9HTM – Ch311

Chapter 311 – The Esoteric Of Defense

“No, I’m just looking for a friend.” Noticing their tones changing, Nuo Hu tensed up and coldly stared at his opponents.

“Friends? You have friends at the Ceng Hong Villa?” One of the birdmen asked.

“That’s right!”

The wings behind those two fluttered, “Then you cannot go! Leave your life here!”

Nuo Hu’s face turned serious, “I already gave you a crystal stone so what did I do that offended you guys?”

“Humph! The people of Ceng Hong Villa killed our great Roc Emperor! You are a friend of the Ceng Hong Villa so you must deliver your life to us!” The two birdmen clenched their jaws with hatred, intending to kill Nuo Hu. The two then glanced at each other and nodded before taking out their weapons from their waist. They didn’t bother allowing Nuo Hu to say anything more and started releasing attacks filled with the fury of a storm.

Nuo Hu angrily stared at them and roared out. A golden light shone from his body and the huge shield resonated and shone brightly as well. It then floated in front of Nuo Hu and released an energy surrounding him. No matter how much the two birdmen attacked, they couldn’t get through Nuo Hu’s defense!

After several attacks, those two were at a loss because Nuo Hu didn’t retaliate and only focused his effort on defending. Nuo Hu couldn’t do anything to these two who were at the late Nascent Soul stage, yet the two birdmen couldn’t touch a single hair of Nuo Hu either. This stalemate persisted for a while before the two birdmen retreated several meters back. All three then stared at each other without daring to make another move.

“Let me leave, I have something important to take care of!” Nuo Hu enunciated every single word.

“Impossible, just wait for your death!” After say that, one of the birdmen made a shrill cry into the air. He then revealed a cold smile, “I believe you will soon be surrounded by our companions. You want to leave? Keep dreaming!”

“Bastards!” Lei Yu and Ai Er had been unconscious for over two months now so Nuo Hu was extremely anxious. He had never killed anyone before but these birdmen had completely ignited the rage in his heart. It looks he cannot hold back anymore… so let’s FIGHT!

Nuo Hu roared out and the anger shown in his eyes looked like they were about to spew out flames. The muscles on his upper body tensed up and enlarged like they were filled with explosive power. Those two birdmen were then startled by this sudden change.

Nuo Hu had been only using defensive moves so can his offensive power take on those two?

One needs to know that his master is an existence that has lived in these realms for over a million years! Although the Black Tortoise isn’t a divine beast that has a billion year longevity, it was similar to Long Er who had its own arcane secrets of its divine beast lineage. Nuo Hu didn’t know the esoteric of a dragon, but he fully grasped the secrets of a Black Tortoise!

With his overpowered defense, the blunt force can steamroll through the sharp attacks!


Nuo Hu clenched his jaws and rushed out. His huge shield was shining brightly and exuding a golden explosive aura. Seeing that Nuo Hu was getting closer to them, those two birdmen didn’t dare to be negligent and made their moves to block him.

From the esoteric of defense, Nuo Hu happened to have a trick up his sleeves and they fell for it!

Nuo Hu’s attack wasn’t really an offensive attack; he was actually going to use his powerful defense to reflect their attack. If those two birdmen didn’t make a move, Nuo Hu would be pretty helpless in this situation. But since they did make a move, however big their attack power dealt out would be fully reflected back at them! It wasn’t easy for Nuo Hu to grasp such an intriguing concept of the Black Tortoise!

A look of shock appeared in the eyes of the two birdmen. A mere kid at the Gold Core stage had actually caused them to suffer an injury?! This kid must have some sort of secret skill! If they continue to stay here, the ones in danger will be themselves! The two birdmen sprayed out a mouthful of blood as they were blown backwards. They began to spread their wings before turning into two beams of golden light and shooting off into the distance.

Nuo Hu heavily exhaled in relief. If he had to deal with opponents at the Fusion Soul stage, Nuo Hu will be the one to surely die. Even though he could put his entire effort into defending against someone at the Fusion Soul stage, he wouldn’t be able to fight back at all. If he tried to use that reflective attack on experts above the Fusion Soul stage, his chances of winning would be equal to zero! Wanting to use his secret skill in order to reflect a powerful attack coming from someone multiple cultivation realms above him? Completely impossible!

Nuo Hu didn’t dare to idle around here and focused his spirit. The huge shield brightened and Nuo Hu jumped on top before flying off in a certain direction.

The Chaotic Star Sea was filled with dangers, but Nuo Hu didn’t care because he would do anything for Lei Yu and Ai Er.

Nuo Hu knows how whole heartedly Lei Yu had treated him and his sister, and there was no need to say out loud how close their relationship was. They had already surpassed the relationship of friends and had formed a bond similar to brothers, a relationship just like one’s own family!

Because of Nuo Hu and Ai Er, Lei Yu rushed to the Chaotic Star Sea without hesitation with his previous low cultivation strength. Now it was Nuo Hu’s turn, so what should he be anxious about?

After several more days, Nuo Hu was totally exhausted.

He had been chased and attacked endlessly by those birdmen these past few days, but now they didn’t dare to continue chasing once he had reached a certain area. It looks like he had already flew beyond the boundary of those birdmen’s’ territory. After exhaling heavily, Nuo Hu realized a person was flying towards him. No, not a person! It was a big grasshopper!

It had a human’s body but the head of a grasshopper, and its eyes were quite terrifying to behold.

“Leave your Gold Core here!” The grasshopper cried out.

Nuo Hu sent out his perception and realized this monster’s strength was much stronger than him by a lot. It looks like he’ll have another tough battle!

After making preparations to take on his opponent, Nuo Hu slowly descended. The grasshopper wasn’t going to let him go and it too descended down onto a small planet with Nuo Hu.

Nuo Hu released his defensive power and the grasshopper also prepared to attack. At this time, a white light flashed by in the sky. The grasshopper looked up and when it realized who had come, his body started shaking in fright.

The white light shot down in-between those two, “Bastard! Didn’t I tell you before that you’re not allowed to harm outsiders?”

The grasshopper shivered and plopped down on his knees, “Grandpa Big White! I… it’s been a long time… since I’ve tasted a Gold Core!

“If you happened to harm my family’s young master or his friends, dying a thousand deaths would not even remedy your offense!”

“Yes! Yes!” The grasshopper actually started sweating.


With a puff of smoke, the grasshopper disappeared without a trace. Nuo Hu’s mouth was agape at the new comer… wasn’t this a dog? Its whole body was white and looked quite ferocious, except Nuo Hu could see a trace of gentleness in its eyes. On its forehead was a red ruby with gold edges surrounding it.

“Excuse… excuse me, you are…?” Nuo Hu didn’t dare to be rash. That grasshopper was so much stronger than him yet upon seeing this white dog, it ran away in a puff of smoke. This clearly meant the dog was even stronger than the grasshopper.

“This is the Ceng Hong Villa’s territory, why are you here?” The white dog shook its head and its fur fluttered around.

Nuo Hu carefully observed the white dog and was suddenly widened his eyes in shock, “Big White! You’re Big White right?”

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