9HTM – Ch313

Chapter 313 – It’s All Up To You

“Young miss… we… we three will go out and guard the Villa!” After making some eye gestures at Nuo Hu and Long Er, the three of them nodded in understanding. They didn’t bother with Bao Er’s yelling and the three flew off into three different directions.

This place was similar to paradise. Even if one compared the most exotic place in the Mortal World to here, it wouldn’t be ranked above the Ceng Hong Villa. And there was one special place here that even Big White wouldn’t dare to go to, which was the place where Ceng Hong refined his pills!

Next to a small structure was a pavilion made out of wood with only two levels. Even though it looked simple, it was tidied up to a presentable manner as if a housewife had taken good care of it.

This was a resting area for Ceng Hong, Bao Er, and Big White. Behind this two story pavilion was a small mountain that wasn’t that tall. At the base of the small mountain was a cave, and at the entrance of the cave was a transparent aura completely blocking it. This was a barrier that Ceng Hong put up. Its purpose wasn’t to block Big White or others close to him because Big White’s loyalty was unquestionable.

Ceng Hong was mainly concerned about outsiders intruding into his Villa since inside the cave was his entire life’s work!

The inside of the cave wasn’t as dark as one would imagine because there were dozens of crystal stones inlaid all over the walls. The lighting effect of these crystal stones weren’t too bad.

The cave wasn’t that big and only was about 100 square meters. At the center of the cave was a big pill furnace sitting there. At the bottom was a flame giving off “pak pak” sounds that were continuously heating up the pill furnace.

The entire furnace was the color gold with a height of about 2 meters. It had a diameter of around 1 meter with a dragon engraved on it. On the top of the furnace was a dragon’s head acting as the lid.

The room was surrounded by wooden shelves and each shelf had multiple boxes. At the front of each box was clearly labeled the name of the herb.

Behind the furnace was a long bench with a male and a female on it. The ground was currently quite messy with random herbs lying about.

It appears that Ceng Hong was in a rush to save them and didn’t bother being tidy, allowing the fallen herbs to stay there for now.

The male and female were obviously Lei Yu and Ai Er who were still unconscious. But their breathing had become smoother and wasn’t as chaotic as it was before.

One could see Ceng Hong standing by the bench, each of his hands resting on Lei Yu and Ai Er’s wrist. Two streams of light green internal energy were currently slowly entering the two bodies.

His face slowly revealed a look of surprise, and it became shock as time went on. Later, the expression turned serious!

“Damn! This girl’s condition is getting better but little Yu’s condition doesn’t look good!”

After gently lowering Ai Er’s arm, Ceng Hong clasped his index and middle fingers together. He then placed his fingers on his own pulse at the wrist and the stream of internal energy entering Lei Yu increased with power.

After a while, Ceng Hong removed his hand and sighed, “Little Yu, I can only stabilize the internal energy within your body but cannot help wake you up. Everything… relies on your own will!”

Ceng Hong took out a square shaped box and opened the lid, causing a light fragrance to permeate the air. Inside the box were four white pills and two red pills the size of marbles that kids usually played with.

After taking out a red pill, he opened Lei Yu’s mouth and pushed the pill in. Once the medicinal pill entered Lei Yu’s mouth, it melted and transformed into energy going straight for his heart meridian. One could see Lei Yu’s chest rapidly moving up and down, and even his clothes started fluttering visibly. This was a normal response so Ceng Hong nodded in satisfaction before putting away the square box.

From the shelves of medicinal herbs, he grabbed a bowl made of metal. He then started grabbing some herbs from various places that had already been dried. One could see Ceng Hong start to crumble these herbs before it turned to powder and falling into the metallic bowl.

He then took a spoonful of transparent liquid from an urn and started stirring it into the bowl. The paste like substance was then applied to the terrifying looking wound on Ai Er’s waist. This mixture of herbs may not be able to instantly make Ai Er’s wound recover, but their healing effects aren’t too bad.

It appears that even though unconscious, the pain Ai Er felt still made her start groaning. Some blood started flowing out of the wound once again.

Ceng Hong ignored the blood and continued applying more of this gray colored medicinal paste. It was only until it had completely covered the entire wound did he stop his actions.

“How could her hand be crushed into such a condition? This looks a bit complicated but the girl’s fate is not bad, I happen to have recently come across some exceptional herbs that will allow her to recover.” Ceng Hong said to himself. At this time, his gaze landed on a bracelet on Ai Er’s wrist.

“Isn’t that little Yu’s Spiritual Bracelet of Frost? Why is she wearing it?” He then recalled Nuo Hu’s words that Ai Er was Lei Yu’s girlfriend. In the Immortal Realm, they were considered dao partners. And even though dao partners may not go through the intimate bonding between men and women, they are still considered a couple.

“It looks like this girl is very important to little Yu, or else he wouldn’t have put the family’s heirloom on her!” Because of this reason, Ceng Hong gave extra attention when healing Ai Er.

In another area.

“You have all been searching for Lei Yu’s whereabouts for the past two months yet you still haven’t found any traces of him?” Minotaur Linos was standing on the raised dais as he lectured the four great generals.

“Lord Demon King, your subjects deserve death! We have searched every corner of the Immortal World and we have even asked every Sect about it yet have not found any traces of Lord Lightning!” One of the more burly generals replied.

“Trash! You are all trash!” Even though the bull-head had a bad temper, he had always been good to his subordinates. He had been enraged only twice, and twice it was because of Lei Yu. The first time, his anger was directed at his own daughter and now, this was the second time. Thus we can see how important Lei Yu was to him. After all, Lei Yu was his savior. If it weren’t for Lei Yu, most likely he would still be trapped in the maze and experiencing suffering beyond words.

“Father, is there still no news?” Upon hearing the angry roars of his father, a youth with blonde hair came into the main hall and asked.

The bull-head helplessly shook his head, “None.”

“How about I go look for him?” Said the blonde youth.

“Romon, how is your cultivation?”

“I’ve made some progress these two years; I’m currently at the mid Nascent Soul stage.” The blonde youth replied.

“Not bad, but when compared to little Yu, there’s still a big gap!”

It’s not strange for the bull-head to compare Romon with the perversely gifted Lei Yu since he was the only ascetic cultivator in the entire Immortal Realm that had reached the Nascent Soul stage.

“I can’t compare to him, especially when my cultivation method is very difficult to begin with.”

The bull-head sighed, “Since you already have the strength of the Nascent Soul stage, it should be enough to protect yourself in the Immortal Realm. Go ahead and search the places he has been to then.”


The bull-head sighed again before walking towards the back of the throne and not bothering with the four great generals still in the main hall.

In these short two months, Minotaur Linos had visited the Void Sect more than once to verify their words. But the Immortal Void persisted with the same statement so he couldn’t get anything new out of him. He also didn’t want to flip the Void Sect upside down because even though his strength was incredible, he’d still be criticized by everyone in the Immortal World. Therefore, this matter had given him a huge headache.

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