9HTM – Ch316

Chapter 316 – The Strange Wooden Door

Everyone around the Villa heard the scream and quickly rushed towards the cave. Big White and Long Er were a bit apprehensive and didn’t dare to get too close since it was still a forbidden area. Ever since Ceng Hong made this cave his place for refining pills, Big White had never stepped close to the vicinity.

Ceng Hong and Nuo Hu arrived in front of the cave entrance and ran inside. They were overjoyed upon seeing that Lei Yu had woken up.

“Little Yu!”

“Little Yu!”

Lei Yu was ecstatic since everyone was okay, “Big brother! Senior!”

At the same time, his perception ability was released and sensed two people outside – Big White and Long Er. Lei Yu was even happier and cried out, “Long Er!”

Long Er swallowed hard. He never imagined that upon waking up, Lei Yu would actually call out his own name, making him extremely emotional.

Ceng Hong’s voice echoed out from inside the cave.

“Come in you two!”

“Yes, master!”

“Young master, are you really okay now?” Long Er asked.

Lei Yu nodded, “Don’t worry about me but back then when I heard you yelling outside the Void Sect, the Void Immortal rushed out and your voices disappeared. I was extremely worried whether something happened to you guys or not. But it’s great seeing you safe and sound now. Oh right, where’s Eight Whiskers? He didn’t come with you?”

Long Er was grateful upon hearing Lei Yu’s concern for him, but once the last part was mentioned, his expression turned a bit ugly. Long Er sighed, “That day when you arrived at the Void Sect, I was able to detect your presence and immediately summoned all of my subordinates and waited outside the main gates. After waiting for a long time and still not seeing you and actually hearing sounds of fighting, I then started yelling outside. Never had I imagined that old bastard Void Immortal would rush out wipe us all out. Apart from me, all my subordinates were killed which included… Eight Whiskers.”

“That bastard deserves death!” Lei Yu slammed his palms on the bench. Although he didn’t use a lot of strength, one of the legs of the bench couldn’t handle the power and broke. Lei Yu’s balance didn’t allow him to fall but he still slid down the bench away from the fur skin covering his lower part. His erect manhood was then exposed for all to see.

Ai Er’s face turned red as she couldn’t help recall that they almost embarrassed themselves in front of everyone. It was Bao Er standing the furthest back that had big round eyes and mouth agape as she stared with a stunned expression. Lei Yu realized the embarrassing situation and quickly grabbed the fur skin to cover himself up again.

“I will make the Void Sect pay back with their blood!”

It’s not strange for Lei Yu to be so enraged. If those bastards didn’t try to draw him in when they were in the Mortal World, Ai Er and Nuo Hu would never have been kidnapped in the first place. Those two people in his life were even more important than his own life, so how can he ignore it? And it was because of that which caused this series of unfortunate events.

It was also because of the Void Sect that made Lei Yu separate from Ai Er for two years, and be injured for the past five years. Today, Lei Yu had made a full recovery and his strength had improved. He had now placed all his anger on the shoulders of the Void Sect and no matter what, he will eventually seek them out to demand retribution!

“Little Yu, there’s something I want to ask you.” Ceng Hong who didn’t speak at all during this time finally asked.

Lei Yu quickly grabbed the fur skin before kneeling on the ground, “Thank you Senior Ceng Hong for saving my life!”

“Quickly get up!” Ceng Hong quickly went forth to support him up. Lei Yu’s salute was necessary because he wasn’t even the descendant of the Ceng family. He was already feeling quite guilty from pretending to be a Ceng family member so he was going to find a time to explain everything. Even if he was beaten or killed, Lei Yu wasn’t going to hide it anymore since it wasn’t fair for Ceng Hong.

“Senior Ceng Hong, what do you want to ask?” Lei Yu waved his hand and Nuo Hu ran over. Nuo Hu already knew what Lei Yu wanted and immediately withdrew some clean clothes from the storage ring. Ai Er and Bao Er both turned around and a few seconds later, Lei Yu had already put on the clothes.

“How come five years ago, your strength had already reached the Fusion Soul stage? I remember before that, you should still be at the early Gold Core stage right?” Ceng Hong’s question wasn’t strange because Big White had never told him about Lei Yu’s extreme improvement speeds.

Lei Yu laughed. Since the people present weren’t those he needed to hide things from, he then explained: “That’s because I had the help with a lot of strange occurrences. Why those strange things happened to me? I don’t know, but there are two things that can be explained. Firstly, the essence of the Dragon Vein helped my improvement speed quite a lot.”

“Essence of the Dragon Vein?” Ceng Hong couldn’t control himself and exclaimed out loud.

“Master, the young master by coincidence was able to absorb the power from a Dragon Vein, that’s why he improves so fast when it comes to cultivating. You actually don’t know but young master has only been cultivating for less than fifteen years so far.” Big White added while standing in the rear.

“This… this is too inconceivable!” Ceng Hong gasped. At first he didn’t quite understand why Lei Yu had so many problems but now he realized the cause. Lei Yu possessed a Dragon Vein; therefore he was a candidate that all major powers want to win over.

“There’s also the miraculous encounter inside the Devil King’s Castle.” Said Lei Yu.

“The Devil King’s Castle you are referring to…?”

“Many centuries ago in the most southern part of the Immortal World, there was a devil cultivator that had reached the Mahayana stage. I don’t know his name but I know that everyone calls him the Devil King. The castle he possesses is completely made out of crystal stones, which means there’s an abundance of spiritual energy there making one’s cultivation speed improve faster!”

“I too have heard of this person, but he inexplicably disappeared a few hundred years ago.” Ceng Hong recalled from memory.

“That’s right. But my friend Minotaur Linos who is the Immortal Realm’s only demonic cultivator to have reached the Mahayana stage, now controls the Devil King’s Castle. With his permission, I entered the castle to cultivate.”

“You’re saying you have a demonic cultivator friend at the Mahayana stage?!”

“Is that for real?”

“That’s too incredible!”

Everyone present stared with big round eyes. Ai Er then grabbed Lei Yu’s arm, “Brother Yu, how come you have such a powerful friend yet didn’t have him help you out back then?”

Nuo Hu laughed, “Ai Er, do you still not understand little Yu? He doesn’t like it when people gossip about him and he also doesn’t like to bring his troubles to others. So many things happened in the past yet didn’t he go about solving them all on his own?”

Lei Yu smiled with a nod. Although he didn’t hang around this big brother of his that much, but this big brother completely understood his ways of thinking.

Lei Yu’s way of doing things were his personal whim yet still gained the admiration of others. A person that only relied on his own strength was someone that deserved the respect of others.

It was a while before everyone recovered their senses from being so shocked. Ceng Hong then asked: “But that still doesn’t explain how you could reach the Soul Fusion stage in a short two years. That’s a little hard to believe!”

“There’s a strange wooden door inside the Devil King’s Castle. At first I didn’t bother too much with it but it was during the later times that I managed to pry into the secrets behind it.”

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