9HTM – Ch308

Chapter 308 – The Medicinal Pill’s Effect

Lei Yu’s body had stopped in midair while shaking. The Sky Devouring Sword in his hands was still raised high above his head but he wasn’t moving at all.

Over a hundred pairs of eyes were staring at Lei Yu who was being pierced by over ten thousand sword qi’s. Their heart was enormously satisfied yet somehow; they felt there was something not quite right?

It was Kun Feng who first realized there was definitely something wrong, “What’s going on? Could his blood be already bled dry?”

Correct, not a single drop of blood came out of the currently frozen Lei Yu. One thing they can be sure of was that he wasn’t moving. Even the sword qi’s couldn’t move his body from his current position.

Even though all of this happened in less than two seconds, a smile broke out of the Void Immortal. “Not simple… he’s truly not simple at all!”

Lei Yu had actually not been struck? Yet the slow reacting Kun Xian still had a grin on his face, and the next moment, a meteor-like light flashed by. Kun Xian was still blinking and before he had even opened his eyes fully, a huge terrifying hole had already appeared on him in that short amount of time! The pain sensors hadn’t even reached his brains yet and his body was already falling down. His eyes no longer had signs of life in them but there was still a smile on his face.

With this sudden reversal, everyone had their mouths agape in disbelief! This included Kun Feng and the Void Immortal off in a distance; his previous smile had actually frozen in place.

Lei Yu was gasping for air and was currently at the top of the pavilion he was at before. He was using the Sky Devouring Sword to support his body while his face hung his signature smile. No matter how one looked at him, it was difficult to tell Lei Yu was in a predicament with the smile on his face.

Lei Yu was very satisfied. With his early Fusion Soul strength, he was able to kill a super expert at the Soul Splitting stage. And this was under the situation where he was surrounded by many enemies.

A light breeze blew by, causing Lei Yu’s hair to start fluttering in the wind. But the clothes on his body that had been drenched with blood made no movements at all. Everyone’s gaze was focused on Lei Yu’s wrist and noticed a red ribbon. Wasn’t this an accessory that only women wore? Why would it be curled around Lei Yu’s wrist?

Even if this was a women’s accessory, if Lei Yu didn’t have it, most likely the chance of him dying would be at 100 percent.

“This is more than enough.” Lei Yu lightly said to himself with a smile.

Kun Feng and the dead fatty Kun Xian both entered the Void Sect at the same time. And they both had entered as direct disciples of the Void Immortal. For him to witness the death of his junior brother where he had been together with for over hundreds of years, Kun Feng dove down and grabbed onto the falling body before gently laying Kun Xian on the ground. This gray haired man was in tears and looked broken hearted. But did the people of the Void Sect deserve pity? They were considered a Sect that followed the righteous path, yet in order to achieve their goals, they would use any underhanded moves. They had only used such underhanded moves on Lei Yu and Ai Er, but just this alone was enough to drape the clothes of hypocrites onto the Void Sect.

It was around this time that Lei Yu started frowning, “Ai Er!”

Lei Yu could clearly feel Ai Er’s life signs had greatly weakened. In desperation, Lei Yu immediately took Ai Er out of his Universal Pouch and held onto her ever weakening body.

“Ai Er, how are you doing?”

“Brother Yu, I… I’m cold!” Ai Er’s face was pale and her lips had lost all color. Her hands, those small and delicate weak hands had been mangled beyond recognition. Piercing pain was felt in Lei Yu’s heart as he looked upon it.

“I’ll hold you tight for warmth!” Lei Yu pressed his body against Ai Er. For these two, it had been a long time since they had warmly held each other like this. But such a cherishable scene looked a bit awkward for their current situation.

“Little friend, I will give you one piece of advice! If you join our Void Sect, I can help Nuo Ai Er recover her internal energy so she can stay alive. Otherwise, you should know the consequences!” Said the Void Immortal in a cold manner. In fact, his heart was currently aching since Kun Xian was his direct disciple. No matter if Kun Xian was a favored disciple or not, there were still the feelings between a master and a disciple. Kun Xian was different than the other ordinary disciples yet if Lei Yu was willing to join the Void Sect, he was still willing to endure his death.

Ai Er’s original amount of internal energy had been forced into her body at the sacred spiritual grounds. Once she initiated the secret skill, it completely drained her. Add the fact that Lei Yu injured her further when he was recovering from his wound, the current Ai Er could no longer bear it. Unless… internal energy was once again injected into her body. There was a chance that it would extend her life. There was nothing Lei Yu could do when the Void Immortal took this chance to once again throw out a despicable move to have him join.

Lei Yu clenched his jaws, “Does her internal energy really have to be recovered in order for her to not die?”


Lei Yu slowly exhaled a breath before yelling: “You damn evil bastards; you want me to join the Void Sect? Over my dead body!”

“Oh really? Then it looks like you will have to suffer the consequences which include throwing in Nuo Ai Er’s life as well!” The Void Immortal’s voice had no emotions because he had completely given up on Lei Yu. The death of his direct disciple and the loss of so many Void Sect members were considered a very big loss to him! Even if he were to kill Lei Yu, would he have a lot of miraculous treasures on him? Would it even be possible for him to possess countless treasures that equals to all the lives that had been lost today?

One could see Lei Yu had no emotions on his face but there was a flash of light and something appeared in his hand.

This was a round medicinal pill the size of one’s fingernail. The pill was transparent with a light blue color, and on top of it were several green lines. Wasn’t this the Green Vein Dewdrop pill that Ceng Hong had given him?

Lei Yu used his fingers to open Ai Er’s mouth and pushed the small medicinal pill in. Ai Er forced herself to swallow and suddenly, a miracle happened!

Upon entering Ai Er’s mouth, the medicinal pill transformed into streams of internal energy and coursed through all her meridians. It was clearly repairing and nourishing her! Ai Er’s body exuded a light green light and her face gradually recovered a rosy hue. Lei Yu had been grasping Ai Er’s uninjured hand and felt that it was slowly getting stronger before it firmly grasped his own!

Lei Yu was ecstatic! The effects of the Green Vein Dewdrop pill were indeed exceptional! Back then when Lei Yu received it, he already knew of its effects which were to instantly recover one’s lost internal energy. Ai Er’s internal energy was now rapidly heading towards a full recovery!

“Wha… what was that?!” The Void Immortal was shocked by the sudden change. He could clearly sense Ai Er’s internal energy was quickly recovering, and it was at an even faster rate than what the Void Sect’s spiritual holy ground was capable of!

Ai Er had recovered but Lei Yu had no more strength left. He was panicking over Ai Er’s previous condition but now there was nothing for him to worry about anymore, thus Lei Yu sat down drained of strength.

Injecting energy into the red ribbon on his wrist had already used up a large portion of his internal energy. Add the fact he struck with the sixth form of the Thirty-six Lunar Star’s technique, Lei Yu barely had any internal energy left.

“You have brought many surprises today, but… you may no longer live!” Lei Yu clearly stated he would rather die than join the Void Sect, so the Void Immortal had no more second thoughts.

He released his internal energy and his huge aura surrounded the entire Void Sect. All the Void Sect disciples started landing on the ground in order to ease the pressure they were feeling, yet that pressure from the Void Immortal was focusing on Lei Yu! For such a super expert at the Boundary Transition stage, perhaps only the bull-head could deal with him!

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