9HTM – Ch309

Chapter 309 – Who Is This Person?

But this time, the bull-head wasn’t going to appear because Lei Yu had come to the Void Sect a day early!

Sword qi! The sword qi was incomparably sharp! The Void Immortal’s eyes had suddenly become white and his fingers only slightly moved. A white light flashed and an imposing momentum flew straight for Lei Yu.

Lei Yu was out of strength and definitely didn’t have any ability to resist. Lei Yu was already satisfied to be able to die right before seeing Ai Er recover. He… this was his second time closing his eyes.

He knew there was no way he could escape from the hands of a super expert multiple cultivation realms above him, so he just gave up!

It was at this time that Lei Yu sensed a huge aura appearing in front of him. After hearing a “clang” sound of metallic items clashing, he then heard a girl’s groan. Lei Yu immediately opened his eyes and watched as a mouthful of blood spray from Ai Er’s mouth. On the right side of her waist, Lei Yu could see a serious injury where her internal organs were visible!

Lei Yu’s heart was wrenching in pain as he quickly placed Ai Er on the ground.

“Why? I already know that I can’t escape my fate of death, so why did you do such a thing? The Void Sect might not harm you later since you are still a direct disciple of theirs!” Lei Yu cried out hysterically but Ai Er’s eyes were gradually without life and her breathing slowed down. “Ai Er, no! Don’t die! Stay with me!” Lei Yu seemed to have lost his mind as he started tearing at his own hair. This feeling had made him completely fall apart. He had just recovered Ai Er’s life yet in a mere dozens of seconds, she was facing death again! Lei Yu was completely broken!

A spark of green light appeared in Lei Yu’s eyes, and the brand on his right arm that had turned green prior suddenly shone brightly.

Lei Yu painfully screamed out; both this heart and his arm were in pain! The two types of pain was unbearable, making him want to just die!

But would he really die that easily? Nope, no way it’s that simple!

The Void Immortal’s eyes widen once again because Lei Yu had just shown him too many miraculous happenings! He couldn’t allow any more reversals to happen!

With a roar, he dashed forth wanting to take Lei Yu’s life with a single strike!

“Agghh!” Lei Yu lifted his head and roared out. A beam of light suddenly shot out of the lightning brand heading straight for the Void Immortal.

The speed was too fast! It was so fast that he, someone who was at the late Boundary Transition stage couldn’t react at all. Just like shooting through a piece of paper, the green beam of light pierced through the Void Immortal’s chest leaving a hole the size of a finger!

The brand disappeared… Lei Yu’s brand had disappeared!

In return, Lei Yu’s eyes had turned completely green. His body shook as one hand grabbed the Sky Devouring Sword while the other held Ai Er against his chest.

“Void Sect… exterminate!” Lei Yu’s words were very simple. When he was speaking, the Void Immortal could see Lei Yu’s terrifying gaze; those eyes didn’t belong to Lei Yu! Whose eyes were those? Terrifying, too terrifying!

The Void Immortal clutched his chest and felt a chill on his back! In his entire life, this was the first time he had actually felt fear!

He had changed, he was no longer Lei Yu so who had he become?

Lei Yu flipped the sword in his hand and pointed it towards the ground, “Go!”

The Sky Devouring Sword flew out of his hand and in an instant, and its speed accelerated in midair! The speed of the sword was so fast that it seemed to have disappeared!


A heart wrenching cry was heard causing the Void Immortal to frantically look over.

“Kun Feng!”

That’s right; Kun Feng was currently slumped down next to Kun Xian. His eyes were round and wide and in-between his eyebrow, a sword was stabbed into it. Blood was gushing out and dying his light colored robe, his white hair, and his white beard completely in red. In a single day, the Void Sect lost dozens of disciples and lost two pillars at the Soul Splitting stage!

“Go to hell for me!” The Void Immortal had gone insane! His two disciples died just like that so how could he not go crazy?

His energy aura billowed out into the surrounding as he ignored the blood spouting from his chest. The Void Immortal opened his arms apart and materialized a sword qi that floated in front of him. With a roar, the sword qi shot up towards Lei Yu’s position.

One could see Lei Yu’s lips curved into a grin before he closed his eyes. But this time, Lei Yu didn’t close his eyes because he had given up. He was doing it out of contempt!

The moment the sharp sword qi arrived in front of Lei Yu, a clear sound of metals colliding was heard. The Void Immortal’s sword qi had been smashed away and dispersed!

Floating in front of Lei Yu was the Sky Devouring Sword that was now giving off a white and green light.

“I’m not going to kill you but Lei Yu will one day return to take your life. We will consider this a type of training for him!” These words actually came out of Lei Yu’s mouth! One could see Lei Yu step onto the Sky Devouring Sword before a green light flashed, and he flew off towards the foggy clouds.

The Void Immortal wanted to block Lei Yu but remembering that terrifying gaze staring at him just seconds ago, he actually gave up!

Lei Yu’s memory contained the method of breaking the Cloud Barrier. Even though it wasn’t him in control of his body, but it looks like the green eyed Lei Yu knew the path and easily left the place!

Floating outside the Void Sect, there were no signs of Long Er and company’s corpses. Lei Yu’s body trembled and a mouthful of blood sprayed out. He started falling down while Ai Er who was still against his chest, her condition was unknown.

A golden beam of light rapidly flew towards them and quickly caught the falling Lei Yu and Ai Er. Lei Yu’s eyes turned black again and the lightning brand on his arms reappeared. But the lightning brand had turned back to the previous purple color and had no signs of being green anymore. Not only that, the green lightning brand on his Nascent Soul had also changed into a purple brand.

Lei Yu used his last bit of strength to say: “Go… go to the Chaotic Star Sea. Look… look for Ceng Hong Villa!” Lei Yu then lost consciousness.

“Little Yu! Ai Er!” A youth cried out. His left and right arms each hugged onto a person and below his feet was a huge shield.

No! It wasn’t a shield. The surface of the object had traces of lines and patterns that resembled… a tortoise shell!


The Void Sect had encountered a huge catastrophe causing them to lose a lot of soldiers and had their strength greatly weakened. The Void Immortal sat down in his secret chambers dispirited; his mind kept recalling everything that had happened. “Did I make a mistake? Did I make the wrong choices?”

He suddenly slapped the ground and shattered the floor. “No, I wasn’t wrong! That Lei Yu must have some special treasure on him! Next time, I will definitely kill him!”

While he was still enraged, a roar the shuddered the heavens was heard. Even those Void Sect disciples who were cleaning up the blood jumped up in fright from the roar.

“Void Sect! I am the Southern Wild Land’s Minotaur Linos! Immediately dissolve the Cloud Barrier!”

“What?!” The Void Immortal immediately stood up and shivered, “Wild Land’s Demon King! The Wild Land’s Demon King has actually come?!”

He then recalled two years ago that Tai Lao and Hei Feng came looking for a person yet he ignored them. Could it… could it be there really was some sort of relationship between the Demon King and Lei Yu?

After swallowing hard, the Void Immortal quickly rushed out and made some hand seals dispersing the layers of clouds.


(T/N: You should all have guessed why the green eyes. And the cause of it will be revealed in about 50 chapters)

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