9HTM – Ch317

Chapter 317 – Understanding And Reasonable

Lei Yu couldn’t help recalling the scenes within the Devil King’s Castle.

Lei Yu remembered that at first, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t open that wooden door. Minotaur Linos said he had entered it before and it was completely empty with nothing special inside it.

But Lei Yu was someone different because he possessed the aura of the Dragon Vein. When revisiting the wooden door another time, the room was bare but there was actually a soul remnant residing there. It was the soul remnant of the castle’s previous owner, the Devil King!

By chance, Lei Yu happened to converse with him. The soul remnant was left behind by the Devil King before he left his castle. It was through this that Lei Yu came to realize why the Devil King had suddenly disappeared.

In fact, the soul remnant had something he wanted Lei Yu to do, and that’s why it would impart to him the essence of what cultivation was all about. If it wasn’t for that guidance, even if Lei Yu had the Dragon Vein and other encounters, it would be impossible for him to go from the early Nascent Soul to the early Fusion Soul stage in just two years.

After hearing Lei Yu’s explanation, everyone came to the same thought – they couldn’t help but envy Lei Yu’s luck. Not only did he get the Dragon Vein’s recognition as its owner, he even had a friend at the Mahayana stage. And then he encountered the Devil King’s soul remnant and its cultivation guidance. If this series of good luck had landed on any other person, they too would have reached such a successful stage as Lei Yu.

Except this luck only landed on Lei Yu.

“What did he ask you to do?” Ai Er asked Lei Yu.

“I promised him that I cannot reveal this to anyone.” Lei Yu smiled as he lightly stroked Ai Er’s long hair.

“You can’t even tell this to your dao partner?” Bao Er pouted as she wanted to know as well. Even though it was slightly painful for her to say the words dao partner, she had to ask on principle.

Lei Yu shook his head, “What men do may not always be right, but they would never deliberately do something wrong. There are times that concealing such information is the best and most respectful thing to all parties involved so why keep looking for an answer?”

Lei Yu’s words made Bao Er lose some face. Although his words sounded like they were lecturing her, in Bao Er’s ears, those passionate words made her feel like Lei Yu was someone that deserved her to love. This unconscious momentum and the teachings of the principles of being a decent human was something a young girl like her yearned to have¹. She was currently envying in her heart how Ai Er was able to have Lei Yu and how inseparable they were.

Ceng Hong was very satisfied with Lei Yu’s words as his eyes revealed a look of praise in them.

Since his injuries had been completely healed now, Lei Yu eventually had to fulfill his commitment.

Night time. After leading Ai Er up a path, the two were standing on a small hill while peering at the countless stars in the sky. Some of them looked very close while some looked very far. Thinking back to the past, never would Lei Yu have imagined that today, he would be able to fly in the air freely and have an unlimited lifespan. All the experiences he had made him filled with emotions.

“Ai Er, there’s something have to tell you.” Lei Yu didn’t face Ai Er because the following words were somewhat difficult to say.

“Tell me, I’m listening.” Ai Er softly responded as she laid her head on Lei Yu’s shoulder.

After exhaling, Lei Yu then said: “Do you remember a few years ago, I travelled back into ancient Greece? It was that time when we explored the maze.”

“I remember.”

“It was during that time that I met a woman. I originally thought I would never see her again but never did I imagine…”

“You didn’t imagine meeting her in the Immortal World again, right?” Ai Er raised her head and gave a gentle look towards Lei Yu.

“I’m sorry; there are times where I can’t avoid the situation so I wanted to tell you everything upfront. Never would I have imagined that those in the past would become reality. She waited for me for a thousand years…”

Ai Er didn’t say anything and Lei Yu didn’t know what else he should say. The two them sat there silently, and the only sounds heard was the cries of the surrounding insects.

After a while, Ai Er was the first to say: “I think you cannot let her down. I have never experienced a thousand years of suffering but I do know how painful it is to be separated from the one you love. Back then when you went to the Kou country, I didn’t follow you so you should know how much I missed you. And when you went to the United States, I couldn’t deal with the pain of separation anymore, that’s why I packed my bags to go look for you. Then these series of event happened which made me think that I should just die because I didn’t want you to face all these dangers for the sake of me.”

“You’re not allowed to say those things! I had a tough time traversing from the Mortal World to here just so that you’d be safe. And now everything at this point was all worth it.” Even though Lei Yu had expended a lot for the sake of Ai Er, five years ago she had stood out and blocked a strike by the Void Immortal that was meant for him. No matter what grievances Lei Yu had in his heart, he was not going to allow anymore harm to happen to his woman!

“Brother Yu, agree to her since I believe she’s in a lot of pain as well. And you happened to have disappeared for five years now, so I believe she has been suffering quite a bit.” Ai Er’s small hand gently clutched onto Lei Yu’s arm.

“Thank you!”

“Why are you thanking me? The man I love has other women loving him as well, that means you are exceptional. But…”

“But what?” Lei Yu turned to look at Ai Er.

“What do you plan on doing with Ying Ying and Nami? They both love you a lot. I know that in the Kou country, you worked well together with Ying Ying as if your minds were in-sync, and there’s also that incident with Nami!” Ai Er pretended to unhappy and pouted, looking like she was half angry and half spoiled.

“This…” For a second, Lei Yu didn’t know how to respond since he didn’t know how to deal with those two. Although those two were important people to him during his long journey, Lei Yu wasn’t sure what positions they had in his heart.

Friends? That wasn’t realistic since just recalling that time when he was alone with Ying Ying made Lei Yu’s face turn red. She even threw away all her bad habits just to change for him.

As for Nami… she had intentions to harm him back then but it was all for the sake of her grandmother. For a person to have such filial piety, they would not have a malicious heart. She also promptly stopped her errors and even took the poison because of him. Lei Yu couldn’t forget all those things, especially the scene at the hospital where Nami had technically saved him albeit in an indirect way.

“If we have an opportunity to see them again, have them accompany you. I believe no matter what position you give them, they wouldn’t decline because when facing someone they truly love, there’s no reason they would reject them.”

Lei Yu felt a bit awkward but still nodded.


¹ – I don’t know what planet the author lives on but no high school aged girl likes to be lectured on the principles of being a decent human.

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