier protecting your Sect!

“Long Er?” Lei Yu suddenly came to a realization. When he arrived at the Void Sect, Long Er may have detected his presence since he didn’t hide his aura. Being found out was quite normal since Long Er was also at the Fusion Soul stage.

But at this moment, Lei Yu didn’t want any of his friends to appear. Of course, the bull-head was an exception. Unfortunately, the stubborn him didn’t allow the bull-head to come along which resulted in this situation. Lei Yu had never ever imagined that the situation would have developed to this scenario.

No one had even opened their mouths yet when the Void Immortal coldly humphed, “Who dares to be brazen outside my Void Sect? Simply courting death!”

After saying that, the Void Immortal had already rushed out and Lei Yu couldn’t even see the illusory body clearly.

In an instant, dozens of mournful cries were heard outside. Lei Yu’s eyes widened, “No!”

Gradually, everything became quiet outside. Lei Yu clenched his fists as he didn’t want anyone that cared about him such as brothers or friends get hurt. Yet because of him, Long Er and Eight Whiskers have probably ceased breathing.

Lei Yu’s bloodshot eyes stared at the direction outside the Cloud Barrier as his body trembled non-stop. “You son of a bitch, this daddy will fight you to death!”

After clenching his teeth, Lei Yu dove down but not towards the crowd of disciples. He was going after the slightly weaker fatty Kun Xian!

Lei Yu was fast, but the ten thousand plus sword qi’s in the air weren’t slow either. The moment Lei Yu made a move, the ten thousand sword qi’s flew in unison straight for him.

“F*ckers! F*ckers!” Lei Yu’s eyes were blood red and he wasn’t able to control his emotions anymore. Everything happened because those Void Sect bastards kidnapped Ai Er and Nuo Hu. Lei Yu couldn’t stop thinking about that and couldn’t calm down!

“As I’ve said before, you’re courting death!” Kun Xian coldly roared out upon seeing Lei Yu rushing straight for him. He didn’t move at all because according to his calculations, those ten thousand swords in the air should be able to slice Lei Yu into meat paste before he even arrives in front of him. Kun Xian had no signs of panic at all!

Lei Yu’s speed didn’t slow down and at the same time, a pair of golden boots appeared on his feet! This was the bull-head’s Ares boots!

Lei Yu’s speed suddenly skyrocketed as the Sky Devouring Sword was raised above his head. He then cried out: “Thirty-six Lunar Star, sixth form!”

It was at this time that over ten thousand sword qi’s pierced through Lei Yu’s body giving off “whooshing” noises. Both Kun Xian and Kun Feng smiled. Even the hundred plus disciples had a grin on their face because Lei Yu had finally been pierced by ten thousand swords!

At this time, the expression of the Void Immortal who had just stepped back in changed. He didn’t want Lei Yu to die. Even if Lei Yu had killed dozens of his Void Sect disciples, they were all worth a fart compared to one Lei Yu! But everything was already too late…

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