9HTM – Ch315

Chapter 315 – Finally Wakes Up

Days and years go by like the flow of a river. Within these several years, many things have changed yet some things remained the same.

Lei Yu was still lying on top of the large bench while the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost had slowly regained its luster. A strong and robust energy was slowly entering Lei Yu’s body from the bracelet.

“Brother Yu, I’m going to get some water and help you clean up.” Ai Er’s hand had fully recovered now. Her internal energy wasn’t as strong as it was back then when Lei Yu saw her at the Void Sect because that energy was forced into her body and not something she cultivated on her own. Nowadays, Ai Er would remain by Lei Yu’s side to take care of him while she would occasionally cultivate. After all, she still possessed the cultivation methods of the Void Sect. Ai Er understood one simple fact: As long as she became strong, she would be able to help Lei Yu and not drag him down. Having an immortal life was just the start of it.

Without her realizing it, Lei Yu’s eyelashes twitched a few times.

It was peaceful and quiet outside the cave like usual. At the river banks, Nuo Hu was standing there with a bare upper body. In his hands was a rock that was at least 500 jins that he was lifting up and down. These past several years, he had never stopped his own cultivation. His power kept increasing but unfortunately, it was at a slow rate.

“Sister Ai Er, let me help you!” A young girl sweetly cried out as she ran out of a small hut.

“It’s you Bao Er.” Ai Er smiled. Five years, it had been a full five years. Ai Er and Bao Er started off as love rivals and slowly became good sisters. There were plenty of embarrassing moments between them, but no one wanted to bring them up now.

Bao Er seemed to have grown up a lot too. When she saw how gentle and considerate Ai Er was, she too underwent a change. Not only did her arrogant temper change, there was a lot less restrictions on Big White as well. At least the current Big White was allowed to talk inside the Ceng Hong Villa!

Ceng Hong Villa usually did not allow outsiders to enter, but these past five years, Ai Er, Nuo Hu, and Long Er did not leave the place. They were all waiting for Lei Yu to wake up and based on calculations, that time was near!

After removing parts of Lei Yu’s clothes, Ai Er grabbed a white cloth and dipped it into the bucket of river water. She then started gently scrubbing Lei Yu’s body. These past five years, Lei Yu hadn’t moved one bit but Ai Er insisted on moving his limbs as an exercise. Today was no exception. After scrubbing Lei Yu’s body, Ai Er started swinging the limbs and important joints of his body.

Even though Lei Yu was in a coma, his consciousness was actually awake. He just couldn’t manage to break through this unseen barrier to wake up.

These past five years, Lei Yu clearly knew Ai Er was by his side meticulously taking care of him.

Today, there was a change inside Lei Yu. The chaotic situation with his meridians had gradually healed after five years and settled down into their correction positions. After the treatments by Ceng Hong, all the meridians that had been blocked were now clear. And the internal energy that was dispersed everywhere had returned to his dantian.

The faint infant’s body had gradually regained its strength, and his internal energy was rippling with power. Even though he couldn’t get through that unseen barrier to awaken, his cultivation hadn’t stopped all these years. The power from the Dragon Vein would occasionally make an appearance to help him out, making his cultivation speed increase by many levels.

Because he was in a coma, this allowed Lei Yu to concentrate solely on cultivating. His power had been slowly increasing and only Ceng Hong was able to detect the change.

Ceng Hong understood that there weren’t any major problems with Lei Yu anymore and he would awaken sooner or later. One thing he was puzzled about was how come little Yu’s family name of Ceng had become Lei?

There were only two explanations: Lei Yu was lying to him, or he was lying to Ai Er and Nuo Hu. It was only Ceng Hong that didn’t know the first explanation was the actual fact.

That green energy inside his heart meridian hadn’t shown itself these past five years, making Lei Yu really miss its powerful healing effects. And now there was a throbbing of power inside Lei Yu’s body so he pushed it into the infant’s body residing in his dantian.

There was a brand on the infant body’s right arm that was exactly the same as the purple lightning brand on his arm. According to the Heavenly Thunder Manual’s later half portion, Lei Yu withdrew some internal energy from the infant’s body and then focused his spirit and entered the infant. When the two fused into one, Lei Yu could feel the vast and boundless power that was under his control.

After shaking a bit, the infant was now surrounded by streams of lightning. Lei Yu could clearly sense that upon fusing with the infant, the lightning power of the newly formed soul was at least double the power of just transferring out energy from the infant body.

In these five years, Lei Yu had slowly improved from the early Fusion Soul to the late Fusion Soul stage. One could say that he was already touching the barrier towards the Soul Splitting stage, but couldn’t make a breakthrough yet. Something like this cannot be rushed and required time. Lei Yu’s improvement speed was already fast enough. If he were to forcefully make a breakthrough when he wasn’t ready, not only would it be damaging to himself when he failed, even Ai Er by his side would suffer a backlash.

The current Ai Er was cupping Lei Yu’s face as she gently rubbed her nose against his.

“Brother Yu, today Ai Er will tell you a funny story that happened to me when I was in the U.S.” Just when she was about to kiss his forehead, she felt a pair of eyes staring at her. Ai Er’s heart started beating like crazy and she froze like a statue. Lei Yu was still undressed while Ai Er was bent over cupping his head, and that’s how the two stared at each other.

A short while later, Lei Yu grabbed Ai Er and pulled her on top of him. He didn’t care about how this looked and just grabbed Ai Er and kissed her lips. The two closed their eyes and continued kissing in this fashion.

Ai Er’s tears had now dripped onto Lei Yu’s face before it slid down onto the bench. Those two were now madly expressing their love for each other. This kiss seemed to have melted all the pain those two have experienced. As they continued kissing, the pain no longer existed and was now replaced by two new lives!

Ai Er was still worried about Lei Yu’s condition but the latter didn’t care one bit. Lei Yu continued to hold Ai Er against him and the two started rolling about on the large bench. With the hot kiss and the touching of each other, even though Ai Er was wearing clothes, she shivered upon feeling the throbbing of Lei Yu’s lower part. She couldn’t control her madly beating heart anymore and just as she was about to take off her clothes, Lei Yu stopped her hands.

“Someone’s coming.” Ai Er quickly stood up while Lei Yu quickly grabbed a piece of animal fur and covered his lower body.

“Sister Ai Er, quickly taste this dish that you taught me to make. Tell me if there’s any difference in the one you… ahhhh!” Bao Er screamed outside the cave, her piercing voice echoed throughout the entire Villa.

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