9HTM – Ch314

Chapter 314 – Refusing To Take A Step Away

Telephassa’s beautiful eyes showed how worried she was. Even though Lei Yu had stayed in the Southern Wild Lands for the past two years, he had been concentrating on cultivation and barely spent time together with her. Now that Lei Yu had disappeared, who knew if he was deliberately being irresponsible in making those who cared about him worry.

But this cannot be blamed on Lei Yu since this wasn’t what he wanted. Lei Yu wanted to bring Ai Er to the Southern Wild Lands so he could forever spend his time together with those he loved.

But it seems like fate would not stop interfering with Lei Yu as problems seem to keep piling on top of him. He was a person that was kicked out of the family and started experiencing countless bizarre events.

Romon was standing on top of a huge copper pillar while accompanying him was the pig-head, Tai Lao.

Minotaur Linos made such arrangements because he was worried for Romon being by himself. This was good too since Tai Lao’s strength was considered quite high in the Immortal Realm, he could handle pretty much any confrontation they might encounter.

Romon’s destination was the large river below the Void Sect, the Scaling Dragon Caves. That was a place he had visited before so perhaps Long Er might know Lei Yu’s whereabouts.

But upon Romon reaching the place, he noticed the river banks were filled with corpses and skeletons. This scene completely shook Romon’s heart before he dived deep into the water.

“What happened here?” Romon mumbled to himself as he found the Scaling Dragon Caves were void of people.

“Young master, what should we do now?” Tai Lao asked from the side.

“We’ll return. Since we didn’t see little Yu’s corpse, that means he’s still alive. It looks like the only thing we can do now is to wait.” Romon said in a helpless manner.

Tai Lao thought for a bit before saying: “How about we go to the Void Sect and demand Lei Yu’s return? If they don’t deliver him to us, we’ll cause a ruckus or something. I believe that even if the Void Immortal makes an appearance, he wouldn’t dare do anything to you or me.”

“Even my father could get anything out of them so do you think we’ll get any information from their mouths?” Romon shook his head, “My father must have his reason for not making a move against the Void Sect so it’s best that we go back first.”

After saying that, Romon didn’t wait for Tai Lao’s response before he started swimming up to the surface. Tai Lao could only follow behind without a word.

It’s not that Romon wasn’t worried; it’s just that he had no clue on how to even look for Lei Yu thus worrying was of no use.

The Immortal World was extremely big and Lei Yu could be anywhere. It’s not like they could completely flip the whole world upside down looking for him right?

None of them would have imagined Lei Yu was currently in the depths of the Chaotic Star Sea.

After several days, Ai Er’s body seemed to be getting better. At least one could no longer see the occasional painful expression on her face. And the terrifying looking wound she had, it was gradually mending together and only leaving behind a large scab. As long as the scab fell off and after recovering for a period of time, most likely not even the scar would be left behind.

As for the hand that had been crushed by Lei Yu, that was a bit more complicated. But after Ceng Hong injected his internal energy with the addition of top grade medicine, the condition was improving. The shattered bones were slowly mending together and eventually, she would make a full recovery.

Lei Yu’s situation wasn’t optimistic though because after several days, there still weren’t any improvements. The red medicinal pill he ingested did manage to calm down a bit of the messy situation in his meridians, but it didn’t have the effect of actually healing him.

Even Ceng Hong couldn’t understand why Lei Yu’s meridians were in such a chaotic condition.

This was like a test for Lei Yu, but the test was a bit too cruel.

Even if Lei Yu was to awaken right now, there’s no way that with his current strength, he’d be able to change the chaotic situation that was going on in his meridians. This wasn’t a normal disorder in the meridians. The originally free flowing meridians seemed to have something blocking it causing his energy and blood to unable to flow properly. And that was only the first issue.

What caused Ceng Hong a headache was that Lei Yu’s heart meridian showed signs of decaying. This wasn’t something Ceng Hong could easily cure since it was considered a serious internal injury. The internal injury wasn’t caused by outside influence but was caused by some sort of power within Lei Yu, and that’s why the only way for recovery was all on himself as well.

With these multiples issues, the only thing Ceng Hong could do was to help Lei Yu clear his meridians.

Ai Er’s condition was slowly getting better. Ceng Hong lightly took the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost from her wrist and put it onto Lei Yu. The bracelet had already lost most of its luster which showed it must have used up a large amount of energy for healing. It still was better than nothing so Ceng Hong had to at least give it a try to see if it would benefit Lei Yu.

He glanced over at the flames that were slowly dying out. Inside the furnace were some medicinal pills he had just refined, and a few days later he would be able to open it up and use them.

Ceng Hong had already been inside for several days so he started walking out of the cave. This wasn’t considered much because at critical times of refining pills, he would stay inside the cave for three to five months. There were even some rare occurrences where he would be there for one to two years!

After sensing that there was an unfamiliar aura in his territory, Ceng Hong rose up into the air and proceeded to fly in that direction.

“Long Er? So it’s you.” Ceng Hong was a bit surprised upon arriving behind Long Er.

While on top of a small mountain guarding the area, the dazed Long Er quickly turned around upon hearing the voice. “Greetings Master!”

“How come you’re here?” Asked Ceng Hong.

After Long Er told him the entire story, Ceng Hong then angrily said: “Wait until little Yu gets better, we’ll go to the Immortal World and demand an explanation from the Void Sect!”

Hearing Ceng Hong’s words, Long Er became extremely happy. Long Er wasn’t worried about Ceng Hong at all, even when there was the Void Immortal standing behind the Void Sect. We can see from this that Ceng Hong’s strength cannot be underestimated! Perhaps his strength might even be higher than the Void Immortal’s!

Another several days later, the unconscious Ai Er finally woke up. Her body was still really weak and she wasn’t willing to take a single step away from Lei Yu.

“Ai Er, you haven’t eaten anything for a long time. How about a drink of water first?” Nuo Hu handed Ai Er a bowl of water.

She grabbed the bowl but then put it down. The sadness in her eyes would make anyone’s heart ache as her gaze never left Lei Yu’s body.

“You injury has just started improving so you should rest some more.” Ceng Hong’s voice came from outside the cave.

Ai Er quickly stood up. Because her movements were so sudden, pain shot through her waist. She clenched her teeth to endure the pain, “Senior! You have to save brother Yu! I’m begging you! I’m begging you!”

Ceng Hong smiled first before sighing, “Of course I would use my all to heal him, but his internals are truly in a mess and requires him to slowly recover on his own. The only thing I could do was to clear his meridians allowing his internal energy to circulate freely.”

“Thank you!” Ai Er deeply bowed.

“Ai Er, listen to senior and go get some rest. I can take care of little Yu, okay?” Said Nuo Hu as his heart ached upon seeing his little sister like this.

“No, I won’t! If brother Yu doesn’t wake up, I will stay with him and never leave his side!” When Ai Er was in her stubborn mode, no one was able to persuade her and could only let it be.

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