9HTM – Ch312

Chapter 312 – Immediate Treatment

Big White was a bit surprised, how did this person know his name? Wait a minute… his face looks familiar… Big White was racking his brains yet couldn’t remember where he had seen him before.

“You don’t remember me? It’s me! I’m little Yu’s sworn older brother! We met each other at the Scaling Dragon Cave!” Nuo Hu reminded him that day, Lei Yu requested Long Er to remove all the water from the main halls before Nuo Hu could come out of the storage ring. It was then he saw Big White. Although Big White was in human form, there were times when he changed to his true form and the most important point was the red ruby on his forehead always remained the same.

“It’s you! Where’s the young master? Isn’t the young master together with you?” Big White finally remembered who this person was. But these past two years, the changes to Nuo Hu were really quite a lot. His hair had been much longer and his body more buffer, but at least his face didn’t change much.

“Little Yu managed to rescue Ai Er but suffered a serious injury! He had already been unconscious for two months but before that, he wanted me to bring him to the Ceng Hong Villa.” While explaining, Nuo Hu pointed at the storage ring.

Big White remembered the ring was something that belonged to Lei Yu!

It wasn’t necessary to explain further since Big White understood Lei Yu must be inside the ring!

“Quickly follow me!”

Following behind Big White, their path was unimpeded the entire way because no one dared to block them. Nuo Hu finally realized this Ceng Hong Villa must be some major power in the Chaotic Star Sea.

After flying rapidly, they had finally arrived at their destination. The scenery here wasn’t bad at all and it was considered a rarely seen paradise amongst the planets of the Chaotic Star Sea.

Amongst sparse forests, there were many strange looking beasts. These beasts were herbivores and didn’t look dangerous, and some actually looked quite cute. At the backdrop of these forests were small green mountains, and at the base of these mountains flowed a river with extremely clear water where one could even see the fishes swimming at the bottom.

Big White and Nuo Hu continued flying by following the river. They then arrived at an expansive open land where it looked like the pastures of the countryside. At the end of this open flat land was a small house. Outside the house, a girl that didn’t look that old was sitting there resting her chin on her hands and staring off into the distance like she was thinking about something. Upon seeing Big White, she immediately stood up with an excited expression on her face.

She wasn’t excited seeing Big White but it was the person following behind him. Even though she couldn’t clearly see the person’s face because of the distance, but what sort of place was the Ceng Hong Villa? Was this a place that anyone could enter? Even if it was Big White, he didn’t have the authority to allow random people to enter. So who could it be? A person that didn’t require Big White to gain permission first yet could come in so easily?

It was clear that the girl thought the person behind Big White was Lei Yu!

“Grandpa! Quickly come out grandpa! Brother Yu is back!” She was young so she had a high pitch in her voice. Her cry of excitement even scared off all the surrounding birds resting in the trees.

“Where? Where?” Big White hadn’t even touched down yet and an elderly person had already arrived from the rear mountains.

Upon clearly seeing Nuo Hu’s face, the young girl said in surprise: “How… how come it’s not brother Yu? Who are you?”

“Big White! Are you going beyond your authority? Who allowed you to bring an outsider to my Ceng Hong Villa?” The elderly person angrily stared at Big White before staring at Nuo Hu. Upon observing him, he realized there was something different about Nuo Hu. It was obvious that Nuo Hu was a human yet the aura he exuded didn’t belong to a human. What was going on?

While the elderly person was making observations, Big White bowed, “Master, save the young master first!” After saying that, Big White used his eyes to give Nuo Hu an acknowledgement. Nuo Hu then made a thought and two beams of light rushed out from the ring. The two beams of light grew bigger as it landed on the ground causing everyone panic.

“Little Yu, it’s really you!” The elderly person’s eyes became red.

Nuo Hu then said: “Senior, I am the sworn brother that little Yu had gone through untold hardships to rescue in the Immortal World. And this is his girlfriend who is my younger sister, Ai Er.”

“Master, them two have been unconscious for over two months now! Quickly save them!” Now wasn’t the time for a happy reunion so Big White immediately told them what Nuo Hu had said prior.

The elderly person nodded. Two beams of green light came out from his palm and each landing on Lei Yu and Ai Er’s chest. He then lifted his palms up and the two on the ground started floating. At this time, there was some slight shock on Ceng Hong’s face. “Fusion Soul stage? The young master had actually reached the Fusion Soul stage in these two short years?”

“Wh… what?” Big White couldn’t believe what he had heard. Ceng Hong then continued: “You guys wait here; I’ll take them back to the rear mountains for treatment. Big White, guard the Villa seriously. If anyone intrudes, kill without mercy!”

“Understood!” Big White nodded.

Today, Big White had broken a vow. It’s not like he broke a vow of not eating meat or celibacy, it was the vow to the girl that while in the vicinity of the Villa, he wasn’t allowed to speak. But today’s situation was urgent so he couldn’t be bothered with it.

Not only that, Big White had to go against the words that Ceng Hong left for him because someone had just arrived that he couldn’t kill!

“Lord White! Lord White!”

The moment Ceng Hong entered the rear mountains, a cry from the sky was heard.

Upon looking up, “Long Er, how come it’s you?!” Big White said with surprise.

“Grandpa White, young master…” Long Er glanced at Nuo Hu and it seems like his memory was much better than Big White’s. “Aren’t you the young master’s sworn brother Nuo Hu? How come you’re here?”

“Little Yu suffered a serious injury so he and Ai Er are currently being treated by senior Ceng Hong.” Replied Nuo Hu.

“That’s means the young master… was able to escape out of the Void Sect?” Long Er’s eyes widened. He would never forget what happened that day. After yelling out a few times outside the Void Sect, the Void Immortal attacked them. Since they didn’t have the power to resist, the dozens of subordinates he brought with him had all lost their lives.

“That’s right.” Nuo Hu nodded, “Once I left the place of my master’s, I rushed towards the Void Sect. Never would I have imagined that the moment I arrived, little Yu rushed out with Ai Er in his arms. He had no more strength in him anymore but before he lost conscious, he had me come to the Ceng Hong Villa. It looks like senior Ceng Hong has an extremely powerful healing ability.”

Big White and Long Er both nodded, but it seemed that they had forgotten one important thing. They suddenly heard someone behind yell out unsatisfactorily: “You guys dare to not place me in your eyes?!”

The three turned around and saw a girl pouting with anger.

Big White gasped, he had actually completely forgotten about the young miss!

“Young miss! There’s no need to introduce Nuo Hu to you since you already know about him. This is Long Er, he was someone I saved before.”

“Didn’t grandpa mention before? Anyone who intrudes into the Ceng Hong Villa has to be killed! You dare to not listen to grandpa’s command?” The young girl cried out while pointing at Long Er.

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