9HTM – Ch318

Chapter 318 – The Two Special Books

To have such an understanding lover like Ai Er, what kind of man would not be satisfied? Lei Yu pulled Ai Er into his embrace and those two started kissing under such a beautiful night sky.

The so called, one’s grace must be repaid; Lei Yu had to first bring Ai Er and Nuo Hu to the most southern part of the Immortal World – the Southern Wild Lands. He had already disappeared for five years now, and most likely the bull-head had already gone crazy waiting for him. That’s why he couldn’t delay anymore.

“Little Yu, this <<Hundred Herbs Record>> has many herbal plants and their medicinal effects noted down. There’s also this book where I personally wrote, which are the things I’ve learnt from following your grandfather. There’s also a part of the book where I’ve recorded all the most important experiments and results I’ve encountered these several hundreds of years. You should remember everything in case there’s an accident, then you’ll have the ability to heal it. Of course, Ceng Hong does not wish this would be used often but learning extra things is always beneficial.” Ceng Hong passed on two books to Lei Yu.

While holding onto those two books, Lei Yu’s eyes turned faintly red. He had deceived this old man in front him yet this old man had helped him multiple times without asking for anything in return. Lei Yu simply felt extremely guilty right now.

“I’m actually not…”

“There’s no need to say anything more. Remember, you must memorize everything within those two books because they can be utilized in any circumstances. Also, until you’ve grasped all the information within the books, you can only use generally combined medicinal herbs and cannot refine them, or else your life could be in danger.”

Ceng Hong stopped Lei Yu from speaking further. Lei Yu seemed to understand what was going on and nodded, “I will remember… could it be that I can also eventually refine medicinal pills?”

“Right, as for the furnace required to refine pills, I only have one inside this cave. I cannot gift this to you because it was created by the old master specifically for me, so it can be considered a supreme treasure even more important than my life.” There seem to be a hidden meaning behind Ceng Hong’s words but it wasn’t very clear.

Lei Yu lightly sighed, “I understand, I will definitely memorize everything in these two books!”

After pulling his hands away from Ai Er’s, Lei Yu walked up to Bao Er. He looked at the tears that were swirling in her eyes but were controlled from dripping out. Lei Yu smiled, “Bao Er, be good and listen to your grandfather’s words. He just doesn’t want anything bad to happen to you, that’s why he doesn’t allow you to leave the Villa. Remember that I will definitely be back to visit you!”

“Brother Yu!” Bao Er couldn’t hold back her emotions anymore and cried out before wrapping her arms around his waist. Lei Yu didn’t resist it because it embodied her reluctance to separate with him. Once she let go, who knows how long it will be before they meet again.

“Young master.”

Upon hearing the voice, Lei Yu turned around to look at Big White. A white flash appeared on Big White as he transformed to his human form.

“Young master, I have an item that I want to give you.” After saying that, Big White’s index and middle fingers clasped together and started chanting something. A white light flashed on his fingers before he placed them on his forehead. A red and white light suddenly merged together and the next moment, a red ruby appeared on his palm. The ruby had gold decorations inlaid around its side that was dazzling to behold.

“What are you doing?!” Lei Yu exclaimed with wide eyes.

“This soul stone has accompanied me for a long time, and now I’m gifting it to you. It contains a very powerful energy inside and may be of help if you are in any danger. It’ll definitely be a useful protective treasure!”

“No!” Lei Yu immediately rejected it, “This is something I cannot take!”

“Young master, although Big White hasn’t accompanied you for a long period of time, I’ve seen everything that you have done very clearly. You deserve my respect, and you deserve Big White to call you young master! I am the same as master in hoping these items will never have to be used by you. If that’s the case, you can always return it to me the next time you come back. Please don’t decline it anymore!” After saying that, Big White placed the ruby in Lei Yu’s hand.

He wanted to say something more but upon seeing Big White’s sincere eyes, Lei Yu held back. He could feel his nose twitch and if he didn’t look away, most likely he would start to cry himself.

After receiving the ruby, Lei Yu couldn’t feel any energy fluctuations from it. He didn’t bother to ask how to use this ruby because he wasn’t even planning on using it. Since he couldn’t reject the kindness, he could only accept it for now and return it when he comes back the next time.

Long Er didn’t give anything to Lei Yu but he was someone Lei Yu appreciated a lot. Even though they met much later, all of Long Er’s subordinates had died for his sake. Just this sentiment has made Lei Yu remember it forever.

“Young master, I have nothing to give you but I will accompany you in leaving! If there’s anything you need, I will definitely serve you well!” Long Er cupped his hands.

“No!” Lei Yu shook his head and his eyes were adamant, “You are my brother, I don’t need you to serve me. I have remembered everything you have done for me, and someday I will repay it back! But I really can’t bring you with me for now because there’s something I need to take care of. And if there’s too many people with me, it might become complicated so… I’m sorry!” Lei Yu’s tone was very sincere making Long Er unable to respond and could only nod.

“Okay, it’s time for us to leave!” Lei Yu turned around, “Big brother, Ai Er, let’s go!”

After saying that, Ai Er and Nuo Hu brought out their weapons. Their weapons flashed brightly before they stepped on top of it. Lei Yu didn’t require the Sky Devouring Sword anymore and merely condensed internal energy into the soles of his feet before flying into the air.

Upon seeing the three slowly disappear off into the horizon, Bao Er couldn’t hold back her tears anymore and cried out: “Brother Yu! You have to come back! Bao Er will be waiting for you here!”

“Little Yu! Be careful on your journey!”

“Young master!”

The voices were heard from a distance while a surge of reluctance rose in Lei Yu’s heart. For these past five years, he has deeply etched what these people had done for him in his heart. He just couldn’t open his eyes back then but knew everything, and now that they were suddenly leaving, he too was filled with reluctance.

“Little Yu, there’s something I really wanted to ask but haven’t yet. Since you are fine now, I wanted you to tell me personally.” While they were flying, Nuo Hu neared Lei Yu and asked.

“I know what you want to ask.” Lei Yu lightly smiled, “Big brother wants to know why they call me young master, right?”

“That’s right. When you were still in a coma, I clearly saw how they treated you and it was filled with tender love and care. So what kind of relationship do you have with them?”

After a long and heavy sigh, Lei Yu responded: “We technically don’t have any relationship. In fact, the story is quite long and interesting and it started with…”

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