9HTM – Ch321

Chapter 321 – Doing What He Promised

Without letting Liu Hao say a word, Yanrong turned around and faced the townsfolk. “What are you guys standing around for? Go prepare the feast!”

“Oh yea, right!”

There was a sudden flurry of chaos as everyone went off to prepare. It was quite lively as some were killing the animals while others were decorating the place.

Liu Hao made a thought and two beams of light flashed. In front of everyone, two beautiful women appeared; they were no longer girls anymore.

Even though they had appearances in their late twenties, they still revealed an aura that caused men to swoon all over them. This type of charm wasn’t something young girls would have. For women their age, this was the most attractive time for men who enjoyed their mature yet still youthful looks.

“Cui Ying Ying, Nami.” Liu Hao pointed at the two beauties and introduced them in a simple manner.

Even though there were many pretty girls in town, these two still made the men unable to move their eyeballs away. Yanrong’s eyes were round and wide as he swallowed hard, while Tian Ye shifted his gaze off to the side in case he started fantasizing.

There was a townsfolk off to the side about to slaughter an animal yet accidently put the knife on his hand and started slicing a few times in a daze. The animal being slaughtered was actually staring at this person with a strange gaze as if it was staring at a retard.

“Aghh!” This person finally realized what happened and cried out in pain as the blood started gushing out.

Cui Ying Ying and Nami were both pretty much wearing the same type of clothes – they were still in their business attire. The most irresistible part was that those two were wearing work skirts that revealed their long slender legs, causing any man to desire reaching out to touch.

After the simple introductions, Liu Hao once again asked about the path towards the Immortal World. Even if there were many obstacles in front of him, he still had to find Lei Yu, a task that was impossible to drop.

The feast at dinner was very luxurious; the town’s way of barbecuing the meat had its own unique taste. Liu Hao, Nami, and Cui Ying Ying had never tasted such flavors. Even though they were eating some unknown animal, the meat was very tender and extremely delicious. Liu Hao personally devoured the entire hind leg of the animal. But the image of Liu Hao eating wasn’t as exaggerated as Yanrong; Yanrong was holding onto half an animal and just tearing out chunks of meat with his mouth. Amongst all the men, it seems like Tian Ye was the most cultured. He wasn’t eating small bites like a woman but he was much better than the other men. At least he was using a dagger to cut his meat.

In order to make it more fun, those girls that had been saved by Lei Yu had changed to those silky transparent clothing they hadn’t worn in a long time. Of course, those silk clothing were on the outside while they were wearing other clothing on the inside. One of the girls had a flute in her hands and beautiful music was being blown out by her experienced mouth. The other girls started dancing in a beautiful manner creating a wondrous scenery. This was something even Lei Yu had never seen before, but that was because Lei Yu was in such a rush back then. Then again, those girls had just been rescued and wouldn’t be in the mood to display their dance abilities so leisurely.

Liu Hao made a swiping motion with his hands and a white bottle filled with clear alcohol appeared in his grasp.

“Maotai?” Tian Ye and Yanrong glanced at each other, “What is that?”

“It’s a brand of alcohol.” Upon opening the lid, the thick pure scent of liquor came out causing Tian Ye and Yanrong to unconsciously close their eyes to take in a deep breath.

Liu Hao then picked up some bowls on the table and was able to pour out three bowls from that single bottle.

“Fragrant! This smells really fragrant!” Yanrong felt intoxicated with the scent upon sniffing it closely. The usually loud and boisterous Yanrong suddenly took tiny sips as if he was afraid a single gulp would finish it.

After being filled with alcohol and food, Liu Hao and the other four were now sitting inside a small hut.

“How about I accompany you all to the Immortal World?” Tian Ye said in a straightforward manner.

“How can such a thing work? This town still requires you two to protect it so how can we allow you to come with us?” Said Cui Ying Ying.

“I’m actually really worried about brother Lightning’s safety. Also, you guys haven’t experienced the dangers of the Chaotic Star Sea so you don’t know how scary it is. It’s not a place that anyone can successfully go through. It’s fortunate that I was lucky back then and managed to find a relatively safe path going there and back. With me guiding you guys, it might improve the safety level for your group.” Tian Ye explained.

Yanrong nodded on the side, “I think you guys shouldn’t refuse it. Brother Tian Ye can take care of you guys along the way, and don’t worry about this town’s protection. Brother Lightning had previously killed a tyrant for us so the current outer periphery of the Chaotic Star Sea is very peaceful, and nothing dangerous has appeared lately.”

It was hard to decline their good intentions so Liu Hao and the two beauties glanced at each other before nodding. “Then we will thank you in advance!”

“No need for such words!”

It was while this group were chatting that Liu Hao and the two beauties found out why Lei Yu was their benefactor.

They had a long journey ahead of them. After resting in town for the night, Liu Hao and Tian Ye no longer delayed this and were prepared to leave. Before they left, Liu Hao left a case of alcohol making Yanrong extremely happy!

In another area.

“The Sovereign is back.” Lei Yu smiled while Ai Er and Nuo Hu stood up in unison. The three of them walked out and the Sovereign happened to be in the midst of descending to the ground.

Upon seeing Lei Yu, the Thunder Rune Sect’s Sovereign became ecstatic. The Sovereign was still wearing the same black long robe with golden embroidery on the edge. Just like other people of the Immortal Realm, his face did not show any signs of aging.

“Lightning, it’s really you!”

“Greetings Sovereign.”

“Good, good! It’s good that you came back!” The Sovereign was so excited he didn’t know what to say. He originally lost hope in Lei Yu since seven years had passed by without any news of him. He had already stopped thinking of this matter until Lei Yu suddenly appeared again, doing what he had promised before – he had really returned!

He invited Lei Yu and company straight to the main halls of the Thunder Rune Sect and immediately had them all sit to the sides.

“These two are?”

“This person is my sworn big brother, Nuo Hu.”

“Sovereign!” Nuo Hu stood up and cupped his hands, his gentle temperament made the Sovereign nod in satisfaction.

“This person is my dao partner, Nuo Ai Er. Those two are brother and sister.” Lei Yu introduced his lover sitting beside him.

“It’s truly a beauty that matches with a hero. Lightning, you have really good fortune when it comes to love! Haha…”

Those words made Ai Er blush. Lei Yu cupped his hands, “You’re teasing us… Sovereign, we came this time because we have some things to give you but we have to leave after that. Once we have taken care of some matters, I will definitely come back to fulfill my promise!”

“How come you have to leave again?” Hearing that Lei Yu had to leave, the Sovereign couldn’t help feel disappointed.

“Don’t worry, what this one says, I will surely accomplish!”

“Good! It is good as long as you will return! But do you have an accurate timeframe?” Since Lei Yu has stepped twice into the grounds of the Thunder Rune Sect, it shows he is one that keeps his words. The Sovereign had a good impression of him and this time, he could clearly feel there was something different about Lei Yu but just couldn’t pinpoint it.

After thinking for a bit, Lei Yu faintly smiled, “Perhaps I’ll have to wait until I’m at the late Soul Splitting stage before I can completely take care of my matters. By that time, I will bring my lover and my brother together back here!”

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