9HTM – Ch310

Chapter 310 – Black Tortoise Shield

Minotaur Linos didn’t know if Lei Yu was currently safe or not. If he were to suddenly shatter the Cloud Barrier without cause, his dignity as the Wild Land’s Demon King will diminish. He was guessing that upon hearing his name, those inside would be in fear and most likely make the right choices.

Sure enough, a few moments after he roared out, the Cloud Barrier gradually disappeared. The Void Immortal personally came out and all the Void Sect disciples bowed to show their respects to the Demon King.

Although none of these people have ever seen the Wild Land’s Demon King, the famous title had long resounded through the Immortal World. No one dared to bad mouth the Demon King or else death would befall them out of the blue.

The Void Immortal recognized Minotaur Linos because during the times of chaos in the Immortal World, he and the bull-head had fought before. One of them was at the Soul Splitting stage while the other was at the Boundary Transition stage. Now, the bull-head had successfully passed the tribulation of the Nine Heavenly Profound Lightnings. Even though he was a single realm higher than the Void Immortal, this step was a complete nightmare to everyone where it was next to impossible to step past!

“Lord Demon King!” The Void Immortal had changed into something more formal as he respectfully bowed to the bull-head. As for the wound on his chest, the alter Lei Yu didn’t want to take his life so it didn’t damage any vitals. After recovering for a bit, the Void Immortal looked like he had never received any injuries.

“I want to ask: Where is that person that had come to your Void Sect?” Bull-head had his hands clasped behind his back. The domineering aura he gave off made the Void Immortal not even dare to completely raise his head straight.

“I’m not clear on who Lord Demon King is referring to?” The Void Immortal was quickly trying to figure out what sort of relationship did Lei Yu have with the bull-head? Why would the Wild Land’s Demon King, who had rarely stepped out of the Southern Wild Lands suddenly come to the Void Sect because of him?

“Humph! You’re pretending to be dumb in front of me?” The Void Immortal was startled as the ear piercing voice reverberated throughout the surrounding. The voice was too difficult for the Void Sect disciples to endure so every one of them were covering their ears.

In a corner of the mountain face, a stone platform had actually broken off. A mere “humph” by Minotaur Linos had actually caused such a powerful attack!

“I don’t dare! I don’t dare! Is Demon King referring to Lei… Yu?”

“So you know of him?” The bull-head asked with his eyes widened.

The Void Immortal swallowed hard, “Correct, I know him! He has already taken his lover and left this place!”

“Oh? How come I didn’t encounter him?” The bull-head mumbled.

“This, I don’t know why but little friend Lei Yu has definitely left. He only used three moves to suppress Ai Er, and those two quickly left afterwards and didn’t idle around here.”

The bull-head nodded, “If I find out that you lied to me, then your Void Sect’s outcome will be similar to that mountain over there!”

With a roar, the bull-head flicked out his middle finger and a bright bolt of light shot towards a tall mountain off into the distance.



With a flick of the bull-head’s finger, the previously towering mountain became a large pile of gravel. How could such a move not have a deterrent effect? The Void Immortal gave a few light coughs, “I don’t dare, I don’t dare!”

“Farewell.” With a flip of his sleeves, the bull-head disappeared from his spot. The Void Immortal couldn’t even see how the bull-head moved or disappeared at all.

After wiping the sweat from his eyebrows, the Void Immortal’s eyes became vicious. “Sooner or later, you will have to ascend. Once I breakthrough the Boundary Transition stage, I wanna see how arrogant your people will still be!” After clenching his fists, the brand on the Void Immortal’s forehead flashed a red light. “Lei Yu, I’m going to rip you into a thousand pieces to avenge my two disciples!”

At the bottom of a mountain, a huge dragon was in a pool of blood. And on the head of the dragon was a deep sword cut. After spraying out a mouthful of blood, the huge dragon transformed into a human.

“I’m not dead yet! I’m actually still alive!”

This person was none other than Long Er who had suffered an attack by the Void Immortal. He clenched his jaws as he struggled to stand up and look at the death of his people. “It looks like I’ll have to seek out senior Ceng Hong!”

He then struggled to walk towards a catfish that was only the size of a forearm. Ever since Long Er had arrived at the Immortal World, this catfish who had eight whiskers had followed him and became his right-hand man – Eight Whiskers!

“Don’t worry, I will definitely avenge you!” Long Er had a vicious look in his eyes. Even if he wasn’t the opponent of the Void Sect, his heart was still bent on revenge!

He struggled to support his body before rising into the air. Long Er then flew off to the side of the Void Sect towards the edge of the Immortal World. There was a light layer of fog here which meant behind it would be the dangerous Chaotic Star Sea.

In the Chaotic Star Sea at this moment, a vigorous looking youth with a bare upper body was standing on top of something that looked like a huge tortoise shield. The muscles on his body were filled with explosive power as he rapidly flew forward towards a certain direction. His face was filled with panic and his eyes looked extremely worried. He continued forcing himself to go faster and faster and didn’t dare to slow down one bit.

“Little Yu, Ai Er, just hang in there!” When he entered the Chaotic Star Sea, this youth had encountered a demonic cultivator. Fortunately this demonic cultivator didn’t have any evil thoughts so after this youth’s inquiring; he found the general location of the Ceng Hong Villa. He was now quickly rushing there without taking a break.

A trace of golden light flashed in his eyes as this youth once again injected internal energy into the shield beneath his feet, causing his speed to increase a little more. At this time, a simple looking ring could be seen on his finger. The ring looked very old and was ash gray colored with some strange scribbles on it. Wasn’t this Lei Yu’s storage ring?

That’s right; this person was none other than Nuo Hu who managed to gain the Black Tortoise as his master! The Black Tortoise had given Nuo Hu the storage ring and gifted him with his personal weapon, the Black Tortoise Shield. His current strength wasn’t that great – he was only at the late Gold Core stage but his defense wasn’t something ordinary cultivators can break past!

Along the way, Nuo Hu had encountered many instances of demonic cultivators and devil cultivators blocking his path. It was fortunate that their strengths never exceeded the Fusion Soul stage. Nuo Hu struggled and persisted, and even though he couldn’t kill them, his opponents couldn’t break past his defense so he was able to safeguard everyone’s lives.

Lei Yu and Ai Er weren’t out in the open with Nuo Hu but stored inside the storage ring. This way, Nuo Hu wouldn’t be hindered or burdened by them so he could rush forth at an easier pace.

After many twists and turns, it took over two months before Nuo Hu reached a certain territory. Off in a distance, two golden beams of light flew towards him. Nuo Hu knew that there were going to be others blocking his path so he landed on a planet and strengthened his defense to ready for a battle.

The newly arrivals were obviously demonic cultivators. Their backs had huge golden wings and their mouth and nose were fused together that curved downwards. It was clear that they were some type of eagle demons.

“Friend, do you need to pass this area?” Asked one of the birdmen, his tone slightly sharp.

“That’s right.” Nuo Hu didn’t allow his aura to spread out as he maintained his strongest defensive state.

“Don’t be so tense friend, the rules here are for you to just leave behind some crystal stones and you can leave.”

Nuo Hu was a bit stunned because he had never used crystal stones before, but he knew there were two inside the storage ring. He didn’t know what the value of them was but Nuo Hu swiped his hands and a blue colored crystal stone appeared.

The eyes of the two birdmen widened, “It’s good that you have crystal stones! Friend, you may leave!”

“Can I ask… how do I get to Ceng Hong Villa?” Nuo Hu asked.

“You are someone of the Ceng Hong Villa?” Those two birdmen angrily stared right as they stored the crystal stone.

Nuo Hu didn’t know the problems Lei Yu was involved in. He was originally able to easily leave this place but now, it wouldn’t be so simple anymore.

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