9HTM – Ch319

Chapter 319 – In Order To Make A Living

Everything was now clear to Ai Er and Nuo Hu. “So that’s the case! No wonder this Spiritual Bracelet of Frost is so powerful, it could even heal your heavy wounds in such a short time.” Said Ai Er while nodding.

“But are you planning on continuing to hide this? I feel like this isn’t the right thing to do…” Nuo Hu was a straightforward person and didn’t like to beat around the bush. And it was because of this personality that he didn’t like deception of any kind.

“I know how big brother feels, but when I was just about to reveal this, I felt they already knew that I wasn’t the descendant of the Ceng family. Senior Ceng Hong seems to not want me to puncture this flimsy piece of paper and stopped me when I was just about to say something about it.”

“You’re saying they know already?” Nuo Hu and Ai Er were both surprised.

“Correct, I’m pretty sure they know already. Since there’s no one left from the Ceng family, they chose to continue believing in this fake Ceng Yu instead of letting this matter came out to the light.”

The two seemed to understand and nodded. Based on Lei Yu’s personality, deceiving people close to him wasn’t something he would do so there wasn’t any need to further doubt him.

The Chaotic Star Sea was indeed filled with chaos. It was fortunate that the locust like creature had recognized Nuo Hu and didn’t reveal itself. Instead, it immediately ran off with its tail behind its leg.

But wanting to pass through that Roc Emperor’s territory would not be that easy. Back then when Lei Yu and Big White were in the Roc Emperor’s territory, Big White had killed all the birdmen that knew Lei Yu’s features. But when Nuo Hu passed through the territory, there were two birdmen that saw him and even called out for backup. Nuo Hu told everything to Lei Yu and the latter merely laughed, “I have a way big brother, just don’t resist.”

With a mere thought, Nuo Hu was stored in the Universal Pouch. This way, Ai Er and Lei Yu would be considered strangers to them. As long as they give the birdmen a bit of their toll fee, Lei Yu can later bring Nuo Hu back out.

“Little Yu, there’s something I don’t understand at all… what’s the use of these crystal stones? I haven’t really seen any markets or stores in the Immortal World. If these crystal stones are really used as currency, what can people buy with them?” Asked Nuo Hu since he couldn’t understand this.

Lei Yu didn’t understand this either in the beginning, but after the bull-head’s explanation and the information he found out prior did he finally grasp the usage.

“The way the people in the Immortal Realm run their business is different from the Mortal World. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need money.” Lei Yu then continued: “Once a cultivator reaches the Gold Core stage, they no longer need food to nourish themselves but they still need to absorb spiritual energy as a supplement for their bodies.”

Nuo Hu nodded, “That I know about.”

“Have you ever thought about one thing? There’s over a hundred million martial cultivators in the Immortal Realm, and what do they rely on to fly?”

Nuo Hu’s eyebrows went up, “Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’ve realized something strange. Demonic cultivators don’t need to rely on weapons to fly but martial cultivators have to inject internal energy into their weapons to do it, which also includes my Black Tortoise Shield. But where do all these weapons come from?

“That’s the main point. Apart from absorbing a crystal stone, one could use it to create weapons. And it happens to be a necessary ore in creating weapons for cultivators to use. When one combines crystal stones with normal metal ores, a craftsman can successfully create a weapon for us cultivators.”

“So that’s the reason!”

“There are even some cultivators that solely rely on absorbing the crystal stones in order to improve their cultivation, which requires a large amount of consumption. So with this many uses, that’s why the crystal stones are so precious.”

Even though he was saying this, Lei Yu knew that Romon’s copper pillar and his Sky Devouring Sword didn’t have any crystal stones in them. But they happened to be much stronger than normal weapons, making this mystery something he still didn’t understand to this day.

This included bull-head’s Ares Axe, a weapon that was gifted to him by Ares himself. Although it had been given to Tai Lao, it wasn’t a normal weapon at all. Even bull-head didn’t understand this himself, so there were many things in Lei Yu’s life that he wanted to get to the bottom of.

As they travelled through the Chaotic Star Sea, Lei Yu and company had met many of those that blocked them. Most of them were demonic cultivators and devils cultivators, but fortunate most of them weren’t Lei Yu’s opponent so they could take care of them easily. There were at times when they met an expert where the three had to combine their powers to use special tactics or secretive means in order to get through.

After crossing through a foggy barrier, the Immortal World’s scenery appeared in front of the eyes of the three. Lei Yu deliberately flew a certain direction in order to go around the Void Sect, and it was fortunate that they didn’t seem to notice his presence. His previous actions had caused quite a bit of Void Sect disciples to die. The Void Immortal had been somewhat deterred that day, but he was not a pushover so he will eventually deal with Lei Yu. He had to be extra careful since his current strength wasn’t enough to go head on with the Void Immortal yet.

In turn, Lei Yu planned on swinging by the Thunder Rune Sect. After making up his mind, the three of them made their way to their first stop after returning to the Immortal World.

The first to detect Lei Yu and company were the two disciples outside their main gates. Everything was the same a few years ago; this place looked deserted as if there were less and less disciples. Some of them joined the Thunder Rune Sect to use them as a stepping stone in hopes of joining a stronger Sect.

“May I ask if you three are here to seek a master?” Asked a youth as he flew up and stopped in front of Lei Yu and company.

Lei Yu faintly smiled, “You can kind of say that… where’s He Chuang? How come I don’t see him?”

“You know senior brother He Chuang?” The youth was a bit surprised.

“I do know him; we’ve met once by fate. Do you know here he is?” There was nothing he could do but use polite sentence structures in this part of the Immortal World since the youth was speaking to him in such a way. If he used the slangs of the Mortal World, this youth may not understand him at all.

“Sigh, senior brother He Chuang is really working hard. He’s still at the edge of the Chaotic Star Sea waiting for cultivators passing by.” Sighed the youth. This Thunder Rune Sect was truly quite desolate, even their disciples felt helpless with their situation.

Lei Yu nodded in understanding. Fortunately, He Chuang was coincidentally returning and Lei Yu could sense his aura, that’s why he didn’t ask to go inside yet and waited.

“Could it be brother Lightning?” He Chuang was overjoyed; how could he not be happy upon seeing Lei Yu’s return? It was more than once that the Sovereign brought up how exceptional Lei Yu was.

“Is the Sovereign here?” Asked Lei Yu.

“The Sovereign has gone out and hasn’t returned yet. This two are…?” He Chuang glanced at Ai Er and Nuo Hu besides Lei Yu.

“This is my dao partner and this is my big brother.” Lei Yu introduced.

He Chuang nodded, “If you three would please come with me. Stay here for now; I believe the Sovereign will be back within these two days.”

“How come each time I come here, he’s gone somewhere? Is there some important matters he has to deal with?” Lei Yu asked a bit puzzled.

He Chuang sighed, “There’s nothing we can do. Even though the Thunder Rune Sect doesn’t have a lot of disciples, we still have to earn crystal stones. Our Sovereign is exactly busy dealing with this issue.”

It was for certain that the Thunder Rune Sect’s situation wasn’t good, and Lei Yu had already begun to form some plans. They followed He Chuang to the pavilions for resting and two rooms were given to them while they waited.

In another area.

“Goddamn it! This place is finally the Immortal Realm!” A youth suddenly appeared in a flash as he stared in shock at the vast stars and planets.

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