9HTM – Ch323

Chapter 323 – Holding In The Tears

A block of purple crystal the size of a park bench appeared in front of Lei Yu and Lei Ba Tian. This was without a doubt a block of pure purple crystal stone and it made Lei Ba Tian unconsciously stretch out his hand to touch it.

In order for the Thunder Rune Sect’s livelihood, he had been rushing all over the place. After several days, he was only able to earn a few dozen white crystal stones from some small Sects after selling them his Heavenly Flame Beads. But now, such a large body of crystal was right in front of him causing him to rub his eyes a few times wondering if he was seeing an illusion.

“Sovereign, this block of crystal should be able to be cut up into several hundred normal sized purple crystals. It’s just that I don’t have any methods to cut them up so I can only take out the whole thing. Perhaps the only people capable of cutting it up are the Violet Gold Hall.”

“I can’t accept this, I can’t accept this!” Lei Ba Tian wasn’t a greedy person. Even though he was grateful for Lei Yu’s action, this was the first time in his life witnessing such a large fortune. This block was equivalent to a blood crystal stone or even more. Even when the Thunder Rune Sect was at its peak of glory, their wealth was only equivalent to what was in front of him right now.

“Don’t decline this Sovereign. I, Lei Yu am a descendant of the Lei Sect so isn’t my wealth equivalent to my clan’s here? So what need is there to refuse it?” Lei Yu’s words made Lei Ba Tian unable to respond.

He grabbed onto Lei Yu’s hand since the extremely grateful him was already speechless. Lei Yu’s arrival to the Thunder Rune Sect had cause humongous changes and he would deeply remember all of this. A decision had started to take root in Lei Ba Tian’s mind.

After taking care of everything, Lei Yu didn’t want to delay his journey anymore. He then brought Ai Er and Nuo Hu to the south, his target location was the Southern Wild Lands where Telephassa and the bull-head were waiting. There was one very good news Lei Yu really wanted to tell that infatuated goddess.

Lei Yu’s non-stop journeying already revealed how anxious he was.

In another area, Liu Hao and Tian Ye’s zigzagging allowed them to avoid many dangers but that didn’t mean everything would go smoothly. They had still encountered many cultivators blocking their path, but they managed to eventually repel them off. All this credit actually belonged to Liu Hao making Tian Ye beyond shocked. It looks like everyone related to Lightning wasn’t simple since even his disciple was so powerful!

In fact, Liu Hao was able to become this tough was because of his bright golden broadsword! Where did this broadsword come from? Not many people knew this but there was relationship between his broadsword and a Qilin’s power.

Lei Yu’s journey wasn’t considered far since it only took him about three days. The three of them arrived at the periphery of the Southern Wild Lands where rivers crisscrossed. Lei Yu had already detected people he was familiar with from a distance so they began descending.

“Has the cultivation process been smooth for you two?”

The two toads were currently sunbathing their backs on land when they sensed the arrival of some people. They squinted through their eyelids in a lazy manner but were suddenly shocked and almost fell into the water.

“Lord Lightning! You… you’re back! You’re really back!” The slightly large toad cried out in shock.

Lei Yu was a bit surprised, “How did you know I was called Lightning? I believe I haven’t told you two my name before.”

“You don’t know but during these past five years, the Demon King and Her Majesty have sent forth numerous demonic cultivators in order to find news of you. But since there were no traces of you, they issued a new decree. As long as one was able to find traces of you Lord Lightning, no matter which territory the demonic cultivator was from, they would have unconditional freedom to enter the city. In addition, they would be allowed to cultivate inside the Devil King’s Castle for an entire year!” The large toad explained.

Lei Yu lightly frowned, realizing his position in the bull-head’s heart was truly quite important. In order to search for him, the bull-head would actually offer the Devil King’s Castle as a reward when he had never allowed anyone access to it before. And to allow them a full year of cultivation time… this made Lei Yu very touched and at the same time, apologetic. He then said to himself: “I’m sorry Telephassa; I have once again made you worry! Bull-head, I’m coming back right now!”

After exhaling a breath, Lei Yu then smiled. “What are your names?”

“I’m called Little Ha!” The slightly smaller toad was the first to speak up.

The larger toad gave the smaller toad a supercilious look before smiling at Lei Yu, “I’m called Big Ha.”

“The names of you two are really unique but very easy to remember. Come with me to the city to meet the Demon King.” In front of outsiders, Lei Yu would never say bull-head. Even though Minotaur Linos didn’t mind, Lei Yu still had to be mindful because after all, he was the Demon King of this generation respected by tens of thousands.

Lei Yu’s words and tone of voice were simple and bland, but those words to Little and Big Ha was like a gift from heaven! They were just here sunbathing and happened to encounter Lei Yu, so wasn’t this even luckier than winning the lottery?

All demonic cultivators new the benefits of entering the city. Not only was it a safe place to reside in, there was even a chance to become a guard of the Demon King. As long as one becomes a guard, their future is practically set to be bright and glorious. Even if their strength was at the Gold Core stage, they will still gain the respect of all demon cultivators that weren’t able to become guards. This was a symbol of status that only demonic cultivators that had made some positive contribution were qualified to have.

“Thank you Lord Lightning!” A bright light surrounded the two and immediately two middle-aged men appeared in front of Lei Yu and company. The looks of those two toads in human form wasn’t something one would praise.

They were both obese with jiggly meat on their face that would bounce with every little movement they made. The most exaggerated part was the size of their body was the same thickness from top to bottom. If one was forced to say what was most eye-catching about those two, it would have to be their green eyes. Although the green had become fainter after transforming into humans, one could still see that characteristic clearly. The other eye-catching part was their chest that was no different from the two huge mounds of a woman. Except those two mounds weren’t firm but drooped downwards.

“Uh……………………… let’s go!”

Lei Yu pulled Ai Er’s hand. Ai Er leapt on top of her sword before the two flew off while Nuo Hu followed behind. The two toads glanced at each other with visible happiness on their fat faces before they tried to catch up while panting with effort.

As they gradually got closer to the city, Lei Yu looked very calm. He wasn’t like last time filled with anticipation but was filled with warmth. Lei Yu felt like he had returned home.

“You guys look! Isn’t that Lord Lightning?” The demonic cultivators cried out in shock inside the city. Some even flew up to take a closer look before flying off quickly towards the castle. What were they doing? Of course it was to report this good news to Telephassa and the bull-head in hopes of gaining some reward.

“Where did you go these five years? Did you know that Her Majesty and I almost went crazy?! If you still didn’t appear soon, most likely I would have flipped the entire Immortal World upside down!” The ear-deafening voice came from the castle causing nearly everyone to cover their ears, including Ai Er and Nuo Hu. It was only Lei Yu who had tears in his eyes as he inwardly sobbed a couple of times, “I’m sorry! I caused you all to worry!”

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