9HTM – Ch322

Chapter 322 – Such An Imposing Name

“Late… late Soul Splitting stage? This…” The Sovereign felt Lei Yu was kidding with him.

“Yeah, it shouldn’t take too long. I want to train from the late Soul Fusion to the late Soul Splitting stage, so it won’t take too much time. I just need to find a suitable place for cultivation and it’ll be good.” This wasn’t considered much to Lei Yu, especially when he already had an ideal location – the Devil King’s Castle. But his casual words had completely stunned the Sovereign.

After a while, the Sovereign cleared his throat, “You just said something about the late Soul Fusion stage… what did you mean by that?” While saying that, one can clearly hear his voice trembling.

Lei Yu finally realized the atmosphere and smiled, “It is indeed what I’ve said, this one has already reached the late Fusion Soul stage.”

The Sovereign suddenly stood up with a “bang.” He ran in front of Lei Yu and sent out his perception to investigate him. But no matter how much he tried, he wasn’t able to detect any energy fluctuations from Lei Yu.

“You… you… you’ve really reached the late Fusion Soul stage?! Is this for real?” While constantly clearing his throat, the Sovereign looked like he was staring at a monster and couldn’t believe what his ears heard.

“Uh… yes, that’s correct!” Lei Yu once again affirmed.

The Sovereign took a few steps back, “This is incredible, simply too inconceivable!” After saying that in a trembling voice, he then said: “Seven years ago you were only at the late Gold Core stage. When I found out that you had only used up two months time to go from the early to the late stages, I was already shocked beyond words. I never imagined that in these short seven years, you have already surpassed the Nascent Soul and reached the peak of the Fusion Soul stage. This is simply too unbelievable!”

Lei Yu lightly smiled, “Perhaps my cultivation method is suited for my body. Oh right, I came back here for another reason as well.”

“Oh? What is it?”

While saying that, Lei Yu made a thought and a round ball appeared in his hand. The round ball was transparent and had a light purple glow to it. Ai Er, Nuo Hu, and the Sovereign could clearly sense the round ball contained a very powerful explosive energy inside it.

“This thing looks really familiar!” The Sovereign looked at it in a strange manner.

After careful consideration, Lei Yu decided there was no longer any need to hide anything. Otherwise, there will be too many things to explain in the future since so much has happened.

“Sovereign, the mortal world’s Lei Sect… do you know of it?”

The Sovereign sucked in a cool breath and his eyes widened. “Could… could it be…”

“That’s right; this one is a descendant of the Mortal World’s Lei Sect – Lei Yu!” After saying that, there were no changes in Lei Yu’s demeanor. On the other hand, the Sovereign’s heart started beating like crazy and his eyes looked like they were about to jump out of its socket.

“You’re saying that you’re the descendant of the Lei Sect?!” Asked the Sovereign as he grabbed onto Lei Yu’s shoulder, clearly more excited than before by thousands of times.

“Yes I am.” Lei Yu wasn’t willing to tell the Sovereign of what happened between him and the Lei family in the Mortal World. Even though he was unwilling to go back to the Lei family, he was still undeniably from that clan. No matter what, in the end his father was still there and Lei Yu was someone that looked heavily upon relationships. Although he had a big conflict with the Lei clan, but if something happened, Lei Yu would still immediately rush back to their aid. Perhaps people may say he was stupid, but for him, this was a responsibility for being a member of the Lei family.

“Good… good! A genius has appeared in the Lei Sect! Haha…” The Sovereign seemed to be overly excited to the point where his voice even changed, but he didn’t care one bit.

“Don’t worry Sovereign, as long as I, Lei Yu is here, I will definitely use all my means to help you and the Thunder Rune Sect. I believe there will be one day that the Thunder Rune Sect will have a position as one of the five great Sects!”

“Child, just those words of yours is enough! Go ahead and take care of your matters! I will stay and not leave while waiting for your return. During this time, I will also focus on increasing my strength. Ever since our ancestor left, our Thunder Rune Sect had plummeted from the peaks of its glory. I have also stayed too long at the late Fusion Soul stage…!”

It wasn’t difficult for Lei Yu to hear the pain within the Sovereign’s words.

“I have with me three Heavenly Thunder Beads that were created at my current Fusion Soul stage. I believe it should have some uses if the Thunder Rune Sect was to encounter any issues. Please hold onto them.” Lei Yu then placed those beads into the Sovereign’s hand.

“Three of them?! You actually refined three of them! Wait… you said these were Heavenly Thunder Beads?” Refining these spiritual beads was a special ability for the Lei Sect and other outsiders weren’t able to grasp the concept. But even so, under normal circumstances, a single Lei family member being able to refine one or two of these beads in their lifetime was already an incredible feat. And they were merely Heavenly Flame Beads. Now that Lei Yu actually brought out Heavenly Thunder Beads, the Sovereign felt this was extremely strange.

Lei Yu nodded and pulled up his sleeves, revealing the unique brand the Lei family members had.

The Sovereign almost fainted and it was only after while did his lips trembled, “You have the lightning brand! You have the lightning brand!”

In the short amount of time with Lei Yu, he, a Sovereign that had experienced the vicissitudes of life almost couldn’t handle all the amount of shock given to him. He almost didn’t dare to believe all this was real, thinking he must be in a dream or something.

It was a dream for any Sovereign to bring their Sect to its peak of glory. This wasn’t greed or ambition; it was pretty much a responsibility every Sovereign had. Now that the chance was within his grasp, it was unavoidable for him to be so excited. This sudden barrage of good news was similar to him waking up from a nightmare that had lasted hundreds of years.

“There’s more.” From his Universal Pouch, Lei Yu took out a handwritten book. It was something he had personally copied from the original.

The Sovereign’s hand was trembling as he received the book, “The last half of the Heavenly Thunder Manual?”

“The Heavenly Thunder Manual is something only people with the lightning brand are able to cultivate. But after careful research by me, I found out that with a few adjustments of one’s internal energy, it’s suitable for our clan members with the flame brand to cultivate. This cultivation method isn’t bad and it should be useful to you.”

The Sovereign’s mouth opened and closed a few times but no words came out before he exhaled a long breath of air. Lei Yu and company noticed the Sovereign’s eyes had turned red and didn’t know what to say to him. It felt like they would rather be in a dangerous situation than dealing with this current quiet scene. Lei Yu then decided not to say a thing.

After a while, the Sovereign raised his head and the tears didn’t come out. He then smiled from the bottom of his heart, “Thank you!”

What did the Heavenly Thunder Manual represent? Back then, because of the latter half of the Heavenly Thunder Manual and the legendary Sky Devouring Sword, many clan members killed each other resulting in numerous casualties. And now, the Heavenly Thunder Manual had arrived in his hands. This was equivalent to the Thunder Rune Sect taking a big leap forward!

“There’s no need to be so polite. You are technically my ancestor right? As one of the junior generation, this is something that I should be doing. But can you help me with one thing?”

“Just say it!” The Sovereign slapped his chest and said: “No matter what it is, as long as you say it, I Lei Ba Tian¹ will definitely accomplish it!”

“Woa, what an imposing name!” Nuo Hu couldn’t help saying in a low voice.

Lei Yu waved his hand, “It’s not a huge matter, I just want you to help me create a furnace, one for refining medicinal pills. It’ll be fine to finish it by the time I come back. Oh yeah, I have some purple crystal stones with me. Take it as the cost of materials to create the furnace.” Knowing that the Thunder Rune Sect were having difficulties with their finances, Lei Yu didn’t plan on having them fork out the cost. It’s just that upon hearing Lei Yu mention purple crystal stones, it almost caused Lei Ba Tian to fall out of his chair.


¹ – The name translates to Thunder Tyrant.

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