9HTM – Ch324

Chapter 324 – Rewards From The Demon King

Lei Yu’s voice wasn’t loud and didn’t have the bull-head’s earth shaking effect, but everyone heard it clearly.

A golden beam of light and a red beam of light both shot out from the castle. After that, two beams of yellow light and a several different colored lights also shot out flying towards Lei Yu.

The calmest people in this scene were Ai Er and Nuo Hu because they didn’t know what the Demon King and the Majesty Queen represented. On the other hand, Little Ha and Big Ha were trembling non-stop, and almost looked like they were going to start crying. “Elder… elder brother, it’s really… really our Demon King! It’s really Lord Demon King!”

“That’s right! There’s also… also Her Majesty the Queen! Quickly look, she’s like a goddess! A goddess that has descended before our mortal eyes!” No one bothered with the words of the two toads.

The scene seemed to have frozen as bull-head’s gaze landed on Telephassa. The latter was staring at Lei Yu while her sweet lips slightly moved as if she wanted to say something, but then swallowed it back down. She noticed that Lei Yu’s hand was holding onto a beautiful girl by his side.

Ai Er and Telephassa cannot be compared on the same level. Previously, Ai Er was a lively and kind-hearted girl. Even though there was a big change to her these past few years, ever since she had recovered her senses, those two types of personality fused into one and caused her charm to be even on a higher level.

As for Telephassa, her beauty oozed out from deep within her bones. She originally had a prestigious position which gave her a remarkable temperament and gorgeous aura. She made people want to touch her yet be discouraged to tarnish her image. But the kind temperament she showed Lei Yu made him unable to forget, especially when he wasn’t able to fully express his intentions towards her.

One couldn’t simply compare the looks of the two women because their beauty was on the level of making people suffocate. If one was to forced to give an opinion on what was different between them, there would only be two things: The first was feeling – those two gave people a different realm of beauty that caused all men to be entranced by. The second was their choice of clothing – Ai Er wore a long white gown made of silk which gave her an air of refinement; while Telephassa was in sexy attire that revealed many areas of her white skin causing men to unconsciously salivate.

This strange frozen scene went on for almost two minutes until Romon who was standing behind the two emperors was the first to speak. “Nuo Hu! Ai Er! We haven’t seen each other in a long time!”

“Oh, it’s Romon! You’re here too!” Ai Er’s voice was like a wind chime. Adding the light laughter in tone, people hearing her voice felt like they were listening to the sound of nature.

Telephassa felt strange because in her entire life, this was the first time she felt like she wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world.

“Brother! It has truly been a long time since we’ve met!” Nuo Hu grinned as he too intended to break this weird atmosphere. The shield beneath his feet started moving towards Romon. Romon directly jumped off his copper pillar onto Nuo Hu’s weapon and the two hugged each other.

“Uh… how about… how about we first go back before we continue chatting?” The bull-head embarrassedly said as his eyes kept darting back and forth between the Queen and Lei Yu.

Lei Yu smiled, “Sounds good! There are many things I want to talk about with everyone!” Right after that, his glanced landed on Telephassa once again and lightly nodded.

There wasn’t any need to ask because the meaning of this simple nod was very obvious. Telephassa’s heart start beating madly as if it was about to burst out of her chest. On her long exposed neck, one could clearly see that she had swallowed hard a few times.

The crowd started flying towards the castle, leaving thousands upon thousands of demonic cultivators with wide eyes and mouths agape. Some even had snot dripping down to their mouth without realizing it.

It was necessary to prepare residences for the three of them because Ai Er was now present among them.

The crowd landed and went inside the main hall, and Lei Yu was the first to break the silence. “How come I don’t see that girl Mo Bei Li?” After looking around, there truly were no signs of that little yaksha that loves to mess around.

Hearing Mo Bei Li’s name being mentioned, the bull-head showed a pleased expression on his face. “After that situation with you back then, that child has really matured a lot. Being envious upon seeing the rapid improvements by Romon and you, and being aware of her own deficiencies, she actually requested on her own to enter the Devil King’s Castle to cultivate. She still hasn’t come out yet.”

Lei Yu nodded in a pleased manner, “It’s good that she wants to improve. Being her father, you will have to support her more often.”

“That’s of course.” The bull-head nodded.

After those several dialogues, no one else spoke anymore and everyone was just staring at each other. No further topic could be brought up, and even Lei Yu who originally said he had a lot of things to talk about didn’t know where to start from.

Telephassa was still overjoyed at this point but couldn’t reveal it on her face. Her eyes unconsciously met with Ai Er’s, and they both could only smile and nod at each other. The smiles contained forgiveness and gratitude mixed in it.

“Oh right, I thought of something!” Lei Yu slapped his head, not wanting others to say he doesn’t keep his words. He had promised Little Ha and Big Ha to bring them to meet the Demon King, so he couldn’t go back on his words right?

“What is it?” Asked the bull-head.

“When I arrived at the outermost periphery of the Southern Wild Lands, I encountered two people that have a pretty good relationship with me. It was those two fatties that were following behind us.”

“Little Yu, what are you trying to say…?” Asked the bull-head.

“There’s no hidden meaning behind my words.” Lei Yu shook his head. He didn’t want the bull-head to open any backdoors for those two because of him. He then smiled, “Didn’t you issue a decree that whoever finds me will get some preferential treatment?”

“That’s right!” The bull-head nodded, “Someone come here! Go and bring those two brothers called Little Ha and Big Ha to the main hall!”

“Understood!” The two guards did not appear as their voices were heard from the outside.

Above the city, the two fatties were staring at each other while floating in the air. After a while, Little Ha said: “Elder brother, it looks like we’ve been played with!”

“Stop spouting bullshit! You dare to say something bad about Lord Lightning in this place? You simply don’t want to keep living!” Big Ha lectured loudly.

Pouting his fat lips, Little Ha was unhappy, “I didn’t say anything wrong, isn’t this the case?”

“Okay, that’s enough. Let’s go, we’re going back to our territory!” Giving one last look at the castle, those two were disappointed but didn’t dare say it out loud.

“Are you two brothers Little Ha and Big Ha?”

Asked a burly guy in armor who had suddenly blocked the path of those two.

“What is it?” Big Ha asked.

“The fortune of you two aren’t bad, the Demon King has summoned you two.” The burly guy smiled.

The two fatties cried out in shock, “Really?! Is it really true?!” Seeing the burly guy nod in acknowledgement, those two became ecstatic.

“You see? You see? I just said it that Lord Lightning was loyal and wouldn’t forget about us!”

Big Ha gave Little Ha a despising glance, “Be careful since I might just tell him what you had just said prior!”


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